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The Great Awakening?

The Great Awakening?

I can’t make my mind up about the whole “Q-Anon” phenomena. I admit it.

Are there really a group of White Hats working diligently behind the scenes to bring down the cabal that is attempting to destroy the US from the inside? Is “Q”, the voice of these White Hats who purports to be giving us “bread crumbs” of information in order to 1) keep us informed of the White Hat plans, and 2) asking us to become informed, and to look outside the box for answers?

On the one hand, it would be nice to think that there are White Hats in a position to take down the cabal we know exists. This cabal has controlled US politics, (by controlling both political Parties), the Mainstream Media (MSM), the educational system, giant globalist corporations, and the entertainment industry (Hollywood, including Disney). We know this cabal exists. We are aware of its octopus like tentacles that reach every facet of our lives.

My cynicism makes me wonder (constantly) if this “Q” phenomena is just another psyop meant to distract us; to give us hope, while keeping us occupied with it, only to have our hopes come crashing down, yet again.

The Great Awakening, it is being called. Well, there has been an Awakening happening for a number of years, both in America and throughout the world, yet what has actually been accomplished? Has the cabal been stopped? Has it been overthrown? What cabal members of consequence have been arrested or imprisoned? Harvey Weinstein? Imran Awan? Allison Mack?

When will Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, John McCain, the Bush family, and others who we know have worked to destroy America, be arrested?

“Q” tells us the Storm is coming. So is Christmas. We are told there are over 35,000 sealed indictments. When will they be unsealed and acted upon? Is this another case of raising our hopes, only to destroy them? I can’t stop wondering.

There is one thing about “Q” that I cannot deny, which is that many thousands of Patriots are working with “Q” to spread the story he gives us with his “bread crumbs”. They do so in the belief that they are working to bring down the cabal. It is not just about “Q”. It is a movement. It is the Great Awakening.

People everywhere are abandoning the indoctrination of the MSM and finding the answers elsewhere, to the questions they have had for many years. Most of us have known, for years, that something is wrong. The indoctrination by schools, the MSM, globalist corporations, even the music industry, have fed us lie after lie, until some of us swallowed those lies. Others of us refused to swallow them.

Today, the truth is being told, not by the MSM, or the indoctrination centers we call public schools, but by independent researchers on the Internet. The information is available for those with the desire to know. Many don’t want to know. They prefer the blue pill to the red. They live in denial. They prefer the comfort of not knowing. That comfort is short-lived, however, as the world around them is changing rapidly, leaving them confused and in fear.

Whether you trust in “Q”, or have reservations about him/her/them, like me, it cannot be denied that there is a Great Awakening. We, who are awake, are mad as hell. We know we have been deceived, and we want the deceivers removed from all positions of power and locked up. They have attempted to take from us something very special: our way of life. They have attempted to destroy our country, our economy, our customs and our traditions, In short, everything that we hold dear.

We aren’t going to take any more.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Going to find out this month. Q has stated it begins in July. My prediction is it will begin after Putin and Trump meet.

    1. Hello , My name is louis I am positive this is real because i found something very interesting.
      I found after reviewing the the alex jones interview with trump they covertly talk in plain view. Trump is on a mission Watch the alex jones interview and start at the 13 min in to 17 min mark alex mentions the dangerous mission trump is on.

      1. Alex Jones has been compromised many people are moving away from him because it seems the Cabal is threatening him and he is now denying Q. Corsi same thing these people are being threatened. However any one like me who has followed Q from the beginning know he is real Q has proved that many times over. Anyone who says nothing has been happening is a fool there have been tons of stuff happening. The enemy Main Stream Media has been on an ever ending push to keep every one hating Trump but its not working. The world is waking up.

    2. What is inspiring is that so many people now have understood just how the left has been undermining the USA and for how long. With hope and the help from God we will get our Country back.

      1. The Left is certainly a tumor on the American psyche, but let’s not pretend the Right has also been infected by globalist, criminal elements like the Neocons, Bush family and admin, No Name McCain, and the RNC who subdued the Tea Party movement and squelched sensible voices like Ron Paul. We are currently undergoing a co-opt of the Republican Party and reformatting it into a Patriot’s Party under the new leadership of Trump and his allies. The Great Awakening is upon us, and soon the whole world will know what kind of sick people we have allowed to exist in our most powerful positions for far too long. Buckle up, patriots, the truth is coming.

      2. Fight fight fight fellow patriots. WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE bEEN WAITING 4. This is it,there will not be another victimised group that has the ability to hunt the hunters like we still can. Like we have the ability to. Like we MUST. Q or no Q, doesnt matter. They think of us as SHEEP. S H E E P!!!!!!
        Get a high powered flashlight and go outside a bit after dusk. Shine the beam up and look at what you are breathing……Then get mad as hell. Look at facebook. You have told the planet your inner thoughts,what you like,what you dont,where you go,when you go,who you are with. You have littke cubes you talk to and that cube is ALWAYS Listening….it listens when you are calling your “friend” before people get home. Think there is not a ham radio operator listening in just for fun. You bet. But what if someone were listening NOT for fun. How many know your cordless phone can be listened to with a 999scanner????
        You bet.
        Cant believe some of the decisions made, injustices done,bad verdicts?
        Who among us can throw the first stone?
        And people are still wondering why there have been no arrests?
        Who assigns a case and to what judge?
        How many know that the DOJ has outwardly REFUSED to give documents to house oversite????????
        They been stonewalled for 18 months as rosenstein LAUGHS and defiantly points fingers at the people WE ELECTED….OR DID WE?????????
        How many trump appointments have gone un approved or slow walked for the last 18 months?
        Now, given the fact that a 16 year old kid can listen in to your “siri”,or “alexa”, you think a jury of your peers is able to throw a,stone?
        Come on,a lot of us have been there. “Listen up you bad guy,talk to me about your buddy or YOU are gonna go to JAIL…..Problem is, if done for the greater good,it must be done. But how easy to ABUSE that ability eh??????
        Throw her to a jury and what do you think is gonna happen?????
        That is why no arrests….
        My solution.
        POLY ALL OF THEM.Imnediately. i aibt talkjg about a jury…..How many of you know that our favorite texting couple had the male half FAIL HIS POLY PRIOR to the START of the fiasco?
        He was still the Dire ctor of counterterorism????????he still interviwed killary?
        Comey was telling the truth!!!!! No ,NO prosecuter would file on her or ANY of THEM.
        I am old and handicapped and can no longer do much except wonder how i missed it for so many years…How do i make this up to my kids? Or yours…..
        Q or no Q, the word is out… or never….
        Wwg1wga,for the planet…….

