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Everywhere, The Sound Of The People Who Will Not Be Slaves

In the musical, Les Miserables, there is a song, “Do You Hear The People Sing”. The setting for Les Miserables is Paris during the French Revolution. The song is about the people who have had enough and stand against the tyranny that enslaves them in poverty. In France, it was the tyranny of the King and the nobility. Today, the tyranny we reject is the tyranny of Globalism and the Elite, who seek to enslave us in poverty and who wish to completely control us.

In the heart and soul of most people, there is a desire to be free. Those who seek control deny this basic human desire. They feel they should be the “Good Shepherds” who will guide us. Just as Kings and Queens claimed a God-given right to rule, so do these Globalist control freaks. Globalism is nothing more than a desire by the few to rule the masses. Those who sought to rule the world throughout history have always considered they had a right to do so, from the Ancient Sumerians, until today, it has been this sense of privilege by the few to rule over the many that has been the bane of people everywhere.

Here in the USA, we have a strong belief in the right of the people to rule themselves. At the inception of the United States, it was a radical belief in this right of the people to rule themselves that shook the powers of the day to their very core.

Donald Trump was elected President because he stood for the simple beliefs that this country was founded on, which the Globalists abhor. The Globalists want to rule the world, so naturally they have tried to destroy Trump. What the Globalists can’t see, is that it is not Trump himself that is the catalyst for the anti-globalist movement, but what he says, which resonates with the people who listen to him. He echoes our desires. He is not a god. He is just a man who shares our desires. He sees them, voices them, and unlike too many politicians, he continually strives for them. He is not for sale. Where too many politicians are seduced by power, he is not.

The Globalists think that if they destroy Trump, they destroy our movement. They are deluded. If Trump should disappear, the movement will continue. Our voices will continue to be heard.

Do You Hear The People Sing?


Shorty Dawkins



    1. It depends on how we wish to restore liberty. Having seen the AMAC poll on the Convention of States and the misinformation that is perpetuated, it seems that the so-called conservatives of mature years have fallen for the false solution of a Convention of States. Anyone interested in postings and arguments for or against should go to AMAC’s website and view comments on both the poll and the other article on the CoS that was in this weeks 30 June 2018 newsletter. Pay close attention to the Cons rather than the Pros to understand what Art. V actually allows, or better yet, read Art V for yourselves to see that there are no real limits to what can be proposed and voted upon.
      The CoS claims that the States can call a Convention when the Article states that it the Congress alone may call a Convention when enough States apply for one.
      The fact that people are anxious to return to our culture, customs and traditions will mean nothing if we fall for false solutions.
      It took well over a hundred years for things to come to this point and it will not be a quick return. It will take hard work and many years to get back to the limited Constitutional Republic that we had begun, and it will not be due to a savior in the White House nor some quick fix like the proposal of CoS.
      A balanced budget amendment would likely Constitutionalize those unconstitutional agencies and departments into our Constitution by codifying them into an amendment.
      It will take an informed electorate to turn things around, and from the looks of things with so many so-called right wingers advocating of a CoS, it doesn’t look all that great for liberty.
      Read my comments about what the Congessional Research Service had to say about Congress thought about their powers for Art V. That alone should be an eye opener.
      In the name of liberty.

      1. The Convention of States is not a quick fix. What we need are not Amendments but Restorations. They will need to be made one at a time, carefully considering unintended consequences. I appreciate the concern for a runaway convention that may allow all that we have in the Constitution as it is today to be lost, but essentially it is already lost through abuse and neglect. CoS could be a means, a tool if used with all due diligence.

        Most important, we need to return to the rule of law and a national moral standard that can serve as the foundation for the rule of law. This is where we should begin. Minimize the law to its essentials so respect for the law can serve the enforcement. This is where we must begin, thereby allowing a national house cleaning. Hopefully this is on the near horizon, but its only a beginning at best. There is a long hard road ahead, with many casualties and heartaches to befall each of us along the way. There are no shortcuts. I see the Convention of the States as a possible tool, not a shortcut.

