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Oath Keepers Call to Action: Operation Child Shield in Tucson, Arizona

We need skilled LEO, military, and search and rescue volunteers to search for, locate, and secure additional suspected child sex trafficking sites in Tucson, Arizona.   See below for full list of skill-sets needed and how to volunteer.

Oath Keepers Call to Action:  Operation Child Shield in Tucson, Arizona

This is an obvious rape tree, consistent with all the other rape trees our experienced LEO, military, EMS, and Search and Rescue personnel have seen all along the U.S. border with Mexico.  Local TV “news” reports trying to explain it away as anything else are shameful. 

This last week, Veterans On Patrol (VOP), out of Tucson, Arizona, released some disturbing video footage showing an obvious “rape tree” with restraints set at child height, and a very suspicious buried water/septic tank used as a “shelter” (see photo above) with the concurrent presence of children’s toys and children’s clothing, in combination with porn magazines.  In response, Oath Keepers sent some of our most experienced Arizona LEO leaders to the site to inspect it and interview witnesses.  Based on their assessment, the additional assessment of local Arizona military veterans and EMS personnel, as well as the very credible assessment by Navy SEAL veteran Craig “Sawman” Sawyer of Veterans for Child Rescue, we feel honor bound to deploy our most experienced LEO, military, and search and rescue personnel to search for additional possible sites of human trafficking and suspected child sex trafficking in the Tucson area.   We see enough disturbing evidence to mandate this response by us.



Oath Keepers Video Call to Action with Stewart Rhodes:

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Please also watch this video interview with Craig Sawyer on the SGT Report:

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Note that in the video, Craig Sawyer describes finding numerous bottles of brunette hair dye.   Keep in mind that the child sex trade does not just run South to North, to deliver kids from Mexico and Central America to pedophiles in the U.S. and Canada.   It also runs North to South, to deliver American children to pedophiles in Mexico, Central, and South America.  It is a two-way highway.   And dying a blonde child’s hair a darker color would make it easier to smuggle them South.

Assessment by Tucson area paramedic and former Army M.P. with extensive border experience: 

We spoke with a current-serving paramedic from the Tucson area who also served as an Army MP and was deployed along the border in a DOD operation to assist with the detection of human trafficking in 2008-2009.  He stated that what he saw in the VOP video is entirely consistent with the rape trees he saw during that DOD operation.  He described numerous instances of illegal aliens telling of being raped, and of children being raped right in front of their parents, by the coyotes, and also of children being separated from their parents, never to be seen again.   He also stated that as a paramedic in the Tucson area, he has been to hundreds of homeless camps and hundreds of human trafficking lay-ups and has never, not once, seen a septic or water tank used as a shelter.  What was depicted in the VOP video is something he has not seen before at any such homeless camp or illegal alien lay-up and he had the same response as Craig Sawyer did – that it does not make sense as a shelter because of the lack of air-flow, is too small to serve as a shelter for adults, and only makes sense as a way to confine children against their will.   He also stated that he has never seen a site used by homeless families with children, or illegal aliens with children, where porn magazines are in the same location as children’s items.  It is his assessment that this site is consistent with both rape trees and with possible child sex trafficking/abuse, and he agrees that a search should be made for similar sites.

The Operation Child Shield Mission

The mission is to search for additional suspected child sex trafficking sites, with a goal of preserving evidence, and then bringing in local, state, and federal LEOs once a site is found.   We already have personnel on the ground in the Tucson area.  In command on this mission are two of our most experienced Arizona retired law enforcement officers, Ron Thompson and Bob Houston, who have decades of experience on the Arizona border as law enforcement, search and rescue, and as part of Arizona Border Defenders, running interdiction operations against human traffickers.  They are being assisted by some of our most experienced special warfare veterans and seasoned LEO detectives from national leadership.  The local Tucson chapter is providing direct logistical and intelligence support.

Our retired LEO leadership will closely liaison with and coordinate with all levels of law enforcement in Arizona, and our primary mission is to act as a force-multiplier for law enforcement by spotting and reporting suspicious sites.    A secondary benefit is that our presence will help disrupt cartel and human trafficking operations (area denial) and also help disrupt any attempts by them to hide, remove, or destroy evidence of their crimes now that so much public attention is being brought to bear on the area.