      3. The whole cia based society is a falling…top to bottom…at least of the bad actors….hes gottem by the cahonas..if he stay alive…i bet hes already leveredged his own creepers should be locked up…top to bottom…a snitch society grifting the unassuming public…

    3. Two valid points shout at me from this writing .

      One is how seriously slow the American people have been to grasp who and what PRAVDA/MSM are and their mission as the propaganda arm of the DEM/DSA. They could clearly create any false narrative or false paradigm they deemed necessary and spoon feed it to the masses. And I agree that is finally changing and a critical point going forward ! They are not as effective or flat out suppressive as they were just a short while ago because people are seeing it for what it is, propaganda and indoctrination !–.html

      And there is no question there is an army of bloggers and writers and idea people and various thinkers out there helping reveal it all. They are helping many millions see it for what it is and therefore help “wake up” to the realities before them. So they are the white hats even if Q is just a fraud or hopeful entity ? It is all being exposed. Consider this , it took decades for our government and all the agencies to morph into the criminal organization it became. And no doubt Obama came along and put it all on steroids ! But in just about a year or a little more it has all been exposed and beginning to disintegrate. The Clintons are destroyed and many truths revealed rather quickly. In that perspective things are happening rather quickly. The biggest fly in the ointment is and has been Sessions and his own ignorance and willingness to go along with Rosenstein and others to protect the infected agencies !

      No question we cannot stop pushing for more exposure of the real criminals, but progress is being made. I have no idea if the 35K sealed indictments are real or not. I am doubtful simply because I do not see DOJ is actually working to that end result from what I see happening. Many millions more need to get off the couch and take whatever actions they can and help out those in the trenches daily ! Good read Shorty, lots of good points . I am not at all sure Q anon even needs to be real since the DEM/DSA has been exposed along with the RINOs involved like McCain and Ryan . There is a movement to be sure and it is powerful and can be made even more powerful with more support and help from the masses, the average guys out there who have awoken. !

      1. One obvious point is that the Q production on y0utub3 was a lengthy and complex video. Whoever he/they may be, it was a big effort to produce it. And it is quality.

        We are in need of someone to step up and fight against what has happened to this country, but I also believe each of us bears some responsibility for spreading the truth to our family, friends, church, and wherever like minded Patriots exist.

        Go Q! God bless America.

      2. Q is not a fraud! He is one of the good guys with his team working in military intelligence to root out all the corruption and evil, and to expose the truth of how widespread and for how long we have been deceived by the cabal/Deep State. Q team is very close to the President. I have been reading the posts from the very beginning and I cannot tell you how horrifying it is. There are now about >2M awake people out there with a lot of independent anonymous patriots helping to decipher the intel drops for dissemination to the public. And because I started reading from the past posts, I found out that Mueller is actually a white hat and working for Trump! He is part of the people digging up dirt and writing up sealed indictments that are now being unsealed. There are lots of stuff going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. Q even mentioned when special forces went to Yemen to extract high value targets in real time! There are also posts where President himself was addressing anonymous patriots. This movement is real. Pass it on, try to red pill anyone and everyone you could talk to to wake them up. The more people know, the more the cabal’s hold on the public who believe on the liberal narrative is damaged and more people wake up. 70% of people in the government are compromised on both sides of the aisle. The only branch of the government not compromised is MI=military intelligence (they have EVERYTHING, all the intel), and they sterilized the NSA (clean mow). There are patriots inside the government who are actively destroying the stranglehold of the cabal. The louder and angrier you hear them protest/squeal means the more scared they are, so they attempt to change the narrative. Also, every time there is negative news about the Dems or Hollywood etc, you see a FF=false flag event (shootings/killings: think church, schools, night club, Las Vegas; car ramming, stabbings, calls for illegal children being separated from parents, Russia collusion, etc) in attempt to change the narrative and prevent people from realizing what is going on. World and regional wars, adult/child trafficking, child sacrifice, satan worshipping, occultism, spirit cooking, cannibalism, all other evil you could think of, including selling of state secrets and intelligence to the highest bidder. Please pray for the protection of patriots who put their lives on the line an even die to save our republic. Trump, MI, military, and all those brave people within the government who are working behind the scenes actively trying to clean house–think about those who will not run for re-election, died, resigned, indicted in both parties. Las Vegas was an attempt by the cabal to assassinate Trump and the King of Saudi Arabia (yes there were there that night). They are scared and feel cornered, which makes make even more dangerous. They will not win because GOD ALMIGHTY Himself is using the President, Q, and patriots to put an end to all the evil plaguing the USA (that’s another story that is too fantastical but true, and best left for another day). We’ve been controlled since before WWI (think of the wealthy families: Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Coopers, Bush, Vanderbilts, etc., all devil worshippers through Masons, Illuminati, etc.). Please pray to support those on the frontlines saving our republic from domestic and foreign enemies; pray for guidance as these patriots work to frustrate and put an end to evil. I have been doing research and reading and the more I find out, the sadder I become. July 2018 will be start of public pain for the cabal. If you experience black outs, disruption of social media, internet service, even the activation of the Emergency Broadcast saying “this is a monthly test”, then you know things are going down. We had a few blackouts where I live in CA and then the “testing” of the emergency frequency that you see on tv and showed basically most counties in North/Central CA. I saw the number of sealed indictments (over 40k now), and the highest concentrations are in CA, especially Central CA. I knew last night, July 1st that it has begun! Stay away from concerts, baseball/basketball events, basically places that there are a lot of people. Do not be surprised if riots orchestrated by ANTIfa (aka anti first amendment) groups nationwide that will precipitate National Guard/military support of local law enforcements (or temporary martial law if it gets bad). Military Tribunals are being set up to try and indict people who have criminal cases because even the judiciary system are compromised. So please, PRAY for safety, support, to awaken people, and ask for forgiveness from MOST HIGH GOD Who is eternal and the only True and Living GOD!

