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Stefan Molyneux – Problems In China

Stefan Molyneux - Problems In China

In the following video, Stefan Molyneux discusses the demographic and economic problems that face China.

China, in order to limit its population, instituted its One Child Policy, back in the 1980s. Now it is faced with a declining birthrate (at sub-replacement levels) and an aging population. Now, it might like to increase its birthrate, but changing the culture is not easy. Just as Japan’s birthrate is at sub-replacement levels, with an aging population and high debt levels, China faces some severe difficulties.

The US and Europe face similar problems, as their birthrates are at sub-replacement levels. The mass migrant events going on in Europe and the US, (from the Middle East and North Africa) and the large-scale emigration from China of 6 million Chinese per year, are perceived by the globalists as the solution to the demographic problems.

Central planning has made decisions for everyone that make no sense. These decisions, spanning generations of globalist thinking, require vastly different cultures to be forced together, without any thought to how the cultures will react. Or so it would seem. In reality, it is the one-size-fits-all beliefs of the Marxist Globalists that have created the situation; not overnight, but over generations.

The Globalists want to reduce the world population. They make no bones about this belief. Therefore, if one region, or continent, needs more workers, because of a declining population, it is simple enough, (in their minds), to shift one group of people to wherever it is required. To them, traditions, culture and religion don’t matter, as they plan to destroy all cultures and create a new global one anyway. It is their belief in a one-size-fits-all culture, including religion, that has been the driving force of everything they do. While they preach diversity, they promote “oneness”, meaning their “oneness”. You can hold any belief, so long as it doesn’t conflict with theirs.

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