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Free Tommy Robinson Rally In Manchester, UK

Free Tommy Robinson Rally In Manchester, UK

Since the arrest of Tommy Robinson, there have been many protests throughout the UK and the world. Free Tommy Robinson is their cry.

Tommy Robinson has been trying to bring awareness to the “grooming gangs” that are destroying the lives of thousands of young girls in the UK and throughout the world. The authorities have been ignoring this problem literally for decades, both in the UK and the rest of the world. It is not just a problem in the UK. Sex trafficking is a seldom spoken of subject. It is an uncomfortable subject, but it must be talked about if it is ever to be dealt with.

The authorities will claim you are a racist, if you speak of it. They will call you “Far Right”, or any other pejorative of the day they choose to call you, in an effort to silence you. If you are a leader who speaks out about it, you will be dealt with harshly, as Tommy Robinson has been. In the UK, the common people are beginning to raise their voices in support of Tommy Robinson and against the inaction of the authorities. Of course they are labeled racists and Far Right, but still they choose to speak up, to march, in the face of oppression. They will not be silenced.

Free Tommy Robinson! Save the children!

DFLA Manchester – Great Support for Tommy Robinson

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Football Lads Alliance – Anne Marie Waters – ‘I’m Offended! (Full Speech)

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Shorty Dawkins



    1. You have a short attention span. Tommy Robinson is still in jail. That “girl in a dress” is standing for your freedom and mine.
      I watched that video. It is inconclusive what they found. They found something, but what?

      You are free to start your own website and put anything you want on it.

      Shorty Dawkins

      1. No I do not have a shorty Dawkins attention span. Remember who your membership is and while your at it remember the USA constitutuon is who I took an oath tro uphold, not fn England.

        I’ll take note that Oathkeepers is ignoring an important USA event – child trafficking – while focused on England, the country we separated ourselves from and chicks with AR10’s. Oh…I suppose you watched a video on her plight and deemed it so critical to saving our nation that it required full on support.

        Excuse me for having a strong allegiance to the USA.

    1. WGP,

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I hadn’t seen it.
      Our fight is against the Globalists. No country that is controlled by them is safe from oppression, be it outright or subtle. Slavery is slavery.

      Shorty Dawkins

  1. Gotta side with Shorty on this one WGP. The global tyrant is watching world reaction to the Tommy Robinson case. How the world responds to this is crucial because it all ties to the child-trafficking you rightly observe is not getting coverage here. There is no one who has taken on this beast more courageously than TR…

  2. WGP. Both of those connection addresses have been removed. So yes I would say the globalists are definitely keeping tabs on things. CB

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