  2. Too many proofs offered and verified to not believe, with a small dose of skepticism on the side. Those who do not accept out of hand are missing the bigger picture.

      1. It could just be a psyop that helps Trump to solidify the most active and vocal part of his base. Keep in mind – if there are no “happenings” people like me tend to get annoyed and frustrated. These crumbs give the illusion (?) of progress. Trump was already running psyops in 2016 as a dogwhistle to his online army (think about the use of memetics).. then you have things like pedogate which once again fired up his base, but it got buried over time and it was on to the next…

        Another possibility is that it’s a distraction / misdirection put out by Trumps opposition or some foreign intelligence agency.

        As much “proof” as there is that Q is who he says he is, there’s just as much proof he has deceived and been extremely inaccurate as well.

        I’ll stay extremely skeptical for now.

  3. Personally, I think Q-Anon and all this white hat stuff is bait that could be used later to discredit anyone and make them look like a conspiracy nut. But if it serves to awaken people, then it serves a useful purpose. I don’t have to hang MY hat on their vague and secret squirrel information, but I can monitor it, like so many other things I monitor. Carry on,…and always carry one.

    1. …yes..some will keep their head down in a fox hole, but will be ready to reap the rewards when victory is at hand. Be very careful Tim.

      1. I get it, I feel like Tim. I am willing to risk being called a tin-foil hatter because I know this is a long Time coming. Soros is a monster and his socialism has destroyed countries and the USA is next. I say over my dead body.

    2. Last man standing Tim Allen? Either way, I feel exactly as you do. Follow my twitter if you want. deplorable-pariah@twitter

    3. Tim Allen. You’re Close Brother Patriot! I am a High Level Counter Terror Criminal Espionage Expert and Unit Commander of Aqua Delta 69. And was The Real Operations Director for America after 9-11-2001 for 2 years and 9 months. I believe and already obtained some Strong Proof that Q-anon IS A British MI6 Intelligence Operation and serves many Intended Purposes for them and their “Committee of 300/Illuminati NWO Red Luciferin Crime Family and British Royals Red Masters”! Lizzy II. Runs “The Deep State!” I believe MI6 is doing a Massive Psychological Operation, and Drawing Out and Drawing In Tactic to see what Some of Our Patriots have on them and their Red Masters! They’ve lost a lot of power here in America since my Former Employer President Donald John TRUMP took back The Presidency and White House! I believe they are Desperate to shut President TRUMP and US Real Patriots Down! They want what “We The People” have on them in hopes of Combating Our Efforts to rid our Country of them. And they’re perpetrating a Massive Tailstock Method on US as a people. The Tailstock Method is done to bring people up Psychologically and lead them to believe they’re going to be rewarded! Then when The Big Busts Don’t Come……. (35,000 or is it 91,000 Sealed and Unsealed indictments!!!???) Let US Down Psychologically! They’ve done this before with their Red Psychological B.S. with the False Information they put out years ago that The Military was definitely going to Washington DC en masse to Lock Up Obama-Soetoro-Soebarkah at The White House! Charge him, and Try him before A Military Tribunal! Q in my opinion is their Slick and Slimey Trickery for showing Allegiance To Her Majesty The Queen! MI5 and MI6 are Sworn To That! I believe some Real Patriots have been duped into believing Q-anon IS Real! Not Me!!! And I don’t play little Quizzes with the people, and I’m not hiding anywhere. My stuff is all over the Internet and on Facebook! Wake Up AMERICA!!! We’ve informed You for many years now! When did Q come around??? Sincerely, Brian Parkinson, Aqua Delta 69 Unit Commander. “The Specialist” For ALMIGHTY GOD and AMERICA!

      1. Tailstock mentioned above is incorrect because of spell check! It’s Correctly Called “The Tavistock Method!” Taught in Not So Merry Old London at The Royal Institute of International Affairs – Tavistock Institute! The British Royals and Intelligence aren’t Our “Closest Allies!” They’re The Biggest Double Crossers in the Western World!!!!!!!

  4. The sealed indictment number is directly verifiable and available on

    Count our blessings lying Ted, low energy mommas boy Bush, back stabbing Kasich, little Marco or Hitlery are not in the WH. They are all owned and run by the deep state global cabal. None of the Republicans would have beat Hitlery’s machinery. We’d have a far left Supreme court, a nuclear WWWIII would be over, USA, what would be remaining would be totally under a no constitutional regime.

    Trump is an openly faithful God fearing president who has been prophetically handed to us on a silver platter.

    I’m laughing at the scum who are in eternal shock, who are running scared, who are getting picked off by the droves. The pedophile blood thirsty child molester murdering elites are all going to gitmo, caged up, found guilty of treason, and executed.

    We didn’t fight for our Republic to just roll over for the cabal. May they rot with each other in hell.

    1. I’m laughing with you, WGP!

      If anything at all, Shorty, et al. Why else would Trump give up making billions and the safety of his family, if not for retribution to his bff, his bff’s father and the America he so loves?
      Maybe if you went down the rabbit hole a little further, you just might be shocked into believing in “Q.” As Q has said, and I’ve seen a glimpse of down the rabbit hole myself, you can’t sleep and you WILL cry!!!
      #TrustThePlan #WWG1WGA

      1. What’s hysterical is the lefty pantyfa threats and attempts at burning down America. Best they have accomplished is crapping in their own beds as we drink our margaritas cheering the ultra blue lefty cities reaping what they sow.

