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Oath Keepers: President Trump, Call Out National Guard to Protect Schools!

Oath Keepers:   President Trump, Call Out National Guard to Protect Schools!
National Guard Deployed to Airports Nationwide After 9/11. 
In the wake of yet another deadly school shooting, we call on President Trump, as Commander in Chief, to declare a national emergency and call up all National Guard units into federal service and deploy them to protect schools across the nation.   Those National Guard personnel must be armed, with loaded weapons, and they need to stand guard each and every school-day until a permanent solution is found that actually protects the schools, such as armed School Resource Officers or armed guards in every school, retired police officers and military veterans serving as armed volunteer defenders, or armed and trained teachers and other school staff and parent volunteers (as Sheriff Judd does in Polk County, FL).   But that solution or combination of solutions must be comprehensive, in each and every school.
As we have stated before, along with hardening the schools to make it harder for shooters to gain access, the only way to effectively secure schools against such attacks is to have on-site armed and trained defenders in each school who can put a stop to the attack at the outset or in the first critical moments.  It simply takes too long for responding officers to arrive and stop the killing. Every minute that goes by gives the attacker more time to kill and injure more victims.  There must be armed defenders already at the school, as they can respond far faster than any outside officers possibly can.  Anything less than on-site armed defenders will continue to leave students and staff undefended soft targets exposed to any madman or terrorist who wants to kill children and teachers to make a name for himself on the news.
The nation of Israel figured that out long ago, and routinely has armed teachers and school staff protecting their school children.   They do so because that is what works.   We need to do the same by whatever mechanism, be it local, state or Federal, and whether with paid defenders or volunteers.
Until that is done, President Trump should deploy the National Guard in federal service, and pay them using DOD funds.   The National Guard was used to defend airports, train stations, dams, and bus depots all over the country after 9/11.    If they can be used to protect those soft targets against terrorism, they can be used to protect schools.   If the National Guard can be called into federal service and sent to fight oversees in Iraq and Afghanistan, they can be used here at home to defend this nation’s students and teachers.  They are called the National Guard, after all.  President Trump must put them to use guarding the nation where it matters most.
Oath Keepers:   President Trump, Call Out National Guard to Protect Schools!
The National Guard Can Assist Local LEOs in Protecting Schools, Just as They Did Airports After 9/11
Pass the word and let President Trump know it is time for him to act in a decisive way to defend America’s school children.  He has both the authority to do so, as Commander in Chief, and the duty.  And when he does, he will have the full support of the majority of the American people, and most certainly the support of the military veterans and retired police officers who would be willing to step in and help too, if given the chance.  Urge President Trump to do what is right and what must be done – call the National Guard into Federal service to defend the schools.
For the Republic,
Oath Keepers


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.


  1. This is a decent idea, but I don’t the National Guard has enough resources to guard the numerous schools that exist in each state. Trump would have to recall retired military personnel or ask for military/police volunteers to accept this mission. With those additional resources, I believe it is an excellent idea.

    1. No we don’t need a military police state. We need prayer, the Bible, God, Jesus Christ back into our public schools. We need to stop the everyday slaughter of our babies in the abortion chambers of death. How can God protect and bless American with the everyday mass murder of babies at 5,500 deaths everyday. Oath keepers, you guys have some good ideas, but you leave Jesus Christ out of the picture. God’s judgment is falling on this Nation.

      1. I agree with you Bobby, and so should every other blood washed Christian that is an oath keeper. Our guns are useless with out God heading up the safety of this country.With Him we may get a less severe judgement. Without Him say goodbye to the country you seem to care about. If you think you can take care of business without Jesus Christ, you are only fooling yourselves.

    2. GOOD NEWS!! WE have the SOLUTION – ALREADY! SO – Why arent we USING IT????

      – THANK O’ – for arming this rogue ‘Non-Military’ Agency (Where in the HELL does it say in the 2nd Amend. … “a Well-regulated ‘Govt’ Agency'”…

  2. Military? That’s just plain stupid. Instead, why don’t we exercise some guts & punish the shooters & their helpers? Fair but swift trials, appeals, & certain execution within 60 days. Guarantee that & I’ll guarantee the problem will go from .00001 to .000000000001.