      2. I do not disagree with you. But, what we need will never see the light of day in Congress, and that is a healthy dose of TERM LIMITS. Once these people get in office, their only purpose in life, their only goal and their only concern, is their next election. This has to stop.

    2. “Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor”
      The recently departed, Charles Krauthammer, said to the effect, fate somehow provided America with exactly the right president at our greatest times of need. Odd as this may sound, it took a Barack Hussein Obama to awaken the many sleeping, detached Americans. Our nation has been slowly, “progressively,” infested with enemies within. Their every initiative dedicated to transform America into an unopposed, single party Marxist style of government.
      It took an Obama to give America a Donald Trump, a man who like many of us, has been paying close attention for many years and seething with disgust at what the enemies within are seeking to do to our nation. The only difference between We The People and Trump, he had the notoriety and means by which to step in and stop it. The man gave up a charmed life knowing he would be attacked from all sides. ALL he has is, We The People.

      The time is now, another and perhaps the most urgent Time to Decide. Will be fight back with all our might, or will we fold to the global movement to transform us to a third world nation?

      Our Founders made this pledge and, in the name of all who gave their all before us and for the sake of our posterity, we must too pledge, “Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor.”

      WE FIGHT.

      1. Trump is a zionist and is helping israel with their nwo. Theyre winning big time and America has alread fallen. What will you do with the pieces.

  1. Good article. So tired of the left getting all the attention. See they’re rallying all across the nation for illegal immigration today. Wished even Fox News would ignore the idiots, but they don’t. They’re so upset about the kids being separated from their parents. Never mind that Obama and Clinton did it, too, now it’s all Trump’s fault, and what hypocrisy when they are also so upset about the abortion rights now in danger with the supreme court. Those kids certainly never get a second chance to be with their parents. The left is so mind-boggling. Keep wondering how much has to happen before an actual civil war does break out?

    1. They have expanded their movement to advocate for open borders. I believe they are using the same tactic they used during the Vietnam war, in vilifying ICE agents, like they did Veterans during that era.

      1. The bad actors are losing, throwing all they have at destroying Trump and those who of us who elected him to lead tge charge. But there numbers are exaggerated by MSM, who also are going down.

        The evil have completely unveiled themselves. It’s different then Vietnam era. Their old worn tactics are not working with the advent of alternative media, cell phoned, etc which of course they intended to control. That too failed.

        We are witnessing the death of globalization. The lizards, as Princess Diana described, are losing. She was terminated for speaking out that the royals are deep cabal pedophile satanists. Sounds more familiar these days being Arkancided.