      2. Ha, some of us have been dealing with this for two years. Make no mistake about it, they are everywhere. I have been surrounded by them my whole life and didnt know it. One day my best friend started talking about the evil that Q refers to, a year before Q. He wouldn’t shut up. He told everybody. I was gonna have him committed to nut house for 72 hr evaluation. I started looking into the things he was saying so I could show him he was delusional. He is right. Our circle of friends have all told me to stop before I get killed. They confirmed everything. I got pissed off and started hunting them. I knew it was real when i kicked the beehive. I knew God was real that day. Q and Trump showed up with the anon calvary about 6 months into a nasty invisible WAR. 2 vehicles, 7 tires, 4 dead dogs, cat, my moms dog. All my animals died in a three week window. It was full blown war against invisible empire. I stopped when I realized Q was Trump. I got out of the MILITARY Intelligences way and trusted the plan. This is GODS plan, no man cqn orchestrate what is coming. WE are the PLAN. God is a genius. Trust Q. I love Trump but im gonna whoop his ass this is a hoax. Trumps weird behavior has to many Qs and and shit eating grins to say coincidence. Disinformation is necessary, USA is stronger than EVER right now. Vengeance is the lords.

    2. If you want to know about the Sealed Indictments and the Unsealed Indictments Go here: The total number of Sealed and Unsealed Indictments combined since the end of June are 95,404. Go to the link above for the Google Spreadsheet Indictments Master List and see for yourself. It is Happening Folks! Stay vigilant and Trust The Plan. More will come to light soon fellow patriots! God Bless. WWG1WGA

  5. We see MSM mocking Q …that is evidence they, the cabsl, are worried over the Q tidal wave aka Awaking, aka Deplorables.

    Watch the left puke green slime over the next supreme court constitutionalist Trump nominates. The cabal’s plan was to appoint Loretta L, or Hussain or Holder or Comey…or all four.

    1. …note that Trump gave a thumbs up at those wearing a Q shirt at the North Carolina and North Dakota rallies. Ill rule out any of the psyop theories etc.

  6. Yes
    Now let’s get united in doing our individual and corporate parts, pledging our lives, fortunes and sacred honor to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.
    Let’s intelligently and strategically volunteer to assure fair and honest election November 6th. We can stop voting and election fraud.
    CA, WA, NV, CO, NM, OR, DC, IL, AZ, VA, WI, MO, NJ, LA etc.
    Let’s put the plan of action in place and recruit more corragious moral and religious patriots to assure a strong conservative Congress in November.

  7. Q basically gives you pieces to the puzzle and encourages you to hunt down more pieces. There are good people (white hats) out there who don’t want to see America ruined.

    In order to get these deep staters on trial and everything, you have to have a clean house. If you have some deep-state judge on the bench, people will skate. Because of “double jeopardy” you only have one shot at convicting someone of anything.

  8. Q could be for real… or a Deep State psyop… or something else. If it’s a psyop it’ll probably be flipped someday to “Divide and Conquer”… or like Tim Allen said “bait to discredit”.

    Will Time tell?
    Will Q uncloak?
    Does Q bear fruit?
    Is Q a group, a BOT or a LARP?
    Will this Q thing ever go hot or just squat?
    Can Q be hijacked or stolen?

  9. I completely know what you are feeling. I feel like I’m stuck in limbo. I can’t move on until Q is revealed. I’m convinced it’s real, but I need the validation! NO ONE has taken me seriously in 8 months, ok, my whole life, but this 8 months I needed SOME ONE to say, I think you’re right! I’ve been one of many solo warriors, battling without valid ammunition! I look the fool, but I’m willing to take that, as any outcome other than the plan being real, complete and genius is not acceptable. I will not live my same life if we’ve been duped. I don’t believe we are. I trust Trump and believe he was sent by God. GOD BLESS US ALL,

    1. Agreed Sister! ?❤️?#NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender #WWG1WGA #Qanon #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp

    2. Ha, some of us have been dealing with this for two years. Make no mistake about it, they are everywhere. I have been surrounded by them my whole life and didnt know it. One day my best friend started talking about the evil that Q refers to, a year before Q. He wouldn’t shut up. He told everybody. I was gonna have him committed to nut house for 72 hr evaluation. I started looking into the things he was saying so I could show him he was delusional. He is right. Our circle of friends have all told me to stop before I get killed. They confirmed everything. I got pissed off and started hunting them. I knew it was real when i kicked the beehive. I knew God was real that day. Q and Trump showed up with the anon calvary about 6 months into a nasty invisible WAR. 2 vehicles, 7 tires, 4 dead dogs, cat, my moms dog. All my animals died in a three week window. It was full blown war against invisible empire. I stopped when I realized Q was Trump. I got out of the MILITARY Intelligences way and trusted the plan. This is GODS plan, no man cqn orchestrate what is coming. WE are the PLAN. God is a genius. Trust Q. I love Trump but im gonna whoop his ass this is a hoax. Trumps weird behavior has to many Qs and and shit eating grins to say coincidence. Disinformation is necessary, USA is stronger than EVER right now. Vengeance is the lords.

