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Veteran Campaigns for Office by Attacking Private Gun Sales and the Right to Own Semiautomatic Firearms

Veteran Campaigns for Office by Attacking Private Gun Sales and the Right to Own Semiautomatic Firearms
That is simply not true. It’s repeating an intentional deception crafted decades ago by the Violence Policy Center to exploit public ignorance and fear.

“Democrat buys semiautomatic rifle at Va. gun show in under 10 minutes,” The Washington Post crows in a “Gotcha!” headline designed to use supposedly “straight news” to stir up a demand for political action:

“Dan Helmer, an Army veteran, said he bought a firearm similar to the one he carried in Iraq and Afghanistan to show how easy it is to legally obtain an ‘in­cred­ibly dangerous piece of weaponry that’s meant for war” from a private seller. He bought the gun less than two miles from a public school, he said.”

Emotionally manipulate the ignorant much? The firearm may be cosmetically “similar,” but you can bet he didn’t carry a semiautomatic rifle when deployed. As for being “meant for war,” you’ll note he’s not questioning why police should have them if that’s the case, plus he’s intentionally ignoring what the citizen militia is entitled to:  Per the Miller Court, “the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear … ordinary military equipment … that … could contribute to the common defense.”

It’s beyond curious that the monopoly of violence zealots behind semiautomatic bans “justify” them by screaming they are “weapons of war.” Those, of course, are precisely what the Founders deemed necessary for members of the citizen militia to keep and bear. To insist otherwise is to maintain their purpose was to have the “whole people” called forth to be slaughtered – hardly a prescription for a secure or free State.

And this business of “less than two miles form a public school” is pure hysteria –ginning aimed at spooking the herd.  Helmer might as well tell them he thinks they’re ignorant and stupid, which you’d probably have to be to vote for such an obvious manipulator. And besides, if guns are too dangerous to be allowed in such areas, 90% of the country could be declared off-limits.

Helmer took an oath when he enlisted and he’ll take another if elected. How he squares that with active subversion of the Bill of Rights in order to gain political power is left unsaid.

And WaPo, of course, has long been in the business of undermining the right to keep and bear arms by the law-abiding, yet somehow ready to turn a blind eye to real and deadly abuses that don’t advance the narrative.  Case in point: When they gave Obama cover over his transparent lie related to OperationFast and Furious “gunwalking.”

Also see:‘He’s LYING’: Tweeters call BS on congressional hopeful’s ‘gun show loophole’ exposé


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



    1. Vote for this “wart on the butt of humanity” at your OWN RISK..and YOU live with the consequences!

    2. I wonder how he would feel if he had that exact weapon in combat in stead of a M-4 full automatic
      weapon. He would have come home in a metal casket. He is just jumping on the anti-gun
      bandwagon that the dems think will get them more votes. Another snowflake.

      1. Not trying to be a pedant, but since the 70s most M16 type rifles issued in the US military, even to infantrymen and Marine riflemen, have had the auto sears removed.

        Much analysis took place after Vietnam and one of the conclusions was that full-auto fire was wasteful and not especially useful under most circumstances, even in engagements in thick Mekong Delta jungle where US and NVA patrols would stumble upon one another at powder-burn distance. The M60, and later the M249 and M240, are heavy belt-fed weapons with bipods, purpose-built bullet hoses that are heavy enough that the muzzle doesn’t climb into the sky as they fire. The M249 was even originally going to be deployed with two-man teams, a gunner plus an A-gunner who carried spare barrels and extra ammo, and help reload it when it ran dry, just like a two-man M60 team or BAR team, and many nations use the FN Minimi design that way, but the Army nixed the plan in the late 80s because of concerns about a shrinking pool of volunteers and divisions in West Germany already being at less than 60% of their paper TO&E strength at the sharp end.

        Anyway. tl;dr a lot of M16s and M4s aren’t actually full auto

      2. Pepe, what you left out is that the m16 variants without a select fire (full automatic) function, still had a 3 round burst function. Later variants returned to the full automatic, foregoing the 3 round burst. Your comments could be construed as misleading as those of the veteran in question. It reads as if the m16 was altered to be a semi-automatic rifle only. You didn’t say that specifically, but your withholding of crucial facts could leave the uninformed completely misguided. If you are going to take the time to enlighten the readers, it would be preferable that the information not be cherry picked. It makes one wonder what your true intentions are, and which side of the fence you are on. I will assume for now, it was simply an oversight.

