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Child Sex Trafficking and Pedophilia

Child Sex Trafficking and Pedophilia

Oath Keepers has issued a Call To Action to search for, and investigate, Child Sex and Human Trafficking sites in the Tucson, AZ, area, where one possible site was discovered by Veterans On Patrol. Child Trafficking, pedophilia and all types of human trafficking, for collection and selling of human body parts and for slavery. It is a growing problem not just in the Tucson area, but nationally and internationally.

When I was a young man in my early twenties, I lived in a town in New England of about 8,000 people. A girl of 12 disappeared and was never seen, or heard from, again. I knew her parents. The parents both came from large families. I knew many of her cousins. On weekends many of the boys and I played pickup football, or baseball. We went to school together. I lived a quarter mile from one family of cousins, and worked as a carpenter with one of those boys for a time. My older brother was good friends with several of boys in another branch of the family.

Police suspected, but could never prove, that a man who began serving a long sentence in jail a short time after the girl’s disappearance had abducted her.

It can, and does, happen everywhere.

The young girls, and boys, forced into sex slavery suffer for a lifetime. So do their families.

Here are three Ted Talks discussing the issue of child sex trafficking.

Child sex trafficking in America | Nacole | TEDxRainier

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Sex Trafficking in the U.S.: Young Lives, Insane Profit | Yolanda Schlabach | TEDxWilmington

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

The Face of Human Trafficking | Megan Rheinschild | TEDxSantaBarbara

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Two of the above videos mention as being an internet site that trafficked young girls and boys, offering them for a half-hour, or for outright sale. Backpage was seized, finally, by the Federal Government and shutdown. shutdown by FBI, seized by feds

The seizure of was a good start, but the problem is widespread.

Metro Atlanta Sex-Trafficking Sting Rescues 160 Children – One Child as Young as Three

By now, you have heard of the various towns in Britain that have had sex trafficking scandals become known. They are called “grooming gangs”.

Number of child sexual abuse victims in Rotherham raised to 1,510

Eighteen people found guilty over Newcastle sex grooming network

Telford child sex scandal ‘could be Britain’s WORST’ – 1000 kids abused over 40 years

Tommy Robinson was recently jailed because he live-streamed himself in front of a courthouse where a “grooming gang” trial was taking place. He was exposing the “grooming gang” problem, as he had done for a number of years.

Make no mistake, thousands of young girls and boys are sacrificed each year. No one knows the exact number, but the suffering continues. It is very lucrative for those who control the girls and boys. They reap the financial rewards, not the children.

It is not easy to investigate these crimes, or even to study them, but we must, for each child is a human life wasted. Each child has family and friends who suffer.




Shorty Dawkins


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  1. May every faithful righteous man be granted the ears to hear the cries of any suffering, oppressed child, living or deceased, in their locality and abroad. May our God, the Almighty, grant us the keenest ability of supernatural superiority over every evil spirit, man, and woman who choose to hinder, deprive and violate our innocent Ones of life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness

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