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Bias? What Bias? Mainstream Media Shows Its True Colors.

Bias? What Bias? Mainstream Media Shows Its True Colors.

Mainstream Media outlets like to pretend that they are unbiased. We have known for years that this is not the case, but they continue to make the claim. The bias became obvious in the reporting of the Supreme Court’s 7-2 vote in favor of Christian baker Jack Phillips. The Supremes ruled Phillips had the right to refuse to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.

The liberal media began, seemingly on cue, to call it a “narrow” vote.

NPR reported: In Narrow Decision, Supreme Court Decides In Favor Of Baker Over Same-Sex Couple.

The (Associated Press) AP: BREAKING: Supreme Court rules narrowly for Colorado baker who wouldn’t make same-sex wedding cake.

NBC: In narrow ruling, Supreme Court gives victory to baker who refused to make cake for gay wedding.

Reuters: Supreme Court hands narrow victory to Christian baker from Colorado who refused for religious reasons to make wedding cake for gay couple

USA Today: Narrow Supreme Court ruling in favor of baker refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple did not resolve whether other opponents of same-sex marriage, such as florists and photographers, can refuse commercial wedding services to gay couples.

A 7-2 vote is hardly a “narrow” decision. Why then, have all these major Mainstream Media outlets, who claim to be unbiased, calling it a “narrow” vote? Who told them all to call this vote “narrow”? If they are independent and unbiased, (as they claim), how could any reasonably intelligent person call this vote narrow? Let alone ALL of them?

Unbiased? Hardly. Independent? No. It is obvious they are marching in lockstep to pursue an agenda. They will never admit to being biased, of course, but we can plainly see they are. They will ever proclaim their independence, but the evidence belies that claim. They are being told how to present stories to promote an agenda. What agenda? The globalist agenda. Do they have the right to promote an agenda? Yes. However, to claim to be unbiased, while promoting an agenda is deceitful. I’ve come to accept the deception of the Globalist Mainstream Media. I am aware of it. They are not fooling anyone.


Shorty Dawkins


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  1. They all receive the 4 a.m. memo with talking points to iterate to the public, while ignoring the or blatentley covering up real stories we should all be focused on:

    These vets have been working tirelessly to expose human and child trafficking up against Facebook and Youtube deleting their videos while law enforcement turn their backs. So much for the local LEO’s and any oath. And they don’t care that we don’t trust them! It’s way over time for us to take up the slack that law enforcement won’t do. We the People!

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