      3. ” since the 70s most M16 type rifles issued in the US military, even to infantrymen and Marine riflemen, have had the auto sears removed”

        “Anyway. tl;dr a lot of M16s and M4s aren’t actually full auto”

        WOW! Really? I was light weapons. Of the thousands of weapons I worked with in my 6 years, I never saw ONE M-16 or M4 that had the sear removed.

        Viet Nam saw the M-16. Then it was upgraded to the M-16 A1, where they added the sear and forward assist to control jamming and misfire. Yes, the fully automatic rife was declared a waste of ammo, because people would hide in a fox hole and lift their weapon over the top and spray it in the general direction of enemy activity.

        So, they came out with the M-16 A2, and the full auto mode was replaced by a three round burst. Forcing trigger control, ammo conservation and hopefully the use of your training, as in AIM at the target.

        What you are calling the “auto sear” does not make the weapon automatic. The sear merely stops the hammer from falling until the bolt seats and locks. Thus preventing stoppage of fire and getting you killed.

        Not sure where you get your information, but it conflicts with my training and experience. I guess the Army lied to me before sending me out to teach these things?

  1. Our biggest ENEMY is the LEFT LIBERAL SOCIALIST MEDIA. They will not print the truth because the social demo-rats PAY them with funds from “soros” the NAZI who still wants to destroy the U.S. and the world to reestablish the HITLER NAZI rule of which he was part. He wants to be the world ruler and is using the liberal socialist idiot demo-rats and their desires to be the “ELITES WHO RULE” with the rest of the world and the U.S. especially to be (his) their “SLAVES”.

      1. That may be true, but don’t forget about his son…some say the nut didn’t fall too far from the tree.

      2. Obama didn’t have any sons that are publicly acknowledged, but then, it’s not possible to get pregnant by obamas normal mode of self gratfication!


    Wonder if it is that dude. “welcomed his family when they were refugees — and that enabled them to thrive thereafter.” “refugees” emotion-laden buzz words with no meaning as to his qualifications for office.

    Remember that, folks… most people are affected by emotions rather than logic and rationality.

    The lad Tweeted this: “As we’ve seen, @NRA seeks to intimidate those who remember that “well regulated” is key part of 2A. I’ll be visiting Ellen’s next time I’m in Dallas. Hope you do to. #VetsVsNRA #NRABloodMoney”

    I replied to the lad’s message here:

    Another patriot also replied.

    Hey, Oath Keepers… an idea. I get them every other decade or so. A Web page attached to this site listing the politicians running for office who do not represent the patriots of the USA. Have links to their social media Web presence such as Twitter sites where we can post messages. Hopefully the patriots will refrain from idiotic words and terms. Be polite but disagree and briefly counter the candidates’ stance. Short comments get read. Longer ones are read by only the minority who are truly curious about the topic.

    Have a groovy day!!!

  3. Every time I make a comment you do not publish it! Why? Starting to wonder why I am a member of O K!

    1. Joe M,

      Comments on the site are moderated to prevent spam. We get hundreds of spam every day. You are not being singled out. Have patience. Your comments will appear.

      Shorty Dawkins
      Website Editor

  4. This guy is so full of BS I can’t help but laugh. There is no sane vendor in a gun show that will risk his living by selling a firearm without the proper procedures and paperwork. He’s just trying really hard to get attention and ride the anti gun train wreck.

    1. gaz, and everyone,

      NEVER forget, they LOVE to show edited videos of Private sales and claim it was a gun dealer that sold the firearm. They will stop at NOTHING to try to harm the 2nd. Until they get rid of that, they cannot grab ABSOLUTE power over us.

  5. Easy, low hanging fruit for a fledging politician to grab. But a narrative that is diminishing in popularity as citizens begin to see their inalienable right challenged. I just heard there are several cities in southern Illinois that are now claiming sanctuary status FROM gun free zones.

    I find it interesting that liberals consistently tug at the emotional heart-strings of their constituency rather than provide pragmatic and logical facts to win elections. It is true that liberalism is the perpetual state of pre-adolescence.

  6. I am retired AF and took the oath five times during my career. I can tell you that while everyone has to take the oath upon entering military service, few have actually ever read the Constitution. When I was in grammar school my grandfather gave me framed copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that stayed on my bedroom wall until I left home. I read and re-read those documents over the years which is one reason I spent most of my adult life in service to my country. You can bet this jerk has actually never read the Constitution he took an oath to protect and defend. He is in fact a domestic enemy to which the oath alludes.