      1. Sorry about your animals. That’s f%$ked up. My dog is an equal family member so I can imagine your rage. You say 2yrs , I say15+ years, others even more. The war has been around for awhile. We now have path to win that war. Everyone stand their ground and stick together. United we stand, divided we fall. Trust the plan. MAGA WWG1WGA

      2. deplorablepatriot, yes many of us have been aware of the DSA cabal for much longer than simply two years. I have been for 20 years and there was a specific reason and event that caused that phenom. A very specific awakening and circumstances that was not possible to avoid . Since then it has all simply played out and only gotten far worse and much more obvious. I fully understand why many people seem to think the last two years are the critical timing or period of awakening. But in truth that is simply when all of the illusions began to break down and the underlying truth could leak out. Realize all created illusions can only last as long as they can be maintained. So when BHO and crew began to lose power and Hillary was exposed and not elected, that is what accounts for the last two year period. Not that it was not known prior by many people. It certainly was known prior although many details were still well covered up. Today we get many more details daily and that has been the dominant point of the last two year period. A flood of revealing information and truth that many people still cannot accept for their own ig-norance and the simple fact they have been mind effed by PRAVDA/MSM, the propaganda arm of the cabal !

        As far as Q goes I cannot say for sure. I am convinced Q is likely a created phenom or entity but if it helps awaken the masses its a good thing indeed . Until enough people see the cabal for what it is, a control mechanism, we will still have a serious problem. Once enough people see it for what it is, then it will be defeated. The DSA cabal is simply the out of control bureaucracy of sociopaths and psychopaths driven by greed and power unchecked as long as they can make the rules as they see fit ! Also consider how many in that cabal are lawyers and political elites who have far too much power over YOU ! I certainly hope Q is real and the indictments but I am not convinced for many reasons. But as I said above it may not even matter if Q is real or not if it gets people thinking and then taking action !

  10. Despite if you believe in Q or not the research is phenomenal and cannot be denied. I’m not one that waits by the computer for Q to post I use the site for research sprinkled with a bit of hope that this is real. This is my first time on this site. I would like to personally thank you for protecting our Border Patrol and ICE.

    1. Agree, have been following since October when he started posting. What’s amazing to me is how the questions have led to seeing connections you would have never seen before. Just a constant, “wow, OMG, etc.” when the connections are made and you see what they have been doing. The process of finding the answers yourself was brilliant. If you are spoon fed the answers you don’t believe it, have to connect the dots yourself. What an amazing adventure these last few months. So grateful to be a part of the “Greatest Story Ever Told.”

  11. I have less than 10 years to live, I guarantee this will happen in my lifetime. Call it a prediction if you want but for me it is a KNOWING. Yes I am that certain. You should be as well.

    1. I’m with you 5WarVeteran, I also firmly believe things can not continue as they are and we are on the threshold of a “showdown” unlike any ever seen. Thank God we have Trump in office because it’s coming, stand ready and be prepared.

  12. All right… here are a few thoughts:
    (i) “35,000 sealed indictments”. How much time of Grand Juries, prosecutors, and supervising judges would have had to be expended to generate “35,000 sealed indictments”–especially if those were the highly complex indictments which one would expect when high-profile career political criminals were involved? Can anyone verify that all (or any significant number) of these Grand Juries have in fact been active for the requisite amount of time?
    (ii) If “spy agencies” such as the NSA are releasing super-secret information making these indictments (and, presumably, other actions) possible, to whom are these releases being made in the DOJ (which would handle all of the federal cases included in the “35,000 sealed indictments”)? Are all of these federal prosecutions somehow slipping past Rod Rosenstein and his collaborators in the Deep State to a super-secret cell of patriotic prosecutors so far down in the bowels of the DOJ that even the Deep State is unaware of them?
    (iii) On what legal basis are these supposed releases of super-secret information heretofore collected by the “spy agencies” being made–or is this entirely a rogue operation? If it is a rogue operation, what other rogue activities, with no legal bases, do the operators have in mind?
    (iv) If “35,000 sealed indictments” do exist, there have not yet been “35,000” arrests, arraignments, bail hearings, and so on–or anything like that number, or any number whatsoever of unsealed indictments and subsequent judicial proceedings involving the supposedly high-profile defendants who are the imagined targets of these “sealed indictments”. When are these necessary actions to take place? And can one imagine the backlog, if not the chaos, of bringing “35,000 sealed indictments” into the courts in some precipitous fashion? Are there enough judges and prosecutors to handle such a tsunami?
    (v) If “Q” is real, and Trump supports “Q” (whatever “Q” is), why has Trump not directed the DOJ and the FBI to turn over to Congress all of the unredacted documents Congress has been seeking for so long and the DOJ and the FBI have withheld–when, one assumes, such full disclosure would be to Trump’s own benefit? On 31 May 2018, I posted an article entitled “Who is in charge here?” (at which outlines the President’s authority in this regard. It would seem (to me at least) that this action would be forthcoming right now (indeed, would already have happened) if “Q” and Trump were working together. Finally,
    (v) Is no one suspicious of a glitzy “trailer” for “Q” which looks and sounds like something produced to sell tickets to a slapdash Hollywood spy movie? It is all-too-familiar hype of the “we have the secret, but you won’t find out until you’re in the theater and your money is in our pockets” variety.

    1. Much like you, Edwin, I’ve wondered who (or what) has produced all those “sealed indictments” I haven’t paid very much attention to the whole Q anon deal–just what I’ve read by writers like PCR, Being awake???? I suppose my awakening began in 1970 in SE Asia/VietNam. Twas obvious then that everything the government said was a lie, and nothing has occurred since to change that opinion. Sure Q has been “good” for stirring up passions, but just like those who depend on CNN, or Fox, or any other one source for information, you are being told what to think. Personally, I have spent the last 45 years or so studying it all, vacuuming up information from every direction, and still have but little knowledge of what really is behind the curtain.

      I have come to a few conclusions of what we the people need to do to prevent the inevitable conclusion of the road now taken:
      We need to take back control of our education system from the government. so our children are taught to think for themselves–rationally solve whatever problem faces them. Not accept without question whatever authority tells them. Begin this at home
      We need to take back control of our economy from wall street, so this obscene accumulation of wealth by a (very) small group is stopped. The results of a persons honest labor should never be stolen by neither government (tax) nor bankers (inflation)
      We need to regain control of our government from those who make a career of deciding what is best for the rest of us. There should be no such thing as a professional politician.

