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Watch REVELATION for FREE – 3 more days – thru Monday, June 18

The documentary REVELATION Dawn of Global Government will be available thru the weekend, plus a bonus day of Monday, June 18, thru midnight Pacific time.

REVELATION stars Charlie Daniels, Special Ops General J. Boykin, G. Edward Griffin and Mark Collins as George Washington, along with dozens of experts battling for Freedom and Liberty. We’ve seen it and think every Liberty loving American should see it too!

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between Friday, June 8th and Monday, June 18th, please register here.

Watch REVELATION for FREE - 3 more days - thru Monday, June 18

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Reviews of Revelation Dawn of Global Government

“Every American should see this movie
and then tell theirfriends and family to see it!!!”

“A very good documentary explaining the global/corporate elite power structure
and their threat to mankind.”

“Alarming and revealing. Glad I purchased this film.”


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Watch REVELATION for FREE - 3 more days - thru Monday, June 18






  1. We were vey disappointed and did not watch the whole film. Old interviews were used and the whole feeling of the film was was to inflame and not educate. Both my husband and I are very conservative and love our country. This type of film does not help our country.

    1. The purpose of the film is to awaken and educate. I did not mind at all having what I already know reinforced. There are millions of people in this country who understand little or nothing about what was presented in the documentary. Hopefully, we’re reaching some of them.

  2. I thought it was good as it is important that the American people realize the actions being taken AGAINST them by those SERVING WITHIN the PEOPLE’s government.

    There is nothing wrong with hearing truth. Hearing repeatedly is not a bad thing, particularly when those working from within to bring down America scream it at us multiple times daily/weekly/monthly, year after year, such as the work used to describe our constitutional republic “democracy”. Some times the “repeats” are reworded so that the ignorant will not recognize that they are saying the same thing.

    If you stand for our nation, REPEATEDLY say “constitutional republic” because it is the TRUTH and counteracts the LIE “democracy”. Thank you.

  3. Excellent movie. Threads the entire deceitful web together Clearly so everyone can See what is really going on.
    God Bless the REPUBLIC!
    Share it everywhere to everyone.
    There is nothing more Important than this right now. Stand up and fight for your freedom.

  4. Thank you for the sneak peak.. Can’t wait for the 3 disk DVD series. Watched the hour and some stream. I do have to say in response to blogger #1, the truth hurts and sometimes will not be accepted, if ever. It is easier to pretend that all is well. Nobody wants to believe, or take responsibility that certain elements of the powers at be are so corrupt. If we all stay home and watch Monday night football, do the day job, and spend the weekend at six flags or some other amusement park, then sit on the couch when we get home, and watch riki lake or mury povich every thing will just disappear right?
    Great film, keep up the good work,
    GOD bless the Republic, the United States of America….

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