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Radical Islamists and Radical Feminists – Bedfellows and Useful Idiots

Radical Islamists and Radical Feminists - Bedfellows and Useful Idiots

The latest invasion of the West by the Muslims, in the form of mass immigration instead of armies, has brought about a very curious alliance between the Radical Muslims and Radical Feminists.

Radical Muslims hold little, or no, respect for women. The Radical Muslims treat women as property of the men. They force them to wear hijabs and/or burkas. They do not allow them to drive, and must have a male relative with them when they go out into the public. The Radical Muslims have a hatred of homosexuals that is fanatical and extreme. They have been known to throw them off of rooftops.

It is odd, therefore, that Radical Feminists should be in an alliance with the Radical Islamists, given their repression of women. Yet, you won’t hear Radical Feminists speaking out against them. No, on the contrary, they welcome the Muslims with open arms. You won’t hear Radical Feminists complaining about the repression of women that the Radical Islamists promote. Why?

The answer lies in the old belief that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Both the Radical Islamists and the Radical Feminists wish to destroy Western Civilization. Therefore, they are allies in a common goal. It is this goal, which is the goal of the Globalists, that brings these three groups into an alliance.

Twice in the past, the Muslims sought to conquer Europe. They failed in the end. Their armies were defeated.

The Globalists are now using the Muslim hordes in an attempt to destroy Western Civilization, which they must do if they are to achieve their goal of a One World Government. The mass migration of foreign religions and cultures into Europe and the USA has one purpose, to destroy the West from within.

The story of Lebanon is instructive, as it was a test of the process of mass immigration of Muslims into what had been a majority Christian country that was considered to be “the Paris of the East”. In other words it was a very successful and vibrant country.

Here is a video of a Christian survivor of the Lebanese civil war.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Whether the Globalists facilitated the destruction of Lebanon, or merely observed how it happened, they now had a proven means of destroying Christian Europe and the USA. Why, you could ask, would George Soros and his Globalist partners assist in the bringing of millions of Muslims into Christian Europe? The answer is, to destroy the culture of Christian Europe. To destroy Europe itself.

What of the Radical Feminists? Why are they involved in this alliance? What do they expect to get from it? The answer is two-fold. First, they are Globalists, and as such are funded by Soros and other Globalists, and secondly they seek power. They hope to sit at the table of power.

What neither the Radical Islamists, nor the Radical Feminists, understand is, that once the Globalists achieve their goal, they will be eliminated. They won’t be the first to be eliminated, but they will be eliminated. The history of those rising to power through conflict or chaos, as in the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and a host of other examples is that once power is secured, first the obvious enemies are eliminated and then those you might call the junior partners are eliminated. They are no longer needed, and pose a possible threat to those who hold the real power.

So, the Radical Feminists, who proclaim to be supporters of women, while supporting Radical Islamists, who repress women, are useful idiots for the Globalists, as are the Radical Muslims. Once they are no longer needed, they will be eliminated. They don’t see the endgame.

If they lose, they lose, and if they win, they lose.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. I agree, but with a twist on the Radical Fem groups. They are nothing more or less than “useful idiots” and the lot of them will be discarded should the globalists attain their goal of domination via Muslim overrun. The Muzzies have as much love for feminists as they do for homosexuals, and ANY resistance to complete submission to males will be met with fierce punishment.

  2. Dictators always need scapegoats to kill, purifyIng their society. It’s always the same groups- people of faith, gays, people with firearms. History repeats itself.

  3. There are a lot of veterans in the USA who served in Lebanon from time to time during their 15 year civil war, and this lady has accurately told what was going on there. Now it is going on here and in Europe. We are all faced with three choices: convert (Not for me!), resist, or die.

  4. Wow. Thank you so much for the insight. I know it’s coming, I hope America rises up before then. But they are getting elected. Then they are going to legislate us out, silently. . Staying vigilant out here.

  5. I Myself agree with all of you, being a 1SG in NJLF militia we are ever vigilant in what we watch and see going on. Why our so called representatives are not aware of these simple actions is 1 of 2 things, either they are incompetent or they are being paid off. Either way they are a danger to our republic.

  6. The curious and hypocritical thing about Muslims is how they despise homosexuals but have no compunction in raping little boys. Or goats, camels, donkeys and sheep, for that matter. And their Imams will tell them it isn’t a sin because…blah blah blah reason! Pure HYPOCRISY! Just like their “Islam is a religion of peace” meme. Of course, there will be peace when there’s no one left for the Muslims to hate which leaves very few, if any, of us!

  7. yes the PC liberals will get a nasty shock when the islamic muslim men turn on the PC liberal feminist lesbians, homosexuals and those that are for equality and democracy- they will wonder what happened when they take flight from a minaret of a mosque given planning permission nearby.
    Islam is an organised gang of drug dealing extortionists and rapists – predatory parasites following the koran and sharia law for the benefit of the theocratic totalitarian fascist dictatorship masquerading as a religion.

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