To volunteer, email us at:

We will place a priority on Oath Keepers members, but if you are not a member but have one of the needed skill-sets, please do volunteer.  We will provide gas money, food and lodging for the vetted and accepted volunteers.  Please do NOT just drive to Tucson without first emailing us.

Expect to be heavily and closely vetted.   Once vetted, you will get more details on mission parameters, ROE, SOPs, etc. and recommended gear.

Needed Personnel and Skill-sets:

Law enforcement veterans or off-duty LEOs who can donate their time.   Whether local, state or federal, we need experienced retired and veteran LEOs who can help preserve evidence at suspected sites and also serve as LEO liaisons for any interaction and communication between our teams and local, state, and federal LEOs.

Military Special Operations and reconnaissance veterans.   To assist in locating possible sites, and also in providing security for our trackers and our LEO/search and rescue personnel.

Search and Rescue personnel.

Trackers.  Whether military, law enforcement, search and rescue, or civilian, if you can track people, we need you.   Any skilled tracker will be considered, but especially those with desert experience.

Forensics personnel.   Anyone with formal training and experience in forensics will be invaluable in helping us to preserve possible evidence.

Dog handlers and dogs.   We need search and rescue handler’s that would be able to bring their own dog and be prepared to sustain themselves and the dog.  We can also use retired police officers who might still have a working dog or current serving officers that would be willing to come down off-duty and utilize their dogs.  Cadaver dogs would also be extremely helpful.   God knows what we might find out there in the desert. They are going to either need to be from the southwest or realize the fact they will have to allow time for the dog to adjust to the hot weather, and also be able to cool the dog off in a vehicle.

Emergency medical personnel.  To take care of the teams and also to be on hand to provide care for any victims found.

Infantry veterans.  To provide security for the field teams and for the operation in general.   Be prepared to go both low profile (concealed carry) and high profile (open carry) depending on the environment and mission.

The goal will be to have at least one LEO veteran as a leader/LEO liaison on each team, paired up with an experienced infantry or special ops veteran as co-team leader, along with trackers, search and rescue, and medical personnel, with any additional LEO and infantry veterans providing security.

Intelligence personnel.  Whether military or law enforcement trained.


Drone pilots with drones.  Especially if you have the ability to take video footage and still photos.

We want only “quiet professionals” who can keep calm under pressure. 

SPECIAL REQUEST FOR FEMALE VOLUNTEERS.   We need our patriotic women to step up and help us with this mission. First, to be there to talk to and care for any women and children victims we may find, and also to assist with interviews of possible witnesses/sources of information. Having women out looking for suspected child sex trafficking/human trafficking sites also helps make this mission more difficult for the left-leaning media to attack. We need women who have some of the above skill-sets, but even if you don’t, but want to help, we will consider you on a case-by-case basis.

Fluent Spanish speakers.   Again, preferably also with one of the above skill-sets.

Again, to volunteer email us at:    All other inquiries, please use or use this contact form.

If you cannot volunteer for this mission, please make a donation to support those who can.   We will need to cover considerable travel, food, and lodging expenses for our volunteers.   Every little bit helps.

Donate Here

We hope that the attention being brought to this critical issue will prompt President Trump to act decisively to secure the border to put an end to the cross-border sex trafficking of children, both going north and south, and we also hope it will prompt the state of Arizona to likewise put all of its available resources to work to stop the disturbing sex trafficking of women and children.  We will do all we can to help make that a reality.

For the Republic, and for the children,

Oath Keepers


PS – stay tuned for more details and frequent updates on this operation.   And please say a prayer for our volunteers as they go into harms way to do the right thing.  Pray that God grant them discernment, wisdom, patience, courage, and stamina to get the job done with honor and effectiveness.



Oath Keepers Call to Action:  Operation Child Shield in Tucson, Arizona


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.


  1. OMFG man. They say you learn a new thing everyday. Rape Tree was a thing I was hoping not to learn today.

    God bless Oath Keepers.

    1. AMEN – what horrors the women and children taken to this tree or one like it must live through. Anyone who can do this to a child deserves the death sentence.

      1. I don’t think the rape tree is only for women and girls, boys and men, also. Total domination. Total imparting fear in those that watch on, and destruction for those that endure this form of torture, if they survive.

