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Oath Keepers Rifle Giveaway – 25% Off Membership – Win a Daniel Defense M-4

In celebration of our nation’s Independence, Oath Keepers is holding a special membership drive and sale, until midnight on Wednesday, August 1, 2018, near the anniversary of the first voyage of the USS Constitution (“Old Ironsides”).

You can join Oath Keepers, renew your membership, or give someone a gift membership at a great discount rate.

You will also have a chance to win:

1. A Daniel Defense M-4 rifle

2. A lifetime membership ($1.000 value. See description below.)

3. A two year membership and Oath Keepers gear package, including a solid silver Oath Keepers Challenge Coin. 

During this Special, a one year membership is only $29.95 (normally $40.00). And you can get a Lifetime Membership for only $800.00 (normally $1,000.00) or a Lifetime with Spouse membership for only $1,100.00 (normally $1,500.00).

UPDATE:  You can now set up payments of $50.00 per month on a Lifetime membership, or Lifetime with Spouse, at the sale price, rather than having to pay it all at once.   Go here for details. 

Join or Renew now!


During this Special, a one year membership is only $29.95 (normally $40.00). And you can get a Lifetime Membership for only $800.00 (normally $1,000.00) or a Lifetime with Spouse membership for only $1,100.00 (normally $1,500.00), and you can do payments of $50.00 per month.

We have a variety of memberships types available; choose the one that’s right for you. If you fit in to more than one category, choose the one that suits you best. All of our memberships will get you access to our members only forums, Community Preparedness Team (CPT) eligibility at the discretion of the team leader, exclusive access to premium content and special discounts on Oath Keepers gear and from our supporting vendors. These benefits will only apply to current, dues paying members.

Every membership purchased during this membership drive (including renewals) will be entered into a drawing (void where prohibited) for:

FIRST PLACE PRIZE:  A Daniel Defense M4 V11 SLW


Oath Keepers Rifle Giveaway – 25% Off Membership – Win a Daniel Defense M-4SECOND PLACE PRIZE:  OATH KEEPERS LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP (A $1,000.00 value)

Oath Keepers Rifle Giveaway – 25% Off Membership – Win a Daniel Defense M-4

Description – Lifetime Membership: Regular

  • Lifetime serial number transferable in will or trust to descendant
  • Gold colored membership card with serial # preceded by “Life.” Membership transferable upon death
  • Lifetime membership certificate
  • Solid silver Oath Keepers Lifetime Member Challenge Coin (delivered upon full payment)
  • Lapel pin and Oath Keepers Lifetime Member cap (delivered upon full payment)
  • Access to our members-only national discussion forum including your state chapter forum
  • Access to our members only communication system (Zello chat, exclusive reporting system, tip line, HAM radio)
  • Access to our Family Safe Network where local chapters will assist you and your family during emergencies
  • Eligibility to serve as training cadre in CPT program (pending approval by local CPT leader)
  • Access to premium content, including exclusive alerts, instructional videos, webinars and phone calls for members only
  • 2 Oath Keepers bumper stickers and 1 back window sticker
  • Color Oath Keepers brochures and Oath Keepers “push” cards (size of business cards) as an outreach “Startup Kit”
  • Oath Keepers DVD
  • Pocket Constitution
  • Access to special vendor discounts (Third party gear and training being offered to Oath Keepers members)
  • A 20% discount on Oath Keepers gear, training, conventions, etc.

THIRD PLACE PRIZE:  Two year membership, solid silver Oath Keepers Challenge Coin,
T-shirt and Hat.

Oath Keepers Rifle Giveaway – 25% Off Membership – Win a Daniel Defense M-4

Give yourself a membership or renew at a discount rate if already a member. If you renew, the renewal will go into effect on your current renewal date – so, for example, if a renewal date is August 20, 2018, the renewed membership will start August 21, 2018 even if you renew sooner, during this sale.


Give a discounted membership as a gift to a veteran or other dedicated patriot (NOTE: even if a person has not served in the military, police, or as a fire-fighter, EMT, Search and Rescue, or other first-responder, they can still join as an *Associate Member * and participate in all that we do – we are all in this together).


* No purchase necessary.  See rules and regulations here.

Help us defend the Constitution!
To learn more about our mission, go here.


If you believe in what Oath Keepers is doing 
to defend the Constitution and to protect our communities, 
please consider making a donation to support our efforts.  
We appreciate your support. Thank you!  
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  1. When I try to renew I keep getting the message that you don’t have a member with my email address

  2. Are we still the defenders of the Constitution and the people of the United states of America? Are we still a line of defense against enemy’s of both foreign and Domestic?
    If by chance a president decides to become a dictator for life, what is or would be the position we would take to defend the common people of our country?
    My fellow Veterans and those who still serve, I’m asking these few questions because our world is changing, governments and businesses appear to be setting the foundation of a new order that may one day take and own what we all have worked towards supporting and believing in.
    My reason for first becoming a member of our Oath Keepers, was what I read in our pledge, so I’m asking for reassurance that our pledge is still our foundation.
    My fellow members I’m a husband for 43 years, father of one daughter and seven sons, fifteen grandchildren , I volunteered for the Army at age of 17 by my eighth birthday I was volunteering for Vietnam, arriving at Doungtam 08/03/1969 one day before I turned 18, I served and obeyed orders without question.
    But the question I have just asked are important and I need them answered thank you all.
    Sgt. Ernest Simmons

    1. I am a retired Mississippi Law enforcement Officer, and a disabled Marine Corp Veteran and I don’t know about the rest of you but I would hope that Oathkeeprs would form up an Army and fight with every means possible to topple that rogue government and retore our constitution ! That is why I joined oathkeepers!

  3. I have tried several times to join and when I get to the payment area, the site freezes and doesn’t come out of it. It eventually times out. I have sent emails and made phone calls to no avail. Van someone please communicate and tell us why we can’t join or renew.

  4. Wanting to join the Oath Keepers however, clicking join brings you to a login for WordPress that I don’t have .

    Are you still accepting new membership?

  5. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each
    timke a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you cann remove me fdom that service?
    Bless you!

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