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UK: Descent into POLICE STATE – The Death of Free Speech

UK: Descent into POLICE STATE - The Death of Free Speech

Activist Tommy Robinson was arrested and thrown in jail for suspicion of breaching the peace while livestreaming a report on the trial of a child grooming gang. He is now serving a prior 13 month suspended sentence for a similar offense.

The UK government has attempted to silence any conversation about his situation by issuing a ban against the press covering the case. Unfortunately for their plan, they cannot control social media and their effort appears to have had a Streisand Effect.

Banning any coverage of his arrest and jailing him for “suspicion” of breaching the peace. No trial. No appeal. Think about that for a moment. How dystopian can you get? The government can arrest and jail someone and then prohibit the press in the UK from talking about his arrest? All initial UK press reports of his arrest have been scrubbed.

The UK government has descended into a police state, it becomes more and more obvious to see. They are attempting to hide their limiting of free speech, by banning free speech. The idiocy of their actions is readily apparent.

It is now up to us to spread the story everywhere, in whatever way we can, for though this is the UK, it could be coming to America. Yes, it can happen here. The whole leftist crying about “hurt feelings” and “hate speech” are merely harbingers of what will come if we don’t stand up and resist any limitations of free speech.

The Leftist/Globalists want to silence any opposition to their Utopian Dream. They want us disarmed and helpless. Our mission is to never disarm, and to speak loudly and be unafraid.

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  1. I respect the ideals under which your org. operates. I also feel the same about my induction oath in the military and Law Enforcement. When I first visited a Dr. where I worked, he surprised me by saying that officers are God’s Right Hand. Besides enforcing mans laws, we also enforced Gods. Hadn’t ever thought of it that way, but if you think about it most of our laws come from the Bible! I wish I was in better shape so I could join your org., but I can’t walk around for long periods, nor can I stand very long. If you have a stationary post, credentials checker, or for someone who is patient and don’t mind watching crowds for dangerous , or illicit behavior, then I’m your man. God Bless you!!

    1. Hey SkyGunner, all you need is heart and a passion for our founding documents to be an OK member. We would love to have you on board. There’s plenty of non-physical ways to #MAGA!

  2. I saw this message earlier on y=tube made me sick. Our closest cousins are going under, they gave up their arms,voted in a Muslim for Mayor in London. What do they have left but pitch forks and torches? I am sad for them.
    It will happen here you can bet on it, unless we…………….?

  3. This is what you get when the “people” have no means of pushing back. We’ll have a civil war in this country before something like this ever begins to happen on a regular basis.

    1. The DC regime, it’s shadows and tentacles, have resulted in the likes of Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma, 9-11, Bundy, Finnicum, mass shootings, and tyrannical policies, laws and regulations. All aimed to opress and disarm.

  4. The latest coming from the British Caliphate is the banning of Rap Videos on YouTube. The government claim? The are too violent.

    After been to England many times, I’ll have to say the have bigger problems than Snoop Dog.

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