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PROPAGANDA: Obamas Sign Multiyear Contract With Netflix To Produce Scripted & Unscripted “Content”

PROPAGANDA: Obamas Sign Multiyear Contract With Netflix To Produce Scripted & Unscripted “Content”

Barack and Michele are going into the film production business. No doubt they will add to more of the propaganda that is produced by Netflix. Just what we need, more Social Justice Warrior crap.

From the Gateway Pundit:

It was just announced that former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama have signed a deal with online streaming giant Netflix.

The deal is said to include BOTH scripted programming and unscripted content. To aid in their new journey of brainwashing American minds and force-feeding liberal propaganda, the Obama’s have launched a new production company they named “Higher Ground Productions” (just in case you thought they couldn’t come up with a smug company name).

Former President Obama has stated of the venture, “One of the simple joys of our time in public service was getting to meet so many fascinating people from all walks of life, and to help them share their experiences with a wider audience, […] creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples, and help them share their stories with the entire world.”

Higher Ground Productions? Give me a break! As with most twisting of the language by the globalist New World Order crowd, they use doublespeak, which inverts the meaning of words; such as War is Peace. In this case that Higher Ground is more like the rotten sewer of the globalists.

Former Presidents, and First Ladies, are usually paid big money for book deals and for giving speeches after they leave office, as payment for doing the bidding of the globalists while they were in office. (Really! Is a speech by Bill Clinton worth $500,000?) Now, Barack and Michele have found a new way of getting paid after the fact.

It will be interesting to see who Barack and Michele bring into their new production company. Eric Holder perhaps? Or Valerie Jarret? It wouldn’t surprise me if they brought in Harvey Weinstein as a “consultant”. No doubt the Hollywood Elite will line up to promote Higher Ground productions, as they loved Barack and Michele while they were in the White House.

Netflix has made a big blunder, in my opinion, in making a deal with the Obamas, who have no history in the business, and will be promoting “Far Left” propaganda in all of their productions, which will most likely backfire on Netflix, just as the NFLs kneeling players backfired on the NFL. I, for one, will not watch any Netflix film or TV show now, or in the future. Netflix has shown they are tools of the globalists.

The tide has turned away from the Globalists, but they hang on. CNN is failing, and other Mainstream outlets are seeing large drops in viewership.

The Globalists, with this latest venture, are grasping at the wind. They can’t give up, but know not how to save their beloved agenda. However, we common folk see through their doublespeak. Higher Ground Productions? Sorry Michele and Barack, you wouldn’t know the high ground if it was in front of you.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. I will be canceling Netflix immediately. There’s nothing worth watching on their network anyway. I dropped all the folks who withdrew advertising from Laura Ingraham also. Lets get a trend started here folks.

    1. Today is the 50th anniversary of the sinking of the USS Scorpion SSN-589 with all 99 hands on board. Part of my cable cutting experience was to find a venue for my Grand Children to watch SOME venues that are not trash. They are now History since the networks elects to support the worst POTUS in my 80 years on this planet.

      1. You are entitled to your opinion, but you and I must have lived different 80 years. This president is the first to not kowtow to the liberal-progressives and to use some of the Alinsky Rules for Radicals to fight their politically correct undermining of this country.

    2. I’ve avoided Netflix from it’s conception and will continue to do so. From the Social Media platforms in which I have viewed, Barack is no stranger to a “Higher” point of view. Strange how the Globalist pick their flock to preach their dark agenda.

    1. Ditto I will be canceling my Netflix is well

  2. These people are pure evil. BHO did more to weaken our Republic in 8 years than Nikita Khrushchev ever dreamed of doing in 1962.

  3. Why stop at dropping Netflix? Maybe time to get ready to campaign against them. Also when is Obama going to be arrested for his high treasonous acts?

  4. We haven’t watched broadcast tv since 2009. We did watch Netflix shows etc. Now, we’ve cancelled Netflix. Don’t miss any of it.

  5. “Sorry Michele and Barack, you wouldn’t know the high ground if it was in front of you.”….or you were buried under it.

  6. Didn’t the Obama’s do enough destruction to our country during their eight years in the White House! Now NETFLIX will be providing them a platform (and paying them big bucks) to continue to spread their left-wing propaganda which will further divide our country. Good-bye NETFLIX, my subscription is now cancelled.

  7. Netflix had too much left leaning programs and I was going to drop them anyway. But I read this article and I cancelled it now. I left the reason in the other box stating I do not support anything obama related. (Small o intentionally stated.)

  8. What gets me is how no one ever mentions how Obama was pushing the UN Agenda 21 plan to make us part of a Communist one world gov., excuse is global warming/climate change. NO one reports about this! I found the UN document &^ one line says “it isn’t equitable for some to buy & sell property & make a profit when not everyone can afford to”, also found document from UN Office of disarmament affairs, jest of it says “we must confiscate weapons so we can finish implementing Agenda 21”. There are also republicans behind this agenda because elder Bush signed on first in 1992 & every president since had pushed it until Trump, that’s why they are trying to take him out, he isn’t going along with the PLAN!