      Like the smell of an approaching spring rain , the sense of change is stronger today than ever before in my lifetime. I for one am tired of waiting on false starts to produce said change. We are truly in charge of our own destiny.

    2. OK … here are a few answers

      (i) Huber has been on this, with said 470 staff, since his appointment by Sessions. Link to the List. Q Proof: “Trust Sessions”

      (ii) See above + Q Proof: “We have it all”
      (iii) Trump is now in control of the NSA data, the CIA, etc + See above
      (iv) patience grasshopper. Trust the plan. The EO has been signed. First, the FBI/DOJ must refuse the formal request of the House
      (v) The Glitzy trailer has been around for 3 days but has been 8 months (or more) in the making. Think of the movie they made/played for Kim. + See above.

    3. Perhaps Sessions hasn’t been sleeping like many assume? Maybe doing really deep-state stuff? I don’t know. Only heard about Q a few months back on CTH, I just don’t know what to believe at this point. I remember reading about many bankers committing suicide many months ago, connected? idk. Glad OK has this on their radar.

    4. EDWIN VIEIRA , yep and me too ! That many indictments would take an army of good guys and they are NOT in DOJ today or ever have been ! For me the real issue is getting people to think and then take action ! Here is an example and an action I took several years ago, almost 4 to be exact. Notice the history of events and how one man was murdered by the cabal and his only crime was tresspass and his crew never burned down anything or destroyed anything while the real criminals were coddled at the white house and emboldened to commit many more crimes.

      How many people, even here, have fully grasp what actually happened and why ? This is why I harp on getting people to stop and THINK ! Because I know it is the only solution and the only way to defeat these criminals who have over taken our government in the out of control bureaucracy !

      Thank God the maniacs were defeated and these men released finally. But it only happened because enough people stood up and realized what the hell was happening here in USA ! We must stay proactive and only live in truth and facts ! The good news is that the illusions are breaking down and failing finally so there is light at the end of the tunnel !

  13. I awakened over 10 years ago and realized that the nightmare was/is continuing.
    “Many don’t want to know. They prefer the blue pill to the red. They live in denial. They prefer the comfort of not knowing. ” Too true and experienced with teaching moments of a friend so left leaning I can’t understand how he can stand. Once he gets over spouting out all the ‘false narratives’ & is willing to consider facts and free thought, he realizes some of the lies we have been told.
    Will the $1.5 billion cases against the Clinton cabal result in punishment? Likely not, but may result in seriously fracturing the conspiracy and bring destruction to many of the participants.

  14. I began following Q from the beginning, last October, and eventually dropped off around March. I’m sorry, but the crumbs are just too vague and result in only speculation of what is going on. Having been military intel in the past I need more solid evidence of what is actually happening, not a bunch of anons guessing. A lot of us know it’s bad, some of us know how bad. Recently took my own adventure into the deep and dark web. The level of depravity is shocking. And yet it continues to go on with little interventiin apparently being done to stop it. Even before Q started, hearing Trump’s message of making America great again, making America first again, not going along with the globalist’s plan, et al, I thought then that he’s not going to be able to do it without our help. I don’t know how the many vlogger’s making videos about the most recent Q posts are helping at this point. Yes, they may have woken some people up, but how many woke people do we need before we step in and help? In what ways could we actually help? am extremely frustrated that we have not yet seen justice served against the Clinton’s, Obama, the corrupt DOJ and FBI officials, and the defendants of the 10’s of thousands sealed indictments. We go month after month with hopes that this is the month something will finally happen. May went by, now June and yet nothing has happened of any real significance. Meanwhile the useful idiots of the left have ramped up their strategies to target and attack on many fronts. I don’t have any expectation that our voting system will effectively remove corrupt politicians in November, not enough of them anyway. I’m frustrated the we all sit in front of our screens as spectators when there is so very little detectable real action occurring making it very difficult to “trust the plan”. I liken Q to a fortune teller or horoscope writer who says things so vaguely that it can be taken by their patron as meaning almost anything they want it to mean. If things are really happening we need the real intel – just come out with it. If Trump is so ham strung, let us devise ways to actually help him. Why are the left targeting and attacking the right, while we sit by as spectators to the whole matter? I can’t e an idle spectator when to corruption is so bad in our country. I want action.

    1. Agree with thee. Patriots need a think tank pf their own where our Best and Brightest can assemble and devote the countless hours needed to view and review and research and ponder and try to make sense of the enormous mess of a morass that is USA in its whole today.

      Convoluted complicated systems used and abused by power brokers whose only care is self-enrichment and the continuation of existing system that are the bread and butter of tyrannical elites. The barriers confronting We, the people are far to complicated for the average John and Jane Q. Public to understand.

  15. Psyops can be incredibly complex, often misdirecting focus – often with a legitimate morsel truth – to draw attention away the real operation.

    Q in fact though has done the opposite – leading attention toward even BIGGER underlying scandals that WEREN’T getting much attention – even among the “truthers.”

    The idea that these people could be discredited later also makes little sense since it’s unveiled REAL ammunition against the cabal including the OIG reference to “CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN” and actually doesn’t create division – a key component of enemy intent to keep your ‘enemy’ weak.

    The proofs (!bvR2lCJB!OOP1-Dxp58XnrI7c8VSm9Q!36xGUL6Y) are overwhelming but for me, the SEALED INDICTMENTS was the clincher. First Q brought attention to look at 10,000 % increase in sealed indictments and the FIRST that were unsealed were directly related to Uranium One.

    There’s a good Word involving “testing the spirits” of things to see whether they are good. All of the themes of Q are to stay unified, giving time for Sessions, Wray, Huber and Pompeo to work while continuing to keep pressure on EVERY bad actor including McCain, Schumer, Schiff and the O/C cabal. Every ATTACK on Q seems to rest in the spirit of ridicule, anger, and attacks directly on other conservatives who also are very divisive.