    1. Yes,Rollie, I agree!!!!!! Swift and sure punishment for shooters and their helpers and the democrats who tolerate them and condemn the 2nd Amendment!! No military!! Instead train all teachers and students what to do in an active shooter attack!! Train the teachers in concealed carry, but never force a teacher to carry. Only volunteers. Do it now!!!!!

    2. Most of these mass shooters are bent on suicide and want to go out and get their 15 minutes of fame then they kill themselves or are killed by police. When they carry out these shootings they are not thinking of being executed because they have gone beyond that point and they want to die in their grand plan. So quick trials and executions will not stop this problem. Terrorist don’t care about any death penalty also. Deploy the NG until Trump is able to put a program in place that will protect our schools and also give out of work LEO’s a job that they would be happy to do.

  3. While I applaud your desire to find a solution, I seriously doubt that there are enough National Guardsmen to protect all of the schools in this vast nation. Arming teachers and staff seems to be the only reasonable option (in my opinion). There must be armed protection in every possible location, throughout the school. Armed guards can only be in one place at a time and can not be expected to be able to respond fast enough to protect those in danger.

  4. these murders are happening at a regular pace. Just like they are planed. This is not random but a calculated plan to disarm us. The same people who blew the world trade center, fast and furious, the Oklahoma Federal building, and countless other attacks with drugs and evil deeds against us are behind these mass murders. Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, he has failed and this is the result. The president must stop this buy presidential power and the whole of the armed might of the country. Either he acts or he will be taken out and our republic will end.

  5. Excellent idea. Especially to state that National Emergency will be canceled and NG will be recalled X number of days or weeks to give time for schools to find and train local teachers and staff.

    1. Reference to my earlier post I added that the act should be limited to specific length of time of federal involvement. To avoid more federal involvement it would be more appropriate that the state provide assistance to county government in supporting the local militia.

      I have noticed that the FBI always gets involved in these types of shootings. With the current school shooting situation taking place in Texas, I ask why is that? Also, it is always taken out of local law enforcement hands. With the recent expose of the top leadership I find it increasingly difficult to trust that federal government department.

      To sum it up, keep government involvement as local as possible would seem to me to be the best.

  6. Might work or at least reduce school killings. But I’m afraid federal taxes (or the deficit) will go up along with local school taxes if such a sweeping action were taken. I suspect nut-cases like this will simply go to other places where kids hang out, such as malls and movie theaters.

  7. Fear mongers. This is really overreacting. I am sad for any unnecessary loss of life. But do you really believe the ramifications of what you are asking is wise. Ever hear of posse comitatus?

      1. When the National Guard are called up by the president, they are federalized and are
        subject to the Posse Comitatus Act . If called up by the Governor, they are not federalized
        and are not subject to the Act.

    1. Over-reaction in the wrong direction. Even if we had the money & military personnel to cover every school, what then? Shouldn’t we cover every daycare, playground, park, church, McDonald’s, Chucky Cheese, et al? School shootings will continue because they work. The next shooter is loading up now. Arming trained teachers is fine. Five or 6 years ago, as a retired police firearms/tactics instructor, I offered the locals 20-25 staggered, donated hours of protection per week. I was brushed off like a sand flea.

    2. Posse Comitatus does not apply here. Overall, it is a workable idea, but needs some fine-tuning.

  8. The Texas school had armed resource officers assigned. That stopped further killing but did not prevent all. No way can all murder be prevented. Still letting teachers that choose be armed is the best effort to limit how much a killer can do.

  9. Call National Guard , but we need to hold parents responsible for actions of their children. Last two generations of parents want to be friends and not parents to kids. Parents here must be charged with Murder.

  10. Having uniformed guardsmen in school would be ridiculous and highten peoples fear . Plain clothed officers would be different as the kids and the bad would never know they were there. We can’t take the crazy out of some people .Crazy people do crazy and we have to deal with it one at a time.

