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Tommy Robinson’s BANNED speech: “The British Police State”

Tommy Robinson's BANNED speech: "The British Police State"

The following video is a speech Tommy Robinson tried to give on several occasions, but he was prevented from doing so. If you think things are bad in the USA, they are worse in the UK. Keep on mind that what happens in the UK, (politically and socially), frequently comes to America. Is this our future?

Yes, it can happen here.

Without the Second Amendment, all other Rights are at the pleasure of the government’s dictate.

Can you imagine being banned from visiting an entire city, or even a neighborhood? Tommy Robinson was.

There is no such thing as Free Speech in the UK. The UK pretends to be a free society, but that is a lie. The UK is a Globalist Oligarchy. The people of the UK, who were born there and have lived there for many generations are being silenced. They are being persecuted. They are being suppressed.

As Tommy has said, “No one asked us”.

Now, Tommy Robinson has been arrested on more trumped up charges and put into prison, where his life is in jeopardy. Why? Because he speaks his mind.

Free Tommy Robinson.

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