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Tommy Robinson Has Been Trying To Expose Grooming Gangs

Tommy Robinson Has Been Trying To Expose Grooming Gangs

Tommy Robinson has, for a number of years, been attempting to expose and bring to light the Muslim Grooming Gangs that the Mainstream Media and politicians, along with the police, have spread across many towns and cities in England. Thousands, and perhaps hundreds of thousands, of young girls have been raped, used as sex slaves, brutalized and treated like dirt by mostly Pakistani Muslim men. Most of the girls have been white, but Sikh and Hindu have also been exploited.

Mainstream authorities and media have remained basically silent on this spreading disease, if I may call it that, since the girls being brutalized suffer for the rest of their lives the trauma of what they have endured. Because Tommy is trying to bring awareness to the problem, which authorities wish to remain hidden, for political correctness reasons, he has been targeted by those authorities. They want to shut him up, but Tommy won’t shut up. One of his cousins fell under the control of one of these Grooming Gangs. Tommy has seen first-hand the effects of the Grooming on the young girls.

Tommy was arrested for Live Streaming a Grooming Gang trial in Leeds, where he was reading facts already in the public knowledge.

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Stefan Molyneux explains more about the widespread Grooming Gangs.

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  1. NATO must muster its forces and oust the invading barbarians and prevent more from entering. Do that then round up the traitors within and if found guilty of treason to the West sentence them to hard labor under military supervision. The common folks of the West have been spit upon for too long!!!

  2. Hungary – Poland – and Slovakia I believe are the only European States standing fast and strong against the “refugee tidal wave” . Amazingly, we see none of what England, France, Germany and the rest are suffering through in those 3 nations.

  3. it has come to my mind lately that “The new world will soon have to come to the aid of the old.” I’ll be there.

  4. NATO? Why don’t we start with the invading countries admitting the invasion? Apparently the Brits loves them some rape gangs. If not, they’d be locking the bastards up, wouldn’t they?

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