  7. The muskets people owned when the 2nd Amendment was written were used for war as well as for peaceful purposes.

  8. HYPE! What a funny thing to be presented and taken as “truth”. Presenting hype to win votes is a despicable undermining way to win no matter which side you are on. The real question that remains is, does this person “believe” what he is preaching or is he just saying it to get noticed. Either way it undermines our fundamental Rights, but, in the second case he is also a thieving liar.
    But, you know what really disturbs me more than this person’s hype, it is the number of dumb@$$e$ that actually buy into what he is “selling”! When ~50% of the population starts to believe that they can VOTE on a Right, then, we will no longer be a Republic, we will be a pure democracy and ALL of our Rights will be fair game to them! Anybody up for voting for the re-establishment of slavery , in one form or another!

  9. I have been a dues paying member of Oathkeepers since Dec. 2013, Why do you not post any of my replies, or comments. Combat Veteran same as most of you.

  10. Is he a poser, or maybe what we used to call remf Remington’s Raiders, but then he could just be stupid looking for his 15 minutes of fame

  11. How many libs join the military?

    The military ought to be more selective and vet its new recruits “you’re a liberal?…..get back on the bus to momma’s basement”

    1. Bath House Barry worked to destroy the decency and ethical values if our military while simultaneously building the ABC agency mercenary armies. The treasonous imposter fired hundreds of patriotic oath keeping officers and replaced them with faggots, transgenders, snowflakes and soyboys. Recall the rainbow house issued an enemies list including military, veterans, contstitutional proponents and those with Christian values. So no wonder we have now traitors such as this article points to. He should be stripped if his honorable discharge status, losing all veteran benefits. Gallows would be too kind.

  12. Do they just let anyone into the military today? I’m sure that decades of war will whittle down the pool of eligible recruits, but this is scrapping the barrel. How can anyone affirm an Oath to his or her Country when they have absolutely no idea what they are swearing an Oath too? I already knew that the requirements to be a Congressman really must be next to nonexistent, seeing what we have there already. The swamp-rats in Congress are purposely miscategorizing sporting rifles such as the AR-15 as Assault Rifles because they want to purposely mislead the already purposely poorly informed general public. They want us to be just smart enough to properly operate the machinery needed to make their lives more comfortable! The Second Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting or sporting usage as that was already a given! We were already struggling to survive in a vast unknown wilderness! The Second Amendment is necessary as it puts the people that, “We the People” have put in positions of authority on notice that we will not be ruled by them or anyone else. They are where they are to perform the duties we have hired them to perform and nothing else! We needed to take our schools back yesterday! The schools, (K-4, through Doctorate Degree) are doing us a great disservice. Our approved educators are hard at work forming little Socialist to destroy us from within and we certainly shouldn’t be paying them for what they have done and intend to do!

    1. meanddean,

      Consider this. They push and get an “Assault weapons ban”. They build in draconian penalties. Then, you poke someone in the eye with a feather. That feather is now an “assault weapon, because it is the weapon used in an assault. Suddenly, you are subject to all of the penalties for violating the “assault weapons ban”, without any hearings, no specific legislation and no say in the further “interpretation” of the ban. They just have you hands down, per the letter of the law. You violated the ban!

      These people LOVE word games. They created the term “Assault weapon” and constructed it to reach people on an emotional level. The implications are SCARY! But it is exactly what they have done repeatedly over the years. If they were being honest, they would be demanding an “Ar-15 and AK-47 ban”. But that does not open the door to really DRACONIAN stuff without the legislative process, later.

      Just a thought.