    1. And where is the FBI…and why is the lical sheiff saying it’s nit his jurisdiction? Cemex, Clintons… other human trafficking cartels

  2. Sad to say, but I heard that 6,000,000 children go missing worldwide every year. EVERY YEAR !!! If you google up “Ronald Bernard, Elite Dutch Banker whistleblower”, you will find at least 3 interviews he has done on camera. According to him, there are at least 8,500 super rich bankster gangsters in the world who are addicted to AdrenoChrome, which is a drug formed in the blood of young children when they are sexually aroused and then tortured. These drug hormones form in the blood during this process, and then the blood is drained. The elite pay a lot of money for this blood, as not only do they get a psychedelic/speed high from it, but their religion is Luciferian and they believe they get superhuman strength and eternal life from it. This goes back at least to the days of Babylon and the worship of their god, Baal. This has been going on for thousands of years, he says. They wanted him to kill a child on their Satanic alter, but he refused, and was subsequently tortured by them and threatened to never disclose the names of the individuals or the companies they ran, or they would come after him and his family. Hollywood and D.C. Are now supposed to be full of these Satanists who drink their “Mysticated Wine” which is regular wine mixed with the adrenalyzed blood. And who knows where else this practice has spread to. BTW, much of the meat you buy in the store is adrenalyzed. The butcher will attack the animal, releasing adrenaline into the meat, before he kills it. When you eat that meat, you get the effects of the adrenaline.

  3. Continuing on the Ronald Bernard, AdrenoChrome post…Ronald Bernard also said that when they wanted him to kill the child on the Satanic alter, that they were ready and waiting with the movie camera. What they do is get film of people committing these crimes, often when they are drunk or on drugs, and use the recording to forever own the individual they blackmail. They can then be used to carry out whatever the boss wants. If they are a banker, they will be used for money laundering. If they are a politician, they will be forced to vote how the boss wants them to. You get the idea. They will always have a nice cushy lucrative job as long as they do what they are told. But they always know they are owned by Satan and his henchmen, and that makes a lot of them eventually commit suicide, which doesn’t do them any good escaping hell. Many others die from drug overdoses or cirrhosis of the liver from drinking themselves to death. So, the point is that this world is run by a bunch of Satanists who are addicted to AdrenoChrome, and they pay people to abduct children and harvest their blood. Do you have anymore questions as to why it is so F’d up ????? When you have wars and whole cities are blown to rubble, there is a never ending supply of orphans running around. And who orchestrated the wars ? Yes, the elite.

    1. RJS, The Bible does make it clear that the whole world lies in the evil one. Satan the god of this world. The Lord Jesus defeated him on the cross and sentence has been passed and soon he (Satan) will be in the Lake of Fire with his followers.

    2. The Truth in your message is exactly and precisely why killing this beast has become my mission in life…moving silly distractions like retirement planning ( I am 65) to the back burner. I would give all that I’ve accumulated in 401(k) and pension to thrust the wooden stake through the the black heart of this devil once and for all.

  4. Veteran,eight years in the Army. Oath Keepers waste of time digging around homeless shelters. Do something useful like agitate for veterans. Right now we are accepting hundreds of so called asylum seekers who get 3 hots,a cot,a/c, and free healthcare while we vets have to put up with canceled operations because of flies in the operation rooms of LA veterans hospital. This is why I dont join veterans groups,we need to send vets to the border and shut it down until we get our due. And I mean shut the border down,shut it down at the border,no one comes in, period.

    1. You are correct in being agitated, not only for yourself ,but your brothers in arms. Know sincerely there are many of us who PRAY diligently for you and your needs and are sincerely working to locally in areas make things better. My stepfather 100 %disabled Vietnam vet is trying to start something here in LHC for vets since we have seen so many literally die waiting for help. And the hoops he has to go thru just to be seen is ridiculous. There is an agenda by the prince of the air who the world is under his sway to basically take us all out…please know a personal intimate relationship with ABBA FATHER and YESHUA the One HE SENT is foundation and ARMOR UP EACH MORNING SINCERELY…
      Shalom and blessings upon you.

  5. They may have stumbled onto the tip of the iceberg of a vast network. I pray the chilren are rescued. God bless u all.

    CEMEX currently operates on four continents, with 66 cement plants, 2,000 ready-mix-concrete facilities, 400 quarries, 260 distribution centers and 80 marine terminals

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