  11. Great Idea Stewart,

    i am all for military guards or police officers in our Nations Schools, defending our children! Our children are our most prized resource and we need to show that we understand that!
    Thank you for all you do Mr Rhoads!

    Kirsten Deal

  12. Hi Stewart: I respectfully dis-agree with you on using the National Guard Forces to accomplish security @ any school taking away their readiness capability in a real disaster or other national emergency ! I do agree with you on retired and active LEO’S and properly trained teachers, etc. / You are on my regular e-mail address list and you probably know who I am after saying this. It is a bad situation which everyone can agree on but the solutions must remain on a local level and costs be paid for out of local and state funding and remove the federal government out of it ! / In closing God Bless you, your family and all of the members of Oath Keepers which I will also all ways be ! / DP

  13. agree to leave our kids undefended is totally wrong armed guards are need to protect our kids. What is needed also is to focus on stopping root cause of the shootings Bullying all there shootings have been done not by terrorists but by students who have been bullied Schools and parents have to come down hard on the kids who make life hell for kids that do not fit in. According to CDC reports on teenage suicides 4k attempt every year 2k attempts are directly tie to being bullied at school hundreds of thousands refuse to attend school because of kids bullying them School do little to stop harsh penalties and suppensions need to be given to the bullies

  14. As a Veteran, I totally agree with enlisting the National Guard Units to assist in protecting our Schools and Children. However, the bulk of the time, the National Guard is deployed without ammunition! Example; Our Mexican Border. Willie (Above comment) is spot on. Our children are forbidden to get into any form of ‘fight’ aka; “Zero Tolerance”, not even to protect themselves.

    Children, as we all know far too well, can be very vicious with their picking and bullying. The victims are basically left hopeless especially when the School Employees ignore their plight. Both the Teachers and Coaches at Santa Fe High School need to be investigated and either made to protect the weaker children/cease THEIR bullying or, be terminated!

    While bullying is NO excuse for what happened in Texas, kids of this age are left with NO support what so ever from their parents, teachers, guidance counselors, coaches nor, law enforcement.

    Gone are the days where a victim can stand their ground and fight it out with the bullies.

    My vote is to employ multiple “Armed Guards”, train and approve school staff members to carry a weapon and, more closely monitor kids behavior and social media comments.

    Additionally, with all the individual Militias in every State, perhaps enlist ‘Trained’ volunteers to assist Law Enforcement as well. I would be MORE than willing to donate 1 or 2 days a week to protect our children.

    1. May I suggest this article:

      Beyond that, I am deeply disturbed that Stewart Rhodes suggests that the president call out the National Guard when it is the “Militia of the several States” that has the power and therefore the duty “to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions”.

      It is high-time that We the People assume our rightful position, take control of our communities, and work to bring back law and order.

  15. A well regulated Militia is necessary to the security of a free says the 2nd Amendment. Revitalizing the Constitutional Militia appears to be the best solution since it is a local solution with better vetting and better motivated pool of applicants. The Israel Defense Force is more like a Militia & historically always has been. That is why their intel is the best in the world.Know your enemy.

    1. I agree that the State Militias were the backbone of local security back before WWII. I think each state should reorganize these units again to ensure the peace and security at the local levels. Volunteers trained and equiped by each state, as a quasi military/security unit, to be used by that state for duties such as border security and school public security. They would fall under the command and control of the state Gov and NG Adjutant, Fed Assistance with financial and equipment.

    2. Trained volunteers for a state security militia would be very appropriate. I am retired and would gladly volunteer at least one day a week in a security role in our school system.

    3. I took the steps, in accordance with my states statutes, to be a part of Militia and to be assigned a rank and duty befitting a veteran. The answer showed that those in positions of delegated authority don’t know the difference between the required Militia, and the voluntary National Guard.
      While we certainly could have a voluntary Constitutional Militia today, I would suggest that in the current state of affairs we need to make it mandatory, at least for a period of time.