  13. One thing you need to know, the military has been going through a change, a big change in leadership. I’ve been seeing it for a long time, I served in the USAF/ANG for 40 years, 19 years active duty the rest in the ANG, from 1975 to 2014.
    It had a small start under Pres Carter, he tried to gut the military and appoint officers that thought along his lines. He had great success defunding the military, we couldn’t get parts for the aircraft. I was in SAC at that time and we were taking working parts off flyable B-52’s on the flight line to replace parts on the aircraft that were on Alert Status (AKA War Ready), because they were loaded for Russian Bare with Nukes and they had to fly. Good old peanut man had some success with replacing some personnel in high positions, Pentagon types. His asinine actions with the military came to head in the desert of Iran during operation Eagle Claw, a very risky hostage rescue attempt when a helicopter slammed in to a C-130 killing several military members. To add insult to injury, they left the dead and helicopters at the seen when the operation was aborted. Those military members were later paraded through the streets of Tehran. Sensitive operational paperwork was also left at the seen and captured by the Iranian’s. Carter only lasted one term, so he didn’t get to change much of the command staff. But he did manage to have moral in the military hit an all time low.
    When Pres Regan came in to office he was appalled at our military status. He was particularly upset when he found out a good many of the Bombers could not fly because of lack of supply parts due to funding. During the next 12 years military funding was restored and moral was high.
    Then in 1993 Clinton was elected and he hated the military and tried to defund the military like Carter did. He had a lot more success in appointing military officers that were more liberal and would work the way he wanted them to. That lead to appointment of top NCO’s that were more liberal. During his 8 year term, Clinton gutted the military funding and cut manning. You might recall the military buyouts in the mid 90’s. Clinton was no friend of the military, mainly because they tended to vote Conservative. But Clinton also hated the military because he thought that anyone that enlisted were to stupid to get a real job.
    Under Bush, 9-11 happened, funding increased and some military members were recalled to fill shortages. But the status quo of the liberal command of the Clinton years mostly stayed. Congress also played a part in making sure that Clinton’s vision for the military stayed in place by reprimanding aggressive military leaders during the fighting, like Allen West and helping to appoint more liberal officers to replace those on the way out.
    All this was in place when Obama came in to office and he loathed the military. Remember, he wanted a civilian force equipped and funded like the military as a counter force to the military. But Obama raped the military and appointed as many personnel that thought like him as he could. He also fired as many as he could that opposed him. That is another reason he wanted Gays to serve openly, that was his way of punishing the military he hated and gays tend to vote liberal.
    Now we have a large group of active and former military personnel that can tow the liberal line. That is why you have idiots like this Dan Helmer that do things like this. That way they seems to talk with some authority to the sheeple that really don’t know because of their dumb downed education and the fake news. There was another one, a retired Army Colonel, not to long ago talking about how the Army handles it’s weapons and personnel. He was saying that the Army has all of their weapons locked up and only issued when their recruits required them for training or when they were in combat. This is the way he felt that the civilians should be treated and have their guns locked up under guard and only issued out when they were going hunting or for target practice. Possibly held at a police armory. This was his way of stopping mass shootings. Again, another liberal idea held by a military officer.
    Now this is not to say that all military personnel are liberal, most are fantastic people that want to serve their country and honor the US Constitution. But there are rules and people that have been put in place to keep them in check, at least for now. It is another part of the deep state.
    It is kind of reminiscent of the late 80’s and 90’s when officers and senior NCO’s were trying to kill the military’s retirement pension. They were getting theirs and would have been grandfathered in. How liberal it was of them to say that it really wasn’t enough to live on and any corporation would go bankrupt if they had a pension system like the military.

    1. 8thMan, you remember things exactly as I do. It’s great to know others were in tune with the times and remember it well. You explained it exactly as I would have. Good job.

  14. The Constitution was not written to govern the People, it was written to govern the Government, i.e. to constrain it. Like any “bill”, the “Bill of Rights” is a debit, owed by the Government to it’s People, payable through compliance. All elected officials, from the local dog catcher to the President of the United States swears an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution. But, I wonder how many of those “Oath Takers” have actually read it?

    The 2nd amendment was written to provide remedy to the People if and when the Government refused to exist within it’s constraints. Anyone who attacks the 2nd Amendment (wittingly or unwittingly) is demanding that the People no longer have the ability to constrain their Government. They are, in essence declaring war on us.

    The Founding Fathers knew the power of Government and the tendency of it’s members / administrators towards corruption. To avoid painful repeats of history on our shores, the framers intentionally preserved our ability to “fight back” when Government becomes tyrannical. Our God given right to “Keep and Bare Arms” is not for hunting, sport shooting or home defense; its to be able to take out the Government when it no longer wishes to Govern according to law.

    Our rights are our responsibility! We must preserve them or become slaves of the state!

    Dan Helmer and those like him, are not qualified to be in elected Government. Dan essentially has said he would take an oath he has no intentions of keeping. Anyone who would propose altering the Constitution are saying is “We, the Government, no longer wish to be constrained”. “We wish to take from the People their God given right to self defense and self determination.”We, the Government, wish to be all powerful over our People, but don’t worry, we will be benevolent, just like all other Dictators are.”

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