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Media Silent On Rothschilds Link To NXIVM Cult – The Political Vigilante

If you haven’t heard of the NXIVM cult, hang onto your hats. While the Mainstream Media (MSM) won’t talk about the Cults connections to the rich and powerful, Graham Elwood, the Political Vigilante, has some connections to talk about. The MSM also will only describe NXIVM as a “sex cult”, which tends to give the impression it is a group of people coming together for sex orgies. NXIVM pretends to be some sory of women’s empowerment organization, but it  is far more than that. It is alleged to be a sex trafficking organization, (including children), that has been funded by some very, very rich people. Its members have also donated large sums to Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. Buying influence is one way of protecting yourself, of course, and having rich and powerful friends can insure protection.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. I recently watched the A+E channels series Cults and Extreme Beliefs, which featured a hour long show on NXIVM and nothing as I recalled was mentioned about the ties you featured here. What they did show that was stunning was the cauterizing gun process they used on women to make a symbol which included Rainers and Allison Macks initials, with no anesthesia. The permanent branding took 45 minutes to complete and the women were held down by other members and was placed below the panty line to hide it.

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