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The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening

Isaac Green, the host of Anti-School video podcasts, has a new video that explores the Great Awakening and how it affects us all.

What is the Great Awakening? It is the awakening from our slumber, where we have allowed ourselves to be complacent. We have allowed others to dictate our lives, thinking they know what they are doing, and that they care about us and our families. We have been taught in schools that only allow us to learn what “they” want us to learn.

Throughout the world, good folks are learning that they have been indoctrinated into a shallow, empty existence. They see it now for what it is. Good folks are waking up to see that their families, their neighborhoods and communities have been placed into an empty wasteland. Now, they want more.

It is not the collection of things that matter. More, and more, are seeing the benefits of a different way of life, where we work together in harmony, or agree to disagree in a civil way. Each community is different. Each individual is different, but we can still find areas of agreement, while allowing for the differences. One size fits all is a false paradigm. It negates excellence and diminishes the individual. A community is comprised of individuals who have come together by choice. Free choice.

Throughout our lives, we make choices. That some people want to dictate those choices is now apparent to many people, and they are asking why? You have the power to make your choices freely, if you desire. Your choices are yours to make. Too often, folks let others make those choices. Why? It is your life. Make your own choices,

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  1. I think you mean Isaac Green.

    I like his posts. Very thoughtful individual. Been red pilled. lol

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