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They Are Silent

They Are Silent

Every day, children are being sexually abused. Sex trafficking rings throughout America, and throughout the world, “groom” children and force them into prostitution and sex slavery. It is an unpleasant thought, but it is happening, yet how often does the Mainstream Media (MSM) talk about it? Rarely. They choose silence. Why? Surely our children deserve better. They, being the most vulnerable, need help from those who are in positions of power. Surely the police, the courts and the MSM would stand up for these children who are daily being abused, turned into drug addicts and prostitutes, (both male and female), would have compassion for these children. Surely they would seek to protect them.

Some do, but most choose silence. Silence is safety.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Don’t rock the boat.

There are people in high positions, or who have money and influence, who are involved. Dennis Hastert, Anthony Weiner and Jeffrey Epstein are just a few that come to mind. There are others, however, that are protected. The abusers are protected, not the abused. Lives are destroyed to gratify the obsessions of the few.


Tommy Robinson was willing to speak out. He was thrown in jail for doing so. His life is in danger for speaking out about the “grooming gangs” he was aware of. They chose to silence him. Who are the authorities protecting? Not the children.

Children have no political power. They are vulnerable and defenseless.

There are, no doubt, many police officers who would like to speak out, but dare not, for fear of reprisals. Whistleblowers are destroyed by those higher up on the chain of command, and vilified in the press. That same press, and those same higher ups, proclaim to be the watchdogs of freedom and the rule of law. They have no shame. They seek only more power. Their silence is self-seeking. It is not the children they care about; unless it is their child.

An ex-police officer in the UK spoke out about the children he saw abused during his investigations. John Wedger had the courage to speak out. Naturally his career was destroyed. He was vilified.

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Here in America, we have the Pizzagate scandal, which the MSM has branded as conspiracy theory; their favorite way to vilify those who speak out. Destroy the bearer of bad news at all costs. Protect the abusers, not the abused. The abusers are powerful, the abused are not.

Sex trafficking is big business. Every year thousands of young people are forced into sex slavery. Yet ……….. silence from the MSM.

Liz Crokin is a former MSM reporter who is a longtime investigator of sex trafficking; particularly of child sex trafficking. She has a long history of breaking stories. In the following video, she discusses recent events surrounding sex trafficking in New York state that have followed swiftly upon the resignation of Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who has been accused of sexually abusing women.

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The MSM has basically been silent on the issue of sex trafficking. It is independent investigators and reporters who are digging out and reporting on the subject. Liz Crokin speaks of how many high level people are blackmailed into remaining silent about sex trafficking. They stay silent to cover up and protect the abusers; the criminals. Meanwhile, the abused continue to suffer.

Isn’t it time to protect the innocent, instead of the guilty?



Shorty Dawkins



  1. I ask because rumors of Clintons come to mind, Ever stop to think those higher up are silent, only because they are protecting themselves, due to being involved as deep those who are caught, are?

      1. Over 9000 arrests in human trafficking/pedophiles under Trumps leadership. MSM fails to promote any of this progress.

        1. That’s because the MSM’s mission is to say NOTHING positive about President Trump; to belittle him and all of us who voted for him as much as they can!

  2. Look at the infrastructure for trafficking in cities.
    Children are trafficked along the same lines as organs, drugs, and weapons. Look for the necessary infrastructure: buses and semis for transport (with AC/refrigeration), cold storage facilities and hospitals (for organ sales and sedative drugs). Abortion & adoption clinics, talent agencies where kids can be sent through unnoticed. Near airports, harbors, truck stops, main highways and rail yards for larger loads. Find where these coordinate for for the main distribution centers.
    Where is the end stop for children? Warehouses for slave labor; apartments, hotels, and studios for abuse.
    Look at busts that happened (like San Antonio) and see how the traffickers do it.

    Nothing can really change while the pedo trafficking rings continue to blackmail our leaders.

    1. Under the age of twelve. Fifteen year olds still date 18 year olds lets not kill the hormone driven innocents. It needs to be age gap related the older the person and the younger the victim the harsher the crime. No need to hang a 18 year old dating someone three years younger but feel free to hang those old men raping young kids. AGE GAP LEGISLATION not just an age.

