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Mad Maxine and the Red Hen


Mad Maxine (Cong. Maxine Waters) seems to have forgotten to take her meds, as she has called for her Far Left supporters to harass Trumps supporters wherever they are encountered; at work, at school, at the grocery store or at the gas station. So much for civility in public discourse.

Mad Maxine is a symptom of the disease of “Progressivism”, (an oxymoron of the first order), which advocates for the Globalist Progressive Marxist New World Order, which, in turn, is a throwback to the Feudalistic Societies of the Middle Ages. where the Lords and Barons are now referred to as Oligarchs and Intellectual Elites. In both instances, the “common people” are looked down upon and are forced into a life of serfdom (slavery). This New World Order, which is intended to be installed across the globe, is a collective vision of Utopia that dreams of Equal Rights, (except for the Elite, who will be more equal) Equal Outcomes, (the lowest common denominator), and a world without hate, ( without any emotion),  even as their Utopia is created through the use of hate as a necessary tool to accomplish its goals. If you are not a True Believer, you are hated. Mad Maxine is a poster child for the New World Order, and the instance of the Red Hen restaurant is an example of what the True Believers intend for any deniers, or non-Believers.

The masks have been taken off, and the people (common people, deplorables) are seeing the truth of the New World Order. We are seeing what Mad Maxine, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, the Far Left Democrats, George Soros and even the RINOs in the Republican Party have in mind for “We the People”. It is not pretty and many are waking up, not just here in the US, but in Europe and elsewhere. Mad Maxine, George Soros and their cadres of True Believers are stunned that we are waking up and rejecting their Utopian Vision. We know it is a nightmare. We want no part of it. They cannot understand how we can possibly reject their Utopia. They call us names. Now, realizing that name calling is not working, they are turning to harassment. Soon it will be worse. They are now like cornered animals, and at their most dangerous.

The incident at the Red Hen is a stark vision of their dystopian Utopia. It is a warning to us all to be vigilant; not aggressive, but vigilant. Always prepared. We must be prepared to defend those who are harassed and attacked, but we must not be the aggressors. Let them start things. Let them place children in peril. We will rise to the defense of the children and the defenseless.

At Lexington Green and Concord Bridge, the patriots stood in defense of their fellows against the might of the British Army, which sought to take their arms and ammunition and to seize their leaders. They stood their ground. As a result of the ensuing revolution, our nation was formed. Many have died defending our nation, our Constitution, and our way of life. It is for us to stand firm against those, like Mad Maxine and George Soros, who seek to destroy our nation. They seek to destroy us to create their Utopia. They are True Believers in their Utopia. Those who hold Utopian beliefs, founded on contradictions, cannot see those contradictions. When confronted with those contradictions, they can only lash out.

Once more, as we did throughout the 1960s and 1970s, we live in dangerous times. We will survive these times, though it will take strength and fortitude. We must be prepared. We must be vigilant. We must be prepared to stand our ground. Our nation demands this of us.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Little spoiled girl Maxine and cretins of her ilk best take care. There are folks out there that will not tolerate their brand of idiocy.

  2. Let them liberal socialist idiots just try and harass me or my family anywhere ! I am a trained Marine Corp VETERAN and a retired law enforcement officer and I carry a 40 caliber or a 45 caliber sidearm just about every time I go out in a public setting and I know how to use it and some pretty good string hand techniques to take down one of those idiots and put my boot on the back of their neck while I am holding their arms in a uncomfortable manner with their face pushed into the ground while I wait on the police to come and cart them away! All I can say is f&&k with me and you will have screwed with the wrong one! I also gladly come to the aid of ladies that are harrased by these idiots and I must admit I enjoy seeing them get a mouth full of dirt, gravel or pavement ! I have stood by andcwtched these idiots march and parade around and burn our flag long enough and I aint taking any more of it !

    1. You damn right devil dog! I’m with you.
      I started reading your post and thought I posted it. Marines, LEO & .45
      Oooh rah!
      Kill a commie for Mommy, Semper Fi!

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