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Rules and Regulations for Rifle Drawing – July, 2018

Entry for rifle drawing ends August 1, 2018, at midnight Central Standard Time. Drawing will take place on August 6, 2018. Must be over eighteen to enter. Void where prohibited.

*No purchase necessary. To enter the drawing for the rifle, lifetime membership, and plate carrier, without purchasing a membership, complete and send a post card with your name, address, phone number and a note specifying it is for the rifle drawing that ends on August 1, 2018 to:

Stewart Rhodes
President of Oath Keepers
421 US Highway 93 N.
Eureka, MT 59917-9161

Post cards must be received at the above address by 3:00 PM on August 1, 2018 to be entered into this drawing. Any post cards received after that date and time will be entered into the next drawing.

No National Board Member, employee or national staff of Oath Keepers or their immediate family is eligible.

The winners of the rifle drawing and other prizes will be randomly picked by computer from all entrants including post card entrants. If the entry was by a gift membership, the person who purchased the membership will be the winner unless and until they specify that they wish the rifle or other prize to go to the recipient of the gift membership, and that person will have to be notified, will have to agree to these terms, and will then have to go through the process of having the gun lawfully transferred directly to them from us, through an FFL.

Winner must be lawfully eligible to receive and own this weapon in their state of residence and must receive it in person at an FFL dealer in the state of their residence and go through the complete paperwork/background process required by that dealer and all applicable laws.

If the winner lives in a state that prohibits the particular rifle, we will substitute a weapon of comparable or lesser value that the winner is eligible to own in their state of residence.

By entering this contest, winner agrees to the above terms and certifies that he or she is legally eligible to own the firearm, and will comply with all laws and regulations in winner’s state of residence. Winner also agrees that Oath Keepers may use the winner’s name and image and agrees to provide Oath Keepers with a photo of winner with firearm to be taken when winner takes delivery.





  1. The whole FBI and ATF are just illegal togue bureau’s that should be dismantled because they have become too powerful and corrupt ! The ATF has a long history of violating the constitution by banning guns and accessories at their discretion ! They can not even answer a single question without you getting a different answer from every agent you ask on the same subject ! They took it on themselves to stop the manufacturing of machine guns in 1986 at their own discretion, which violated the constitutional rights of every law abiding citizen in the United States that wanted to legally build and register a home built machinegun and pay the forced tax ! Their was absolutly no reason for this since their has not been a single case of a legal purchased or built machinegun involved in any type of crime since the prohibition period of the 1930’s, and we all know how that ended ! A bunch of killings by police and gangsters all for nothing ,since prohibition did not last and the sales of alcohol once again became legal in the United States ! I would very much like to see the machine gun making law repealed so that lawabiding citizens can once again build machineguns, legally ! The only thing that the 1986 ruling by the ATF did was to make legal machine guns sky rocket in price so that only the rich can afford to purchase them ! They did not outlaw legal machinegun purchases, they just limited the supply, which created a big demand for them ! The ATF should not have the power to make their own rulings on things like this ! They should have to go through congress to get laws passed ! The ability for the ATF to make rulings and ban items, is just giving them the power to violate the 2nd amendment of the constitution and to create a money market for agents to get their pockets stuffed with bribe money from the liberals that hate guns in general ! I think this 1986 ATF ruling should be over turned and legal lawbiding citizens should be able to once again build machine guns for their own personal use from military parts kits, that will soon be lost to history if the ruling is not over turned !

    1. I’ll have to agree. The ATFE needs to be dismantled. All these gun laws that are rediculous and only followed by law abiding Americans. Do you really think a ex con cares about the length of a barrel or having an unregistered firearm? No they don’t. We can use these agents in other more productive ways. Semper Fi

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