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Some time back, Stewart Rhodes asked me to write an article for  the national web site on the security operations we do here in Arizona.  About 2-3 years ago I developed a program we call Operation Braveheart.  This is a coalition of Oath Keepers, III%’s, militia, prepper groups, and many other patriot groups in the State of Arizona.  One group we recruited, known as the Arizona Liberty Guard (AZLG), formed a corporation and a private security company.  This group has worked with the Phoenix Police Department and the Department of Public Safety on several operations.  AZLG and Oath Keepers developed a good working relationship and, as a result, AZLG voted unanimously to join the Braveheart Coalition.

We have since done joint operations in conjunction with the Phoenix Police Department.  When DPS has requested AZLG assistance, they have stated they wanted a high profile presence as a deterrent.  And AZLG is a sight to see when they roll up on the event to provide perimeter and internal security.  They own several military vehicles, including a 5-ton.  They are so squared away that they have been mistaken for the National Guard.  We’re talking matching uniforms with unit patches and full load out.  Arizona OK’s Security Team and AZLG together number approximately 40-50 specially trained men who are capable of protecting a rather large venue.

The Oath Keepers Security Team is a more relaxed looking group, however they have an exceptional amount of experience with some very squared away military and law enforcement veterans.

We have run several operations in Phoenix for large groups, including a Trump Unity Rally, where Sheriff Joe Arpaio was speaking.  That rally brought ANTIFA activists, as well as other radical left wing groups to disrupt the event.  They were not successful.  They decided it would not be prudent to tangle with trained professionals.  The Phoenix Police Department, at the end of the event, told us they were very pleased with our performance and professionalism, and further stated  that we were the only volunteer group that they would work with in the future.  That’s the ultimate compliment from a large city Police Department.

Oath Keepers of Yavapai County, AZ, as well as Oath Keepers of Maricopa County, AZ, also provide much smaller teams to handle smaller venues and events.  Recently the Oath Keepers of Yavapai County have provided not only perimeter security, but also internal security, and personal protection for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is running for the U.S. Senate.  This was done in conjunction with the Arizona Rangers, a private security company who are uniformed and equipped to more resemble law enforcement.

At one recent event with Sheriff Joe, word got out to the local communists in Prescott that there would be a political rally and he would be there.  The local college put together a protest of about 60-70 people.  They started out with a “die-in” in protest of the Maricopa County Jail that Sheriff Arpaio is quite famous for running, and the reason why he is known as America’s toughest sheriff.  Then the communists held a protest out on the street with signs and banners near the entrance to the event.  Sheriff Arpaio went out and attempted to talk with them face to face about their issues.  They only shouted phrases loudly and refused to have any intelligent interaction with him.  It became quite heated, so the Oath Keepers formed up around the Sheriff for his safety.

When the event opened, the communists were permitted into the auditorium , which held about 200 participants.  They sat together at the back of the room.   This event was sponsored by two of our elected representatives to the Arizona State House, who were also present.  They appealed to the audience to be respectful and not to disrupt the presentations.  All went smoothly for about 45 minutes, when cell phone alarms started going off, and the communists stood up and began chanting, shouting down the speakers.  This is on tape and posted on the IGD (It’s Going Down) website.


If interested, watch the video and you will see our team protecting the dignitaries.  After a short while, the Sheriff was escorted out of the room (but he did not leave the venue).  The Oath Keepers Team escorted the communists out of the auditorium and off the premises.  The Sheriff returned to the auditorium and finished his program.  Several communists remained seated though there were no further interruptions.

Appreciation was expressed from the podium for the actions of the Oath Keepers and the Rangers to bring order back to the event, to loud applause.  The Oath Keepers were asked at the end of the event by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to come up on the stage and take a picture with him.  He did the same with the Arizona Rangers.

When finished, we escorted the Sheriff to his vehicle to make sure he could leave in safety.   There was much discussion of the event in local media and on local talk radio programs, with mentions of the Oath Keepers and the Arizona Rangers being there to back down the disruptors.

There was another Sheriff Arpaio event in our area within a month.  It was an invitation-only event, but the organizers were concerned about possible disruptions.  The Oath Keepers were called, along with the Arizona Rangers, for security.  The venue was swept prior to the event, and teams were positioned all around the perimeter.  When the Sheriff arrived, he expressed  his appreciation at again seeing these groups there to keep the peace.  Fortunately, there were no disruptions.  Some thought that they had seen some interested people drive by but, upon seeing the security teams, they decided not to enter the venue, and it was speculated that it may have been because of the successful expulsion of disruptors from the previous event.

The bottom line is that no one group or organization can handle every event. The concept is to work within a coalition of groups to present a much larger show of force, thereby mitigating the need for violence. Some times a simple Psy-Op is quite effective as well. However if things do get out of control, it is nice to have a viable force to fall back on.

Jim Arroyo
Arizona State V.P.
Arizona CPT Director
Yavapai County Coordinator

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  1. Bravo! (I especially liked the proper term ‘communists’ being used throughout. Calling it like it is!)

    1. Those same hypocritical communists would have a tortured cow if some group did to them what they do to others. But, they are incapable of thinking, only parroting. They should be taught the lesson of what happens to similar useful idiots of the 20th century.

  2. I envy you guys, it seems you really are well organized – where I come from, a “coalition force” as you call it is close to impossible – every group is somehow envious and unwilling to share the effort and every single issue boils down to local politics, even though in theory at least, most of these groups have the same aim – to help people.

  3. Alexander, don’t get discouraged. Send me an email requesting our Operation Braveheart documents and I will show you how to approach your people to form your own coalition.

  4. I am discouraged that security at these events give ground to these sick bastards yelling chants and shutting down free speech. Where I come from [edited] and run them out of the building.

  5. ruidosa1, Our unit prides itself on remaining professional at all times without having to get physical. We did run them out of the building. This was not on this video. What you also did not see was the undercover Prescott Police Officers siting among the Communist. We have to stay out of jail in order to do our jobs. Our Security Team vests conceal the vast majority of special weapons we use on these events. We actually find fear and intimidation a much better tactic than physical violence. That is why we get called up repeatedly for these missions. Be safe out there.

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