  2. Along the same lines, I received the following from Bob Livingston today:
    Engineering our slavery
    “Social justice.”
    Is there another kind?
    “Equal rights.”
    True, everyone is equal under the law.
    But not everyone is equal. There are hundreds of ways we are not equal. Everything from differences in eyesight, ambition, physical strength, competitiveness, mental focus, hand-eye coordination, allergies, musical talent and so on.
    Is that unjust?
    It is if you are an elitist social engineer.
    Constitutional-sounding words like “equality” and “justice” are used to give apparent weight and legitimacy to the completely false premises being espoused. They have as much substance as the breath behind the words. None.
    They are merely part of the elites’ ploy to try to get people to equate things that are merely social constructs, or colloquial social mores, with actual law, the point of which is to have these phrases carry the weight of law and be used to keep us fighting each other.
    Kurt Nimmo writes that according to the social engineers, the “application of the law is predicated on ‘diversity.’ … It is ‘justice’—as one tweeter put it—[Sarah] Sanders was denied service” at the Red Hen restaurant recently.
    Not quite. Social engineers want diversity to become equated with law, and therefore become the de-facto law without anyone ever having voted on it. Thus, the justice of denying service to someone of another political ilk is accepted as being lawful — even if it is clearly against the law, as it is in Washington, D.C.
    What a triumph of propaganda we are witnessing should this come to pass!
    If the elites get their way, without a vote, without due process, without one person in our Republic having an official voice in the matter, “social justice” and “equal rights” as defined by the immoral few will have the force of law due to propaganda having succeeded in convincing people that there is no difference between constitutional law and unwritten social customs.
    So who are the enemies of the elites, and likely to find themselves on the receiving end of penalties imposed due to these non-laws?
    The criminal political class has made it quite clear it is not themselves or their government functionaries. It is not the parasitic “taker” class too distracted by bread and circus, Hollywood antics, amoral lifestyles, reality TV, and sporting events and too easily swayed by slick oratory, fancy suits and promises of government largess to recognize creeping totalitarianism enabled by the psychopaths in Congress.
    No, it will be Americans who believe in the rule of the law, the Constitution and freedom. We are always the target, you and I, because we think for ourselves and act independently. The elites want to stamp us out because we refuse to be controlled, dumbed down, tread upon.
    We also refuse to be homogenized, and “equalized.” The elites, so intent on their versions of “justice” and “equality” want you to think they’re intent on making sure no one is left behind. In reality, they are ensuring that no one gets ahead. But isn’t that the goal of totalitarian regimes?
    In 1776, our founding fathers declared, “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”
    It is necessary for us as right-thinking members of the Republic to separate ourselves from the political parasites.
    I used to believe that the Bill of Rights was succumbing to tyranny at all levels of government. Now I believe that it is succumbing to self-imposed tyranny — imposed by the very people it is meant to protect and keep free.
    This is a part of the “benevolent totalitarianism” I have been writing to you about. It is the “you asked for this” form of tyranny by those in power — uninformed consent by the masses. You begged us for gun control even though it’s unconstitutional. You asked us to allow “social justice” even though it’s unlawful and arbitrary.
    How do we repel this invasion from within?
    People can be measured by their proclivity toward independent thought. This is the same as saying their disbelief in mass propaganda. The more we progress to alternative sources of information apart from the mainstream, the closer we come to reality.
    He who builds his fortune, his beliefs or his health upon a foundation of information from the mainstream builds his house upon the sand. This syndrome is no different from the drug addict who plans his existence upon acquiring the next fix.
    Think about transferring your existence from mass media and false phrases designed to deceive you to life and reality above the “madness of the crowd” while you can.
    Encrypt everything, even your thinking. You’re on the animal farm. Propaganda puts us in an altered state of consciousness, otherwise we would know that the supposed fight for equality and social justice is a war on us.

  3. If they do get rid of Trump there will be a civil war over night. We all know who our local Socialists are, but they seem to not realize that. How naive of them to think that if they get rid of him then they have automatically won.

    1. Dr. Clifford Alford……your comment is a dead center bulls eye sir. It simply can not be stated any better. Trump has effectively thrown a wrench into the UN Socialist Globalist gears and has the attention of the “American People”. We will not let him down in the upcoming midterms and will effectively drive a nail into the Progressive, Liberal Socialist Globalist coffin when we reelect him in 2020. We shall remain an Independent, Self Governed, Sovereign, Constitutional Republic and there are enough of “US” to insure that that we remain as such. God Bless America my fellow Americans.

  4. When are those of us who are left, who served to protect our freedoms and rights, who watched our brothers in arms lay down their lives, when are we going to collectively shout “ENOUGH!” The socialists and so called liberal left have destroyed our freedoms of religion, our freedom of speech, our rights to bear arms. They have managed to rally their supporters in protest and used our compassion and civility against us at every turn.

    It’s time for all of us that are and have served our country with honor to be called to duty again. It’s time we mobilize and let our supporters and our country that we will no longer stand to be convicted for speaking and standing for Our GOD GIVEN Rights. It’s time for the sleeping giant called AMERICA to awaken and state with a Loud Voice and more importantly Our ACTIONS , “ENOUGH!” WE WILL NOT TAKE IT ANY MORE AND IF YOU TRY TO SUPPRESS US, WE WILL FIGHT WITH ALL THAT WE HAVE!