  3. Oathkeepers, thank you for continuing to keep The People informed. I’m just one person but I can and will continue to do my part by sending vital information such as your article to President Trump, my Representatives, family, friends and everyone in between insisting they do their part and take action. Collectively we are making positive changes.

  4. Free people around the world are sick of seeing the elite get away with every deviant crime there is and want real justice rendered. We all want our country’s back the way they were formed. I believe Trump is trying to do just that.

  5. Those that control the media are in the same group of religious supremacists that control the banking industry and America right now. These people and their religious ideology is more important than anything else on earth to them. Out soldiers die for them. Our children live for them and WE allow it. FAIL.

    1. Zyzyzx – you mention religious supremacists. Are there religious leaders you are aware of who are keeping
      information concerning this harming of children away from the public by controlling the press or whatever you think they are doing. If you know of such groups then name them.

  6. Someone needs to look into the immigrant children. They are sitting ducks for sex trafficking. Especially since they are not being accounted for or so called “lost” in the system for not just weeks but months and years. And to think this has been going on since the Obama Administration. Now it is going to get bigger under Jeff Sessions. I have heard larger numbers from Free Speech of up to 20,000 children being held in cages. The pictures I have seen show boys but no girls. We are paying for this out of our taxes so we have a say. The week response from our government officials is suspect along with the cavalier reporting style of the state sponsored media.

    1. The children of adult invaders need to be sent back where they came from, preferably at the cost of their countries of origin.

      We cannot be the charity for the world indefinitely. The American taxpayers have been robbed long enough.

      As for “cages,” we can’t build numerous conventional facilities to hold children of invaders (or invaders themselves) when our own children are going to school in rundown buildings; our water, electrical and transportation systems are outdated; and our food supply systems seem to be breaking down.

      Send the children of the invaders home, along with videos on how to use birth control for their “parents”.

  7. May each and every godly man be given ears to hear the cries of any and all oppressed children whose pains are continually heard in the heart and the throne of the Most High God, Christ Jesus. May the rivers of tears and pains of torment of the innocent ones be mingled with His holy will, strength, and power fall upon us to fervently pray and respond accordingly to do whatever it takes to rescue, protect, and redeem each and every life under this realm of a most wicked, evil power of affliction.

  8. i did a personal investigation after four Nassau County Corrections Officers told me a fellow C.O. goes to Cental America annually and video-tapes himself having sex with boys and girls. And the C.O. came thru JFK Customs and was busted for pot possession. ICE did not play the videos showing the illict sex with children. I went to the NCPD, the FBI and ICE. And ICE said no such C.O. worked at the corrections facility at East Meadow, NY. What lies. As a VA police officer I stopped and questioned a Chinese man at the Manhattan VAMC and he stated he wanted to seek political asylum as he was being held against his will in a Chinese take out place as were others who worked paying back passage costs from China. He produced a Chinese military People’s Navy ID card stating he was a Captain at the Shanghi Military Institute. Again the FBI, the State Department and the U.S. Attorney did not care. The U.S. Attorney stated if we arrested all illegal Chinese we would not have enough immigration detention centers to hold them. So much for gaining military intelligence from the Captain. Just another day in the big apple. Not to mention beatings, poisonings and molestings of veterans at the Manhattan VAMC. All covered up.

  9. The world is controlled by inbred deviants. The dozing dumbed down peasant class has allowed themselves to be bamboozled, conned and had by this vermin.

  10. I read the comments to this story. My question to the author and all those who have commented is this: Besides talk, talk, talk, precisely what are all of you (all of US) ready, willing, and able to DO about it?

    1. Tucson Rick Anderson,

      The first step to solving a problem is to alert the public of the problem. The MSM has failed in this regard. We, in the alternative media, are the only ones talking about the problem, the epidemic really, of sex trafficking. Shedding the light on the problem is a vital component. Next, we need to demand of our local authorities that they take this problem seriously. If they don’t, they need to be removed and competent people put in their place. It is a national, nay international, disgrace. It is uncomfortable to talk of, but it must be discussed.

      Shorty Dawkins

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