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Texas Governor Unveils Plan for Armed Veterans in Schools


Texas Governor Unveils Plan for Armed Veterans in SchoolsThis article comes from

by AWR Hawkins

Governor Greg Abbott’s (R) security plan in response to the Santa Fe High School attack includes placing armed veterans in Texas schools for defense of students and teachers.

Details are set forth in the School and Firearm Safety Action Plan, released May 30, 2018.

The plan calls for a greater law enforcement presence throughout Texas schools by all means necessary. This includes having officers use schools as a stop for “breaks, lunch, or to file reports.” Abbott’s plan also asks schools “to provide office space for a local or state law enforcement official to work from.” He is asking the state to consider grants to help school’s offset the cost of providing such space and accommodating a great law enforcement presence.

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  1. Wish we could implement this in NC. Common sense in NC government is lacking since Obama used the DNC in Charlotte to totally flip that city to rainbows and unicorns, by promising federal jobs to the mayor and his minions. Former Republican govenor, Pat McCory, who was also a former Charlotte mayor for multiple terms, very narrowly lost the governorship to socialist/communist Roy Cooper over the LGBT bathroom issue. With the help of mainstream media, the NBA, and the NCAA, this state took a beating over that issue, which McCory stood very strong against. The governor election was so close, it was sickening to see our state lose to socialist/communists by such a narrow margin. I feel certain there was just enough voter fraud to steal that one. This is a wake up call to all my brothers and sisters in NC. Get out and vote. Take a friend, neighbor, cousin, barber, dentist, etc. with you. Let’s put common and sense back in common sense. I got a little side tracked, but if we are going to protect our school children properly, we need some responsible adult leadership.

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