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The Reality of Socialism – Lights Go Out in Venezuela

Scavengers: Food shortages across Venezuela mean that ordinary middle-class families have been reduced to looking for scraps of food in the gutter and by the side of the road, such as this woman pictured in Caracas as police look on. Vanessa told MailOnline: ‘Chavez’s legacy is people like me looking for food in the garbage.’
Photo credit: Roland Hoskins

by Shari Dovale

The world has watched the rapid decline of a once-thriving country to a devastating life for Venezuelans.

Venezuela’s inflation has soared to a rate that is almost to high to measure. The Miami Herald tells us that In Venezuela, inflation quadruples to 18,000 percent in two months, with no end in sight:

Venezuela’s inflation rate, already by far the world’s highest, spiked from 4,966 percent to nearly 18,000 percent in just March and April — a trend that, if it continues, could push the country’s annual rate to more than 100,000 percent by year’s end, economists say.

Bloomberg adds:

Inflation is too high to sensibly measure; there are widespread food and medicine shortages; the oil industry is effectively out of commission; and millions of Venezuelans are fleeing the country. Violence levels are thought to be the highest in the world, surpassing those of Afghanistan, Somalia and Central America.

The Reality of Socialism - Lights Go Out in Venezuela

The WSJ has a good write up of the devastation in: The Lights Have Gone Out in Caracas in which they tell us:

In today’s Caracas, malnourished families rummage through garbage for food, and young men wade into a toxic open sewer searching for scraps of metal to sell. State employees, unable to get to their offices because of a dilapidated transportation system, are increasingly abandoning work; their salaries have been rendered all but worthless by inflation anyway.

Talking to residents, WSJ quotes, ““The country I grew up in is no more,” she said. “It will take at least two generations to get the country back on its feet. I don’t think I’ll see it in my lifetime.”

Venezuela has more oil than Saudi Arabia, yet their decline has been fast and brutal. Reports of shortages that range from food to antibiotics to toilet paper show the life that Socialism has brought them.

In a sham election, Nicolas Maduro, the hand-picked successor of the late Hugo Chavez, won another 6-year term on May 20th. Record low voting turnout shows the surrender of the people.

The U.S. and European Union have imposed sanctions against the country for human-rights abuses, political repression and graft.

And the people want out. Hundreds of thousands have fled to nearby countries.

In 2017, one aid agency said more than 11 percent of children under age 5 were suffering from moderate to severe malnutrition, yet Maduro has rejected humanitarian aid. Oil output has plunged to 1940s levels, partly for lack of money for maintenance but also because famished workers have grown too weak for heavy labor.

In America, the millenials refuse to count Venezuela as a true perspective of Socialism. Democrats continue believe that it can still work, and spout it’s benefits on a constant basis. The government-controlled media aids and abets the fantasy, as well as the loudest of the Democrat-Socialists in their attempts to change this country. The truth is there for any who wish to see it.

For now, pray for the Venezuelans.

Then pray for the Americans.

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