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Tommy Robinson’s Life Is In Danger. They Want Him Dead.

Tommy Robinson's Life Is In Danger. They Want Him Dead.

What can you make of the British government moving of Tommy Robinson from a prison with a small Muslim population to one with over a 70% Muslim population, where he is being forced into the general population, rather than being isolated from them? Any sensible person would come to the conclusion that they want him dead.

Tommy Robinson has been an outspoken leader in the quest to alert the UK public of the rampant “child grooming gangs” of mostly Pakistani men who prey upon white and Sikh girls, raping and brutalizing them. This has been going on for decades, yet the Mainstream Media (MSM) have been virtually silent about it. Politicians and police ignore the fate of these young girls. Now, they have placed Tommy Robinson in a situation where his life is in jeopardy.

Where is the outrage of the MSM? They have chosen to be silent. Is it any wonder that most people consider the MSM to be the mouthpieces of the Powers That Be (PTB)? They are only too willing to protect rapists and criminals, while jailing those who only seek to speak truth. Shame on them! Shame on the politicians, police and media who stay silent. They seek to hide the truth, and then wonder why they are held in such low esteem.

Pray for Tommy Robinson.

Free Tommy Robinson.

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