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Merkel’s Gov’t on Brink as Germans Reject Open Borders!!!

Merkel’s Gov’t on Brink as Germans Reject Open Borders!!!

Angela Merkel’s governing coalition is in danger of collapse, barely four months after it took power in Germany. The issue which may bring it down is ……. open borders.

Merkel, of course, has been the champion of Open Borders, which has resulted in wave upon wave of immigrants flooding into Germany and Europe from the Middle East and North Africa, the vast majority of whom are Muslim. Germans, and other Europeans, are rejecting the Open Borders concept, as they see their culture and economies being overwhelmed by the immigrants.

The Interior Minister in her coalition, from Bavaria, wants some serious changes to Merkel’s immigration policies that would severely restrict the flow of immigrants into Germany. Merkel’s government is in serious danger of collapsing as a result of this split.

Throughout Europe, and in the US, people are rejecting the Open Borders concept promoted by Merkel, George Soros and their Globalist allies. They are seeing the collapse of their cultures as immigrants who have no desire to integrate into their cultures swarm into their countries.

One of the aims of globalism is to eliminate the sovereignty, (and culture), of nations as a means of bringing them into the Globalist One World Utopia. Citizens everywhere are rejecting this Globalist vision. They are standing up for their culture, their religions and their nations. The Globalists, quite naturally, are horrified by this opposition and are using every means to stop the spread of this anti-globalist sentiment, from calling anti-globalists any epithet they can imagine, to attempting to censor anti-globalist speech, or, in the case of Tommy Robinson, jailing any popular  dissidents that disagree with them. The harsher their methods become, the more they backfire, as people see the jack boot of tyranny placed upon their necks. Thanks to this globalist repression, the wave of anti-globalist opposition grows stronger every day.

Here, in the US, we see the idiocy of the Mainstream Media (MSM), as they feverishly continue to promote their Globalist Cult. The more people stop listening to the MSM and their Globalist puppets, the wilder and more idiotic they become.

In other words, we are winning. They are desperate, as they see their longed for Utopia (Dystopia) slipping away. Good riddance.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Please do Germany a favor Merkel and sign your unqualified, incompetent old bag arsch to the Nervenklinik! I am quite sure that the German voters deserve better governance than you are capable of providing them. The German citizens know full well of the consequences that may occur if a sociopath seizes the reigns of full spectrum dominance of the governing body using propaganda, political manipulation, and militaristic force. Germany, as the whole world remembers, has had such an arschloch grab the reigns of power before.
    Merkel, the whole world is watching…
    Merkel, it doesn’t matter how many friends you have working in media. It doesn’t matter how many media platforms you have access to which will support and broadcast your agenda to your citizens in Germany, or the global community.
    Propaganda is Propaganda…..
    Doing a good job as an elected official in any country is observed by the citizens of that country, and globally.
    Clearly Merkel you are not capable of fulfilling the duties of an elected individual properly; that which represents German citizens first.
    To you Merkel the United Nations platform has taken precedence over your Germany and its citizens.
    To many western and eastern European nations the United Nations has taken precedence over its citizens, and their own country’s established government. I want to be very clear that England has followed suit…….
    The League of Nations failed, the United Nations will fail as well……
    The creation of both entities was to ensure peace world wide, and at all costs to prevent war………
    Today the United Nations has become hijacked by individuals like Merkel, whom us it as a multi-lateral platform to govern nations, not countries or states.
    The ideas of these elected officials is not to ensure peace world wide, or to prevent war, or to take care of their citizens first, it is to take care of their interest, their agenda first, and at all costs to maintain power….
    Marxism, “GLOBAL MARXISM”
    German citizens stand up and oust this woman from office…
    Pull Germany out of the United Nations….
    The United Nations needs to be abolished by all countries…..

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