    1. I agree, no one talks about it and when you do they think it is us talking conspiracy — but I point out it is not when it is on their own website and because you have your head in the sand does not make it a conspiracy! Our old 9-12 group used to have speakers come in and brief us on Agenda 21 and they have changed the name because some of us have been fighting it! They use key words like “sustainable”.

    2. I agree with you! Most want to keep their head in the sand and say they have not heard of it and when you try to tell them, they say it is a conspiracy theory! I point out just because you have not heard of it does not mean it is a conspiracy! When you can even go on their website and read it for yourself! Our old 9-12 group used to have people come and brief us on this — it is really scary stuff that is happening under our noses. They are taking land all over here in FL and else where. We had a county commissioner tell us that she used to hear some of their key words like “sustainable growth” and things like that every day! But no one cares it seems until it happens to them, because Dancing with the Stars is on!

  9. Oh well … somebody said a house divided cannot stand. Looks like the US [continues] to be at odds with itself. And yet if an enemy from outside our borders decides to drop a “calling card” you can bet your last two dollars they won’t be picking out who’s right, left or middle-of-the road. There’s nothing “united” about us. Never has been. Looks as if there never will be. #CAIN, #ABEL, #ROME, #COLLAPSING

  10. Netflix just lost my subscription…. I don’t intend to listen much less watch their horse-shit program. Eight years of his horse-shit propaganda was enough….

  11. Obamas are pure dirt. That must be what Netflix is looking for. Never done Netflix and never will.

  12. Please, we have had more than enough of the Communist Obama’s. I couldn’t bear to look at either one of them one more time. They did more than any other persons in history to destroy this nation.

  13. Obama and Michael would like nothing better than to see America and her core values burn to the ground, while they smile and wave.

  14. They will both have to wear their new ORANGE SUITS when they tape from Levenworth Federal Prison plus all the other’s 200 to 500 Demo-Rats who will be with them real real soon….Thanks SCW a Vietnam Era Vet. 1965-1971….

  15. WHY would -any- OATHKEEPERS waste the precious time they have left on this floating orb on that crap in the first place?.

    Don’t we all need to train & get up to speed BEFORE TSHTF???? I for one have not had TVeeee feed in well over 21 years. Because I saw what it was doing to everyone’s brain -and their ‘progressive’ twisted ‘world-view’… Don’tcha think we all ought to be getting ready ? I just know some of you will ‘argue’ , ”but,..but I’ve got kids” !

    Yeah, that, -well don’t’cha think you ought to be teaching them the Constitution & the Bill of Rights at home as well as how to aim small to miss small -because we all know the schools are c.r.a.p. ? Just saying…

  16. Like any thinking individual would watch or support Bathhouse Barry and Michael in any way.

  17. You couldn’t pay me enough to watch whatever trash those two will put out! Netflix, not in my house!

  18. Higher Ground Productions huh? A better name would have been “Fag-Tran Productions”.

  19. Netflix will learn the hard way, its going to cost them dearly getting into business bed with those two.

  20. It is time to end being entertained by a bunch of morons and go back to reading, writing letters , planting trees and target practicing with the kids, camping out and teaching them about Mother Nature. No Net Flix.

  21. Some of you may not know but Netflix already hired Susan Rice a month ago, so you see where this is going. I cancelled Netflix when they hired SR.

  22. I believe that Obama was helping Hillary to get in the White House by spying on Trump’s campaign so he could run the country through her, she would have did as she was told by him an not thought a thing about. I know when Pres Trump won the election as he was taking the oath an shaking hands with some of the people there Michael gave Pres. Trump such a hate filled look, I don’t know if anyone but me noticed that but that would let anyone know what these two are. They are snakes an not to be trusted under any circumstances.

  23. We’ll look there. A month after hiring Susan Rice the Obama’s have a Netflix deal too. Wonder when bill & hill get a series? Maybe it’ll be an investigative series looking at the vast right wing conspiracy to take over media outlets….

  24. I just cancelled my Netflix subscription and will not ever watch them again. Had enough of the Obama’s and they are still continuing to overthrow our government, one day it will come back on them and it will be bad. They and their kind are pure evil and they will all burn in hell.

  25. We need to start a WH petition to release ‘o’s Birth Certificate and prosecute for High Treason. The whole gang.

  26. Just scratched Netflix off the list. Soon they will have to raise their rates to make up for lost customers.

  27. It is beyond belief that this anti American Communist Globalist gutter filth can now be in a position to continue to pollute our children and country after spending 8 years systematically dismantling it. They are the cancer that will go down in history as the “disease” that took this great Sovereign nation down.

  28. Someday, maybe business owners/managers/CEO’s will learn that negative partisan politics is not good for business. Neither is abject hate, mockery, and slander. Maybe. Someday. Until then, I will avoid any businesses that are politically partisan with no regard to our Constitution, Bill of Rights, our flag, the rule of law, or our way of life.

  29. I believe in peace, but all Obama believes in IS A PEACE OF THE GLOBAL PIE! OR IS THAT SPY!? Yes the higher ground, should be called The lower level.

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