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The Day the Tide Was Turned – D-Day 1944

Today is the anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944 – the Day that Allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy, France. It was a day of tremendous bloodshed, and overwhelming victory all rolled into one.

Hitler’s mistake

Hitler snored through the first few hours of the landing, (slept until noon), content to believe that if Allied forces landed in one place, it was probably a ruse so they could land somewhere else. And besides, he strongly believed his army was superior to the Allies.

Historians have said that because Hitler was  prone to temper tantrums (sometimes fatal for the person who made him angry), no one wanted to wake him up to tell him that a massive Allied force had landed early that morning.

When they did wake him, he wasn’t his usual ballistic self. He assumed that the weather would be enough to deter Allied armies.

Earlier that morning, Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt had to request that two panzer divisions be released to the battle that was raging at Normandy.  But by the time Hitler allowed the request, it was at lunch time and too late to make a difference.

The divisions had to wait until night fall to move the 120 miles to Normandy  because Allied airplanes “ruled the skies.” Had they arrived sooner? We will never know.

The point of the spear

By the time the Germans began a major counteroffensive, the Allies had already moved inland and begun to connect up to other units.

The Christian Science Monitor wrote:

“By day’s end 156,000 Allied troops had already landed in France. Six days later all beachhead sectors were connected and the Allies controlled an area about 15 miles deep at its thickest point. Two weeks later 650,000 American and British troops were in France, the point of a spear aimed at Berlin.”

Costly battles

Accurate casualty figures for the D-Day battles are continually being researched, and the numbers always change.  There are 9,387 US military members buried at the cemetery at St. Laurent, France. Other cemeteries are scattered through the region.

The main operation was code named “Overlord” which referred to the Allied invasion of Northwestern Europe. It began on June 6, and ended on August 16, 1944 after Allied Forces crossed the Seine river.  The landings at specific beaches was called “Operation Neptune.” Operation Neptune began on June 6, 1944 and ended on June 30, 1944 as allied armies established a firm hold in Normandy. The “Battle of Normandy” refers to the period from June 6 to the end of August, 1944.

The Omaha beach battle was by far the most costly in terms of the casualties of Allied forces, because Rommel fiercely defended German positions.

The Greatest Generation

The reason you and I aren’t speaking German is because of the men who were willing to die on the beaches of Normandy, France on D-Day. They fought for something higher than themselves – America. They fought for freedom, for their families, for all of us. Though Hitler’s mistakes and sheer arrogance helped tremendously, we know that Allied Forces had Right on their side.  We should remember and never forget their sacrifice.

From Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children








  1. Thank you all for your timely reminder — next year it will be seventy-five years since that fateful day. May we always remember and give thanks both to God above and those simple heroes that so willingly looked certain death in the face and gave the last full measure of their devotion that we might enjoy so easily the liberties given by sacrifice and God above.

  2. Grand-uncle was gravely wounded during the Normandy Invasion and dies of his wounds June 12, 1944.

    Kinfolk back then said let him rest where he fell and his grave is among other warriors at the Normandy American Cemetery Colleville-sur-Mer, France.

  3. The battle that broke the back of the German army was at Bastogne, France, in December, 1944, known as the Battle of the Bulge. The weather was the key to either victory or defeat. When the weather cleared, Germany was finished. There were many battles to follow and the cost of lives were inconceivable to one’s imagination. But the defeat of Germany was not enough in Europe. America still had an enemy that was plotting its conquest of Europe and lead-up to a so-called Cold War, and that was with Stalin and Soviet Russia. If Erwin Rommel had lived and joined forces with George Patton and was allowed to go on the offensive against Russia, Russia would have become a bastion of democracy of the era of the Czar Romanoff. But the communist conspirators of the Roosevelt administration and the President himself, a loyal friend and supporter of Uncle Joseph Stalin, denied any retaliation against Russia. This country still suffers from the menace of communism to this day and the traitors in our own government are moles, ready to lunge at the heart of America. I say adopt the German BLITZKRIEG and eradicate the Benedict Arnolds that are destroying the heritage of America.

    1. Lost 3 Great Uncles and 2 uncles to defending our heritage….My father did it and I served. Sorry too say it …but the bastards have been here for years/generations. OF course we all so have a new breed of “Communistas/SJW’s/Demo Nazicratic Candidates for Office”. Be patient and just wait for the time when everything gets crazy and THEY show up on our US ‘battlefield’. It should be a hoot for all involved ……… especially “Oathkeepers”.

  4. the greatest generation died to save the world its a good thing most are not alive to see what has happened to Europe

    1. Yes indeed… the mess in Europe is beyond imagination but look at America as we slaughter the unborn. Thankfully my own father returned home safe since Harry Truman ordered the bombs dropped or who knows the loss of life if we had invaded Japan. Lets continually thank God that Donald Trump is hearing and obeying God cleaning up America, purging the Swamp. Soon we will hear of arrests and convictions …prison. Be prepared for civil upheavals, BE ARMED AND WILLING TO DO WHAT IS NEEDED. MARTIAL LAW MAY BE DECLARED IN CERTAIN AREAS OF OUR NATION.

  5. I just finished a motorcycle trip that started in Calif and Ended in DC. MY group ( stopped at my Veteran Hospitals and Homes along the way. I got to speak with many hero’s from that day. They are getting very old and frail but sure appreciated getting thanked for their valuable service to the World. One man in particular was from the 101st Airborne Div. He did not get many visitors, so sad but I sure let him know how the world still appreciates his tremendous sacrifices. It was great to bring him a little needed recognition

  6. The tide started to turn when Hitler turned his attention away from GB and to Russia. The tide continued to turn turned when we arrived in Africa. It continued to turn in the Winter of 1942, when the Nazis had to begin retreating and lost the Battle of Stalingrad. The Soviets were able to break the back of the Luftwafe. At that point the Americans and British were already liberating North Africa and securing the Mediterranean. The night of June 5 was the Airborne assault, and June 6 was the landing. Italy was all but liberated at that point. And, yes it was hard faught but we were mostly playing mop up. We had the air superiority.

  7. If the men who served were still alive to see the disgrace our Government has become ( FBI/DOJ under the AG ) I’m not sure they would consider their sacrifice worth their lives. I’m Nam and if I knew then what I know today I would have joined the takers and fled.


  9. I was wearing my Korean Veteran ball cap and a high school freshman asked me what my cap was about ! She not only had never heard, nor was ever taught anything about WW1, WW2 or Korea and was not sure, but might have heard about Viet Nam ! She was also not sure where Korea was and did not know that there was a North and South Korea. I have since asked numerous students about their knowledge of America’s wars and was shocked to find that they are not being taught about these important issues. Progressive socialist liberalism and radical socialist teachers and professors are at the core of this nightmare. They begin their brain washing in Pre-K and it runs through the university level. Globalist Socialism is a cancer and will serve to be terminal if allowed to continue unchecked.

  10. As we remember those who died on the European front let us never forget those who fought, died and ultimately triumphed in the horrific battles in the Pacific.. they too were a part of the Greatest Generation!!

  11. There is only one little problem with this article, the English language evolved from German. So in a way we are speaking German.

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