    A serious measure of the evidence, predictions that have come to pass (NK, Huber, budget deal success, etc) give me no legitimate room to doubt any longer – while of course continuing to check every piece of info that Q continues to post. As has been posted here already, with the coordinated selective attention from Comedy Central – now – fringes of main stream media – challenging the sanity of following Q, it only further legitimizes it to me.

    1. PolitiJim, Sessions and Wray stonewalling congress for documents is a good thing or part of Q ? seriously are you kidding ?

      This is how these things can be used to play people and keep the sham alive and well !

  16. I am a believer for the amount of good info that Q has put forth is too good to be a larp and the over 40,000 sealed indictments are far and above what has ever happened before and growing. The last thing is Trump has verified Q at his rally. #MAGA #WWG1WGA #THEY THOUGHT SHE WOULD NEVER LOSE

  17. The sealed indictments now number 40,483 and growing by 5000 a month. There is a man in the house that is capable of bringing together a grand jury and beginning the process of opening the sealed indictments. His name is John Huber. Many congressmen and women have either been forced out or voluntarily retired stating they would never run again. Over 2000 corporate bosses and other top eschelon leaders have stepped down all across the globe. MS-13 arrests number over 3000 and there are more to come. The security of our borders has increased dramatically. Our economy is thriving and growing every day and over 3,000,000 new jobs have been created while businesses are moving back into America and business and job killing regulations are being killed. The incomes of many Americans has improved due to the tax cuts that we have all received. The military is being brought back to what it was intended to be – “a deterrent to everyone in the world.” Peace through strength is the key. Child traffickers have been arrested by the thousands and drug dealers are being “dealt” a severe blow right at the border before they infest our nation. The corruption in the FBI and DOJ are being brought into the light and traitors will be brought to justice. As a side not the President is making inroads everywhere he goes in the world and is restoring the respect America once knew before crooked government officials sold us out to foreign powers and special interests.

    Obviously someone is working behind the scenes to bring all this change in such a short time. The world is awake and a revolution is coming across the globe. I think Q is as real as anyone or anything I have seen in my 75+ years and the great awakening is just what it is billed as. Woe to the deceivers who thought to enslave us! We rise again; a new nation of, by and for the people and the enemies of freedom and decency worldwide are about to feel the hammer fall on their disgusting vile heads.

  18. I’ve said for a long time that the worst possible scenario for the West is we get a leader who “saves us” for just long enough for everyone to go back to sleep.

    A massive mistake that the Powers That Be made is they accelerated their timeline.

    We in the West were placed under the “boil the frog” method of Fabian Socialism, in other words, incremental Socialism combined with creeping austerity and endless entertainment, immigration and degeneracy. This all happens so slowly that no one notices until it is too late.

    Fabian Socialism was chosen as the method to rule the world because it is so much more effective than hardcore Stalinist Communism.

    If you don’t realize you are under control, who the hell are you going to rebel against?

    But the Fabian method only works if you maintain the incremental timetable.

    If you move too quickly, people begin to notice all the “coincidences” and begin to wake up.

    With the rapid acceleration of the Leftist agenda in the past few years, it has had an opposite effect in waking people up just as rapidly.

    This is a major problem for those running the show, once people start waking up, especially in the Internet Age, you have some serious problems on your hands.

    These Soros types are not a new phenomenon, people like him have been controlling the planet for thousands of years.

    They have a tremendous knowledge of human psychology, perception management and the Occult. They know us better than we know ourselves which is why, through their Roundtable Groups, they are planning out the future of nations 30, 50 and even 100 years in advance.

    Sometimes they need to put on a different mask to get their agenda through.

    Like the Communist Jews who came to America and became what we today know as the “Neo Conservatives”.

    They realized the hardcore Lefty thing wasn’t working anymore, so they put on a new hat, and it worked!

    The Church did the opposite, they realized the Conservative Catholic model was going out of style so in the Vatican II Council they decided to take a hard Left.

    Anything to stay in power.

    These people are not above compromising their principles and putting on disguises so long as it means they get their agenda through, in fact, we would be wise to learn from their methodology.

    Those at the top are sophisticated beyond your wildest dreams.

    What worries me is they might allow an “outsider” to take charge in order to pacify the people.

    Keep us from bringing out the pitchforks and torches for just long enough to seal our fate.

    They might even throw us a bone and lock up these big names we are all familiar with: Obama, Hillary, Soros, etc.

    Then everyone goes back to sleep.

    What worries me about #QAnon, is not that it’s a LARP, but that it’s a real psyop that will result in people going to jail, not to rid the world of evil doers, but to pacify us and let the rapidly rising interest in Nationalism fizzle out.

    Everyone goes back to sleep, the migrants keep pouring in and breeding, the economy continues its slow decline, the cancers, mental illness and suicides continue to skyrocket and the people running the show are still free as a bird with the exception of a couple notable fall-guys.

    Give it a generation to soften us up, and then start cranking up the heat again.

    These people are patient, they’re already living comfy lives of luxury, they don’t need to achieve their endgame tomorrow, so long as they stay in control, that’s all that really matters.

    Be wise my friends and stay alert!

    There’s a reason why they are in control, they’ve already memorized our whole playbook, while most of us don’t even realize that a game is being played.

  19. I cried with you, watching this.
    Hs is not mocked.
    the evil is too great and the cries of the faithful have been heard.
    Be ready to accept the lost. Praying in solidarity with you.
    Willing to pray anytime on the phone.
    Grace and Peace. <3

  20. It will make you proud and scare the hell out of you. all at the same time. I am grateful for the guidance and fellow Patriots I feel I can know call my friends. We are learning together through forums. You know you are not alone, and have learned along with others the dangers we are facing. With all the fake news, I feel I am getting an understanding from Q and Trump. They have saved us from a fate unknown. The videos do shake you to the core. But must be watched. Truth must be exposed globally. I am so grateful, we will retake our country. Stand strong Patriots. Trust the plan, pray, and spread the word. Thank you God for my fellow Patriots. Q and POTUS will get our Nation back to its glory!