  16. Sorry, I did not know if my previous post made it or not.
    Gentlemen, I see this as a multiple layer issue that needs to be addressed :
    1. With a goal and having a projected time frame suggestion 3-5 years
    2. Somehow include the Education Dept to benefit from their connections, infrastructure and their funds
    3. Put all of the previous events on a spreadsheet and see what simularities there have been
    4. Once the spreadsheet is put together and analyzed, prioritize the locations with the highest risk factor First, thereby eliminating the higher risk environments first.
    This would include:
    A. potential target hardening
    B. Supplying needed personnel oath Keepers or whoever)
    C. Addressing the Dress codes where possible
    D. Having areas at each location set up for two Helo pads for both incoming back up and extraction of injured at each location
    E. Having each school responsible for profiling any potential threats regardless of the color/race. Have the profile based on actural issues that were repeatedly found in the spreadsheet.
    F. have the Edu8cation Dept allocate $$ to each district based on how much of the issues the districts have successfully addressed.
    That is how I would address it.

    Matthew Ribarich
    Box 8204
    Tucson, AZ 85738

  17. REALLY??? National Guard?? Damn!!! I am now sooooo sorry I just upped my annual membership to Oath Keepers. A [VERY TIME PROVEN EFFECTIVE] old time public neck stretching party for any convicted punk coward murderer who still drew breath after the fact, – combined with the allowance of any on school premise employee who chooses to use his or her hard earned CCW permit, [in a very defined and extremely discrete manner], – along with at least one uniformed police officer, ( the number of LEO’s dependent on the size of the student body and square footage of the school), would drop these CRIMINAL ACTS, (not “TRAGEDIES”), to almost, if not ‘completely,’ non-existent levels; [I’m betting]. Perhaps a provision requiring any CCW carry volunteers to have had their permits for at least three years before being considered by the school boards. Now, let me say here and now, I expect my proposals to be even considered like I expect ANY part of America to return to its Constitutional basis or my hitting the Power Ball tomorrow. What I expect is the traitorous SCUMBAG media to get its way and Constitutional America to fall in line with all the other great nation states that came and fell before her from which the Founding Fathers cherry picked all their best ingredients when creating this [now failing] “last best hope of mankind.” For without the Second Amendment, as the great Charleton Heston warned us, all the other parts of the founding documents become nothing more than “Parchment Promises.”

  18. I am on the school board here in Priest River Idaho. I am 100% for training teachers who chose to volunteer to do this. We have one Resource officer in our system,( the best ) but there are several schools to deal with. I am a former LEO, and a Special Forces Solider . I would gladly provide a service such as this for our students and staff. I teach Active shooter classes as well as trauma classes after the shooting has occurred. I have a private range and all I do is free. I have been told in Idaho it legal already for teachers to do this. I need to confirm this. I am on the Security team at my church. At first, some did not think it was necessary, but now they are glad we are here. I trust parents and school staff would support such a concept to protect our students and staff thru out our school system.
    Best Regards,
    Ranger Rick

  19. Didn’t Barry create a National Police Force stronger than our military and buy rifles and ammunition by the billions? How about we call up all those Social Security and IRS agents he armed and put them on duty protecting our children?

  20. The lesson here to school kids and others as well, is if you are mean and cruel to others, you risk retaliation. Period.

    As for arming, it’s our right to be armed. If you fear your children are at risk, keep them home or send them to a private school. When a large enough portion of students are not showing up, the school districts might have brains enough to eliminate the gun free fiasco which is nothing more than part of the disarm us agenda.

    The point is, parents need to take action, not rely on government baby sitters, i.e. the tax payers.

