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Bluenose Killjoys Freak Out Over Royals with Toy Guns

Bluenose Killjoys Freak Out Over Royals with Toy Guns
I did a “right click” on the photo using Chrome to search Google for all postings and this was how the pre-adjusted algorithm identified it: “Fun.” Can’t have that if you’re an anti-gun “progressive”…

“Photos of Prince George playing with toy gun cause controversy,” a Monday headline on Fox News declares. “Several photos of Prince George playing with a toy gun on Sunday sparked a heated debate on social media.”

“#PrinceGeorge playing with a toy gun!” one hysteric exclaimed. “Unelievable! [sic] #KensingtonPalace shame!”

“This isn’t okay anymore,” another chimed in. “No child in this day and age should look at any gun as a fun toy.”

“This day and age” says much.

Many of us are old enough to remember when toy guns were an encouraged part of growing up. Many of us had squirt guns, cap guns, and the toy guns featured in old commercials that bring back fond memories.

That’s “Otis,” the drunk from The Andy Griffith Show in this Mattel Tommy-Burst spot:

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

And my kid brother had the Johnny Seven OMA (One Man Army):

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]

Tell me the boys appealed to in these ads wouldn’t have been suspended, doped on Ritalin and fortunate to survive the SWAT experience engaging in such play “in this day and age,” thanks in large part to meddling MILMs (Moms I’d Like to Mock). And this, of course, was back in the days before school shootings, when we then graduated to BB guns, .22 rifles, shotguns and more.

If there’s any legitimate objection to the royals letting their kids play with toy guns, it’s that they appear to be in violation of the UK’s Violent Crime Reduction Act, which appears to mandate, among other things:

“A toy firearm shall be distinguishable from a real firearm or a realistic imitation firearm [and] may either … be constructed entirely of transparent materials which permit unmistakable observation of the complete contents of the device, or … be coloured in bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, bright green, bright blue, bright pink or bright purple either singly or as the principal colour in combination with the other colours in any pattern…”

So it appears the bright orange plugs are relics from the old law, and the royals are out of compliance on “offences” that a “subject” would not be given a pass on (and isn’t it telling that “professional reporters” didn’t think to check on that?) As an aside, I found similar “violations” by the anti-gun Disney company some years back, but it looks like local authorities weren’t interested in citing them (or weren’t allowed to due to their pull in the community).

While the gun-grabbing “progressives” would no doubt shriek in horror and condemnation at the commercials embedded above, here’s what they put in the hands of children, promote and think is funny as they tout total ignorance as “commonsense gun safety” (and be warned some of you may find that more offensive than you want to see).

Is it any wonder that so many children are growing up to be maladjusted, anti-social, resentful and, after being medicated for reacting to unnatural demands, violent?


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Kids today would probably freak-out if they’d seen me walk into the Principal’s Office with my rifle in the crook of my arm. The Principal, Mr. McManus, wasn’t one to be too terribly fazed by the sight of a 12 year-old with an unloaded .22; he had left one of his eyes on the beach at Anzio a couple of decades earlier.
    He examined my rifle, made a couple of casual remarks about it, then set into the rack alongside his wall. He read the note from my Mother and obligingly wrote me out a pass to board a different bus that afternoon, so that my pal Ricky and I could go squirrel-hunting on his family’s woodlot after school.
    “Pick up your rifle when they call ‘Buses loading!'”, he said as he handed me the bus-pass; “Y’all have a good time!”
    It was as easy and stress-free as that. Looking back, I realize it was Freedom.

    1. Thanks for that story. I too can remember similar situations at my school. There was never any fear of someone shooting the school up. I think it was only a matter of time, especially with the social media hyperbole today and the violent movies and games on cable and the theater, that the consequences of accepted violence would be felt. It’s tragic, but it’s a problem with society, NOT with gun ownership.

    2. Kids knew how to have fun!!!!! I loved the 50’s and early 60’s weren’t any kinds sitting on their butts after school in those day’s. And I lived in LA,CA. and Las Vegas,NV..

  2. They said no one should look at a gun as a toy and i say NO! No one should look at a child as a toy like you progressive satanic elites do! The gun is an absolute necessity to protect all our God given rights.

  3. It’s just a toy and Prince George is just a kid. Let’s get back to being real. Let’s put criminals in jail and let kids be kids. Guns don’t kill; people do.

  4. Silly rit twits with their laws about special colouring for “toy” guns. Proof positive that those “lords” and “M. P.’s” are clueless in regards reality.

    Don;t they know anyone so desiring can take a few bits of painter’s frictiion tape and two or three tins of aerosol paints of the “appropriate colours” so designated, and paint any AR or AK style rifle so as to masquerade it as a toy gun. Imagine the near universal apoplexy when some “creative: thug actually DOES this!!!!
    Oh, what NEW “common sense” antigun law might we dream up THIS time? NONE of the previous ones prevented THIS crime. We must have on with our thinking caps once more…….

  5. A good example of, “It’s not the guns”, it is the modern attitude towards firearms and responsibility in general.

  6. What is so obvious is the hypocrisy of the left. They have violent and graphic depictions of not only guns but powerful explosives in their action movies. Guns are all you see. Yet if a kid has a toy gun, their heads explode.

    When I was a kid we routinely played cowboys and Indians or we played war. We had all kinds of toy guns. None of us went into a school to shoot people.

    The problem isn’t guns. It is the morality of our nation that has gone down the toilet. Schools teach the lie of evolution instead of the truth of creation. If kids are taught that they are nothing more than an accidental transition from some low life form, what do you expect from them. They have no understanding of the sacredness of human life and no respect for it.

  7. With all the ‘amateurs’ with NO gun training starting to take an interest in
    shooting.. the usual laws on private property are pretty scant on useful
    requirements for safety…. There’s more on safe bathtubs than safe backyards
    and youtube shows a bunch of firearms comparisons with blythe cavalier attitudes
    on ‘backyard fun’…… surely you agree? Your ‘old days’ kids doing squirrel hunting
    came from households and lifestyles where hunting and fishing were practical skills
    complete with examples and maxims

    So why do I not see out here in rural america, stores/shops with ‘firing
    backstops’? like basketball hoops… an acre lot is no place to do practice stunts,
    and we don’t want a bunch of police calls without substance either….. the neighbor’s cat is
    NOT a suitable backstop, not even if the firearm user is shooting to kill..
    yet we do see such coming into our cat rescue.

    Can you help? They need better planned backstop designs, easily knowable and/or on the market. Images of adults doing responsible practice, at a range, complete with current knowledge of how these ranges are kept safe. I’d bet most kids don’t even know what a range looks like. Maybe archery too.

    A lot of things were more hands on back then, but we’ve added safety to our tools and our cars (at least courtesy of Nader) so where’s the backyard firing range for kids and their parents?

    1. There are LOTS of indoor AND outdoor ranges all over the place. You need to ASK where they are. ASK at your local gun shop. ASK your gun-owning frineds and neighbors. And remember that sometimes a hillside or mountainside is a perfectly adequete backstop.

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