  5. The only thing I would disagree with is using the French Revolution as an example. No one was safe. Anarchy and madame guillotine reigned. Out of the ashes rose Napoleon, a brilliant soldier, but a tyrant and world ruler wannabe in his own right.

    1. Aaron Webb, you are right. I believe that the French “revolution” was the result of the machinations and rabblerousing of an anti-french, anti-Christian group. The bolshevik slaughter in Russia 100+ years later was very similar, and the ideology of the perpetrators was very similar. The French and bolshevik blood-lettings are not models that we should want to emulate, rather, they are the examples that our enemies will follow.

      1. The French revolution began because people had enough of the tyranny and enslavement. It was promptly hijacked by those with an evil agenda. It is useful to see how a revolution CAN be hijacked, if it is based on only being against something, without being for something.

        Shorty Dawkins

  6. The Democrats refer to themselves as “Progressives.” That’s a cleaned-up name for what it really is: Communism. And that’s the Globalists and Elites agenda for the population. They rule, who decides what is PC, where one can live as in Agenda 21, transportation use as in bicycles vs vehicles, what is taught-and-not-taught in schools, mockery of Christianity, but not of Islam, open borders so there’s a never-ending flow of poor, needy people they can control and manipulate, ObamaNoCare that denies “inconvenient” people critical medical care while they themselves have the best of everything, gun control that makes it easier to stop any uprising by citizens while they themselves have body guards armed-to-the-teeth and supports anti-American protests on the streets of America nationwide, largely financed by people like George Soros, for the sole purpose of overthrowing the government of America. Wake-up America – our country is in quicksand under the weight these Globalists have placed on our shoulders. This year’s mid-terms will decide if we have a country or not, freedom or enslavement and the right for the pursuit of happiness.

  7. I never in my life , thought i would see ten of thousands taking to streets in favor of a open border.

    1. Chameleon tribe hopping from country to country for centuries, millenniums. Immigration is their path. Most people go to church and pray for all. Some go their religion halls and push for death of the ones who go to church.

  8. I am reminded of the words of Ruth Ginsberg, Supreme Court Injustice: “I am the Constitution. ” This is the level of tyranny we are up against. Who among us will have the balls to defy these maniacs to their faces regardless of the consequences?

    1. The 2nd Amendment does NOT “protect ourselves from tyranny”. The amendment is just some words written on paper. It is what we do for ourselves and posterity that will, or will not, protect ourselves from tyranny. If the amendment itself protected us, then all the communist states in the northeast, west coast, and even some mountain states (Colorado, et al) would not have so many unconstitutional laws restricting the right to keep and bear arms. If we exercise ALL of our rights enumerated in the first ten amendments to the Constitution (the Bill of Rights), then, and only then will we “protect ourselves from tyranny”. Our ACTION OR LACK OF ACTION will protect us accordingly.

  9. The French “revolution” was to Liberty what 0bamacare was to affordable healthcare.

  10. I fear that the extreme wealth thus power of a tiny minority of the populace combined with a multitude of lackeys just doing their job combined with the well-honed effective power of propaganda will defeat all who rely upon “The Second Amendment.”

    Elites are happy potential adversaries adopt that mantra.

    Yet again the extreme complexity of the situations we fear and the systems we are embedded in makes fertile ground for the few atop the socioeconomic hierarchy to lord over the masses.

    I fear that too few patriots have taken the time to acquaint themselves with reality. It takes time and effort to become even slightly aware of the multitude of facets of the situations we are immersed within.

    Please do not take offense for I, too, am ignorant but at least I am aware of that. I also realized decades ago how much tripe had been shoved into my brain by the many propaganda systems we are immersed within.

    Thus I cry out for patriotic leadership of the caliber of the original Founders. Those gents needed the men with the muskets. Thank God for those brave warriors. However, musketry alone will not obtain much beyond being a pack of barbarian raiders pillaging society. Leadership. Where is it? What I observe via the Web is not promising.

    Would Franklin see us now and declare that the sun in the chair is a setting sun?

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