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Good Guys With Guns will be at MA Flag Day Second Amendment Rally for interviews

Good Guys With Guns is on the road, taking a small film crew to Connecticut, then Massachusetts and then, pending the budget, on to New Hampshire to interview about 10 more experts on the Second Amendment.

Unfortunately we are still short on production funds to accomplish the entire mission. Most movies have a huge budget and then earn money at the box office. Good Guys With Guns has a very small budget and will be available FREE as a public service on the internet once it is completed. This is why donations are critical for completion of the film. Then we can get the truth out to everyone who wants to watch the movie online. The film will also be easy to email and post online to reach a wider audience. Please help us get it finished and out to the public.

The mission is as follows:
First to interview Tea Party co-founder WALTER REDDY.  Walter will discuss the nature of a police state and how the Second Amendment assures WE THE PEOPLE that it will never fully arise here in America. 

We will then interview ROSIE HAAS
who will discuss the media and its role in promoting mass shootings. 
She will also discuss the effect violent movies and video games are having on our children.

The next day, 15 June, we will interview SHEILA MATTEWS
, founder of  Sheila will discuss Big Pharma and how its extensively-funded lobby keeps secret the particulars of who is on what psych drugs in connection with mass shootings.  This information is hard to get and never discussed in the Mainstream Media because the Networks make billions of dollars selling Big Pharma’s product.  Then they don’t seem to care if there are mass shootings as mass shootings increase their viewership ratings.  GOOD GUYS will discuss these never-discussed topics.

The next day we will conduct a series of interviews at the
hosted by David Kopacz at the Swift River Sportsman’s Club in Belchertown, Massachusetts.  Interviewees will include Militia expert and historian, DAN McGONIGLE; Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, LARRY PRATT; Celebrtity sheriff, SHERIFF RICHARD MACK; gun rights author and strategist, DAN WOS; Second Amendment event organizer and activist, DAVID KOPACZ and fire arms instructor, KIRK WHATLEY
We will then interview CLIVEN BUNDY who will give us a multi-generational overview of what he has seen change as far as Federal over-reach on private property throughout the Western states and how the government is conducting unconstitutional invasions of WE THE PEOPLE in what’s known as “takings”.
Good Guys With Guns will be at MA Flag Day Second Amendment Rally for interviews

If you are free, we urge you to attend this Flag Day Second Amendment Rally. More details on the
rally here

Then on 28 June we will interview Oath Keepers Founder, STEWART RHODES and Liberty Fellowship pastor, CHUCK BALDWIN near Kalispell, Montana.
  Stewart will give us an assessment of the active shooter phenomenon and how we can take steps to address it by putting more open- and conceal-carry citizens into the nation’s public places.  Pastor Baldwin will discuss the moral decay in the school since Bible reading was removed and the role children can play in stemming mass shootings by simply caring more about each other.

We desperately need donations to do these interviews otherwise we will not be able to do all of them.

Please go to and donate whatever you can afford, even $250, $100, $50.  We will accord you a prominent screen credit on the end titles of the completed film.  AND if you are of means, please donate $5,000 and we will accord you a screencredit on the MAIN titles of the film.  Such a donation would help us get this film out to the public by Constitution Day, 17 September 2018.

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS presents remedies to the problem that Hollywood, the 6 TV networks, the public schools and even the clergy are NOT talking about.  Watch the trailer at

Since 2005 when we released the Telly Award-winning FIAT EMPIRE, millions have screened our eight, free public service films and they will screen GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS.
  Again, there are not a lot of conservative filmmakers making films that like these, films based on the works of experts like Edwin Vieira, G. Edward Griffin, Ron Paul, Stewart Rhodes, Dan Wos and Pat Buchanan.  So where else can you get a screen credit on a movie like this?  Keep that in mind and join us to, not only make America great again, but make America as great as the Founders envisioned it could be.



Good Guys With Guns will be at MA Flag Day Second Amendment Rally for interviews