  21. It is past time that we as Patriotic Americans step in to help the President and our children. There are many veterans in this country that will gladly donate our time to protect our children while they are at school. The “gun free zones” have to go, they are an open advertisement to criminals. People need to realize that criminals do not pay attention to laws. The existing gun laws that we have need to be strictly enforced and dealt with by judges that will uphold the laws and deal out stiff sentences that will get these people off of the streets. Mental illness awareness needs to be addressed immediately also. The bullying situation also needs to be addressed, it is proven to be a common denominator in the recent shootings that have happened. These situations did not happen when I was in school, where did we go wrong? Parents have quit parenting, we sat back while God was taken out of schools, parents do not teach respect anymore, video games and cell phones are the only parenting that a lot of today’s children get. This can be taken care of but we have a long way to go to get back to where we used to be. The excuse I hear is “times have changed” yes they have but not for the better. Parents need to start parenting again, teach respect, teach to love each other instead of bullying the outcast children. The ones that feel like they are outcast need to know they are loved also. Let them know that they can get help, do not make them feel like it is a lost cause to talk about their problems. A problem to them might not be a problem to someone else but all should be able to talk about what ever is bothering them. May God watch over all of us and be with the ones that feel lost. We are all God’s children.

  22. May I point out Mr. Rhodes that National Guard are always in federal service since they are “Troops *** of War” that the states keep by the “Consent of Congress” under Article 1, Section 8, Cls. 3, and actually a part of the army.
    It disturb’s me that you have not pointed to the fact that “The president shall be Commander and Chief of the *** Militia of the several States”, which would be the proper course of action “to execute the Laws of the Union” under Article 1, Section 8, Cls. 15, and thereby make it mandatory for the Congress “To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining the Militia” under Cls. 16.
    Can anyone here recognized an end to gun control, and at least a dramatic decrease in crime?

    1. Oops! Sorry, but I meant Section 10, Cls. 3, not Section 8.
      I’m probably assuming much more than I should, but I would have thought that this organization had competent students of law who know the difference between what the Constitution declares, and what it restricts.
      I’m certainly should not have presumed that the people here would have the courage to describe Militia as it was meant to be, and not skirt the issue as if they are the lap dogs of “Mothers Demand Action, or Everytown”.

  23. As former military. sportsman, hunter, father, and grandfather I would be honored to donate time each week for assignment in guarding our nation’s children until a permanent solution may be found. I agree with the author, one of America’s greatest allies in today’s world, Isreal learned how to guard the children in their country when at school because the need was there, Mr. President the need is now here.

  24. Excellent, excellent, excellent! Who better to protect our children from evil people than those who have been trained to protect our country! God bless Trump for doing what needs to be done, even in the face of snow flakian opposition!

  25. I, also am former military. sportsman, hunter, father, and grandfather, and educator in our public schools for nearly 29 years. I am frustrated that my employment is endangered if I Concealed-Carry at school, my workplace. Military discipline, educational training, understanding, and experience, are not useful in preventing further tragedies excepting placing myself in the line-of-fire. It IS the philosophy of Oath Keepers and dedicated persons that is needed to further ensure the safety of our students, K through 12 and colleges as well. There is no greater love than a man lay down his life for others…

  26. 60 – 65 years ago the THREE Greatest Problems we had in our Schools were (1.) “Running in Halls”. (2.) “Talking during Class”, and (3.) was “Chewing Gum during School”. ,,,,,

    1. Exactly! We live in a society that can’t think. Totally brainwashed in nonsensical regulation. Ladt thing we need is more government policing of schools. Parents have kids and blindly turn them over ro the state. A hundred heavily armed parents and others need to show up at their local schools to challenge the school to remove them. Do this across the nation. It takes We the People, not We the Police Stste to fix this.

  27. ”… You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.” ― Morpheus The Matrix

  28. What we need to do is to hire retired police/military personal and train some teachers to protect our kids. The big problem is that the Demon-Craps want these shootings to happen, so they can advance their gun control objective. We need to VOTE in mass in 2018 and 2020 to stop the Dems from blocking our attempts to protect our children. We also need to put CONSERVATIVES on the bench and on SCOTUS, Break up the 9th Circuit into 3 pcs. and split the judges up between those.

  29. There is no doubt that immediate action is essential now. I cannot understand why the powers to be think anything will change by doing nothing. This is insane. Good guys with guns win. It is too bad the so called adults in charge are so afraid to make the right decisions. Eventually armed staff speed throughout the campus carrying concealed will have the least impact on daily school life for the sensitive little anti-gun individuals. It must be done soon.

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