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Alan Korwin of on Student Gun-Control Bus Tour

Author Alan Korwin of GUNLAWS.COM talks about the upcoming 75-city student gun-control bus tour. He points out that adults are behind the scenes pulling the strings. He also explains why the students’ calls for background checks will fix nothing.


photo: Charles Trainor Jr. / TNS





  1. Anyone that that is pro-gun that goes to the rally should ask these children, Why is your generation doing school shooting? My generation did not the generation before me did not.

    1. Then suggest their weakness is everyone gets a trophy. They are ill equipped to handle miniscule rejection. Ask the soy boys if they own a razor….yet. When will their muscle tone look lije real men from previous generations? Show them pictures of sturdy men their age from WWI, WWII and Korea and Vietnam and Desert Storm and 1776. Can they even carry a musket? Ask them how Stalin was able to murder so many citizens and why Jews and others seemed to willingly step into death trains Ask them how many civilians murdered other civilians during tge twentieth century, then ask them how were murdered by governments?

    2. Abby, that really is the million dollar question. And it all boils down to the cultural rot we’ve experienced over the last couple decades that encompasses things like changing the personalities of a huge number of young boys with psychotropic drugs, political correctness that tends to dehumanize normal people, and the desensitizing nature of violent TV, movies and video games. Society has simply reached critical mass, and not in a good way.

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