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14 year old girl proves liberals are pansies

14 year old girl proves liberals are pansies

She is 14, weighs 90 pounds, but has no trouble shooting. This girl responds to a liberal claiming he got a sore shoulder and PTSD from shooting an AR-15. Not this girl. She takes on stronger rounds, including three 12-gauge shotgun rounds, and has fun doing it. You go, Girl!!

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. The video link to this article was great. A 14 year old girl, having good, clean, safe fun. And proving liberals are a bunch of cry babies. Does not get any better than that.

    1. I like this girl! Articulate and in now way a snotflake! Whatever it is she decides to do in life, I predict she will not only make it, but make is YUGELY! I am ROTFLMAO and I will smile all day after watching this video.

  2. This little lady could be the daughter of our beloved Heather LaCroix….Great stuff !

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