  21. Q ; For a while I had my doubts, but, over the last six months’, of reading the Q anon posts’ I think he, is the real deal and I did watch the video ” The Plan To Save The World ” twice and it made me warm inside, this, is what I’m been waiting, for all, my life and Q pushed, all, my desired buttons’ and he layed-out exactly, what I’ve known, for a long-time, about the sureality, of, what the reality , of thing’s actually really are “bizarre” and there, is know such thing, as a coincidence ! Everything happens, for a reason, because the strings’ are being pulled, by entitie’s unknown to us behind the scene’s ; Now President Donald J. Trump, is in starting too cut those strings’ in multiple-ways, along, with, our military, known, as the White-hats’ the good-guys inside, our armed-force’s , they, are playing Fifth dimensional chess, with the bad-guys’ ” brilliant”, as I see, it . I think, after President Trump and Putin, have their meeting, this July, thing’s are, going to start too rock-in-roll and Guantánamo , is going to fill-up expeditionally , with, these corrupt politicians’ ” criminals’ “, with, these ruthless Global oligarchs’, along, with the jaded Santantic pedophile’s, as President Trump and Putin troll the world ; It’s a lot, more detailed, than what I’m been saying, but, that, is the jess
    , of the situation ; Hopefully, what I’m stating, will happen, sooner, rather, than later? Trump, has the Military reserve’s, the Marine’s, along, with the Army and National guard ready too move, if there’s any kind, of disruptions ; Sourse ; Mike Adams’ ” The Health Ranger”, Natural-News’, so kick-back, get, some pop-corn and a cold beer, and watch the fire-work’s ; 40,000 un-sealed indictments’ and more too follow ; Freedom reigns’, again ; Hope Fully, this all come’s, about and I’m in the correct ball-park figuratively!!!1

  22. Q ; I think Q, is the real deal, in my opinion after reading Q anon posts’ for the last six months’ I’ve come too the conclusion, that he’s closely tied to the White-House and after watching the video ” The Plan To Save The World” I’m convinced, that the Q group, is working, with the President along, with our Intel organizations’ and our military , that, the Q group , dose have high Security clearance’s and that’s, way Q posts’ are encrypted ; I believe they do have a plan to save our Republic !!!

  23. Maybe ; Q , is the real deal, who knows’ for sure in my opinion ; Great video ” The Plan To Save The World” ; There’s a lot, of hope in, it !!!

  24. Correction ; When I said Trump, has the Military reserve’s ready in case, of disruptions I meant to say the Marine reserve’s and the Army reserves along, with the National guard , not the current serving military , that would, be unconstitutional !

  25. I just stumbled on to this article which clearly shows Q anon and the supposed indictments are NOT real ! Not sure what more proof anybody might need. But If you have been paying serious attention this is a definitive answer to that supposed question ! The DSA is till very much alive and well and this is proof positive that the supposed indictments are BS !

    It is all a psyop so you will not think and assume ti is all being taken care of by the good guys in the shadows ? And all as this kind of crap is happening at DOJ and of course FBI by the very same people that have NOT gone to jail ! This article is a very bad sign indeed, it means nothing has really changed at all and it also means Sessions has gone along with this deal ! He is now for sure one if them.

  26. It’s time to bring this “pimple” to a head, so we can pop it, and begin healing.

  27. Until I see something real or concrete happen… like hilliary in handcuffs, I’m not going to be hopeful.
    In the last 4-5 years I’ve read several stories, on the net, saying how something big is about to happen that will change everything for the better. However nothing ever does… it was all BS. This Q thing reminds me of all of those past stories that didn’t pan out.

    As for the 40k+ sealed indictments, what if those indictments are never un-sealed? … or worse yet, what if the sealed indictments turn out to be pure propaganda or FAKE NEWS?

    As of today, I giving the whole Q thing less than 5% chance of being true, creditable & trustworthy. It looks like pure hopium.

  28. DOWNTOEARTHTHINKING.COM ; That article , at zero-hedge, doesn’t prove, that thee indictments’ aren’t real, what, your citing , is the reason , for the plan the FBI and the DOJ are violating their oath of office , they’re criminals’, that’s why the prosecutional part, is, not being handled, by them ; Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ excused himself, from the investigation too get the nomination, for Attorney general ; Trump, was, very upset, that he did, that the prosecutions’ are being handled, by a Federal Special prosecutor in Utah, I be leave his name, is Uber
    I hope I have the spelling right, he’s handling the prosecutional aspects ‘, of this investigation and the indictments’ are coming, from him, not the Justice department !!!

  29. One more thing I’d like to add.

    Another recurring theme, besides the 40k+ sealed indictments, is that Q drops hints/clues/facts about what’s about to happen behind the scenes…. and thus when it comes to pass, it PROVES Q is authentic/real. If you’re thinking that… you’ve probably not tried to find other reasonable explanations. Think about it, If Trump is taking on a corrupt DEEP STATE, those people have access to all/most of those hints/clues/facts as well. So just dropping bread crumbs isn’t proof of anything absolute.

    One positive fruit from Q is that many more people are interested and playing attention. However, if the Q thing turns out to be a psyop, it will be discredited. If that happens, it will cause division and demoralize patriots. So don’t let your guard down, stay focused and continue with your positive/productive actions.

  30. I “woke” in 1962. There is only one conspiracy and it’s center is not in DC. Not Moscow. Not London. It’s in Hell. That’s why the cabal can continue from generation to generation, relentlessly focused on destruction of all that is good.

    Q and Trump cannot save the world but they *can* serve as agents of the One Whom the cabal hates. The Enemy is already trying to deceive by blurring the distinction between the Messiah and His agents.

    You must have a North Star or you will be lost in the turbulent sea of info/disinfo. Ask God to show you the Star of the Sea.

    Pax omnibus.

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