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Oath Keepers Founder’s Statement on Tommy Robinson’s Arrest and Free Speech

Oath Keepers Founder's Statement on Tommy Robinson's Arrest and Free Speech

by Stewart Rhodes

What is now happening in England and Europe truly is the light of liberty being snuffed out, as the brave Dutch politician Geert Wilders says in this video statement:

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The right to free speech is being directly violated in a systematic fashion by the ruling oligarchs and by their far left fellow travelers, all in the name of multiculturalism, but really in the service of the destruction of Western Civilization and the ushering in of a Big Brother thought police totalitarian society that Hitler would have been proud of.   Frankly, when it comes to free speech, Britain is now already under sharia law.

Not only is Tommy Robinson being arrested and imprisoned to stop his speech, but American critics of Islam, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, were banned from entering the U.K. to speak.

Here is Robert Spencer’s statement about the loss of free speech in Britain: fpm/270277/death-britain- robert-spencer

Like many American libertarians, I used to believe that the warnings against the spread of fundamentalist Islam into Europe were exaggerated, until I saw the mass demonstrations of Muslims in European countries calling for the silencing and even the death of the cartoonist who dared to draw Mohammad with his turban shaped like a bomb.   Those were MASS demonstrations calling for the suppression of free speech, for the criminalization of criticism of Islam and its prophet, and calling for the death sentence to be used to punish that “crime.”   In other words, massive numbers of Muslims in the West were demanding what would have happened to that artist if he lived in a fundamentalist Sharia law regime in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia.  That is what they wanted – what they supposedly left behind when they migrated to the West.

And then I read the excellent book, Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within

by Melanie Phillips.

She describes in detail how the British government coddles, supports, and refuses to deport radical clerics who preach the most violent and militant strains of Islam, all calling for the overthrow of the British Constitution and the establishment of sharia law in Britain.  It is not moderate, westernized clerics who are being allowed in, but the most radical.   And when they commit treason against Britain, nothing is done.

And then I read the works of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and I saw that this is a problem intrinsic within Islam as it is currently practiced worldwide.   https://www.theahafoundation. org/

Does that mean that all Muslims are fundamentalist radicals who want a sharia law theocracy?   No, but it does mean that a massive number of them are.   One survey I read stated that 51% of American Muslim respondents said they would prefer to live under sharia than under our current laws here in the United States.   That is a real problem.

As Ayaan Hirsi Ali says, Islam has a serious internal problem, and there is a struggle within Islam between the moderates and the fundamentalists, with the fundamentalist clerics currently dominating.   She is working to try to reform Islam, in alliance with actual moderate Muslims who sincerely wish to modernize their faith and give it a form of “reformation.”   I consider that a worthy mission, but one that is going to take decades if not generations, and until such time as those moderates succeed in reforming Islam, it is foolish to allow a mass migration and immigration of Muslims who are clearly not moderates, who will bring their fundamentalist views with them, refuse to assimilate and westernize, and instead insist that the West must become more like the Muslim nation they emigrated from.  And such Muslims will support the destruction of free speech and all the rest that comes with Sharia in the West.   It is already happening, and it will only get worse.

And, as made abundantly clear by all of the above pro-Western activists, those fundamentalist Muslims are being aided, abetted, coddled, and defended by leftists and globalists in the West, who have contempt or even hatred for their own civilization.   Far from being defenders of the West, they can’t wait to see it torn down.

What we are seeing in Britain and in Europe is what we will see here unless we take a firm stand against it.  And part of that stand needs to be supporting those who are on the ramparts in Britain and in Europe, just as we supported them when they stood against the Nazis.

Stewart Rhodes


Shorty Dawkins


  1. Buy ammo, practice at range, stockpile more ammo, repeat buy ammo, practice at range, stockpile more ammo, repeat buy ammo, practice at range, stockpile more ammo, get it?

    1. I think about how great my life was before I ever heard the words political correctness, islam and Barack Obama. I was raised in a small town in NC where work was hard the days were long and all we had to really worry about was putting up enough food for the family and making sure we lived our lives as Jesus would want us to.I pray every day that we can do WHATEVER it takes to rid our crippled Nation of all three of these demons that are trying so hard to destroy it. Plenty o bullets and Plenty o beans. Keep praying brother’s! !!

  2. I have studied the Quran, and the other holy books of Islam, and I say to you now that there is not a Muslim in this world that is really a moderate. The most extreme Muslims are militant Jihadists, and the so-called moderates are all cultural Jihadists. Both of them have the same goal of spreading Islam and Sharia Law to all parts of the world. Therefore, it is my belief that every Muslim in the USA is a domestic enemy of the Constitution. And, while they have a Constitutional Right to be Muslims, they need to be such somewhere else. When white people first came here they tried to force our tribes to be like them. Native Americans are not willing to experience such a thing again from anyone. It took until August of 1978 for us to get our religious freedom back here in our own country, and we are not willing to give those rights up again for anyone no matter what their race or religion may be. Many of us have talked about this, and if anyone tries that again then we will take no prisoners, and we will not stop until all of our enemies are either dead or gone, or we have died to the last Native American man, woman and child.

    1. “Therefore, it is my belief that every Muslim in the USA is a domestic enemy of the Constitution.”

      You’re incorrect and let me explain why. They cannot be a “domestic enemy” unless they are a US Citizen or denizen, they are just an invader or enemy of the USA. IF they owe their loyalty to the US Constitution then they are a traitor for they are working to destroy our nation from within when they owe complete loyalty to this nation.

      “… while they have a Constitutional Right to be Muslims,”

      Not really, because their type of “religion” IS their government, it rules them, so it IS forbidden here. They cannot have divided loyalties.

      Everyone here seems to not understand that the agreements with the tribes are treaties between different nations occupying the same continent, rather like the one between the states, and it is the general (federal) government that breaks both, the treaties made, and the US Constitution (which created the general government to be the representative OF THE STATES in dealing with mainly foreign affairs, and a few other things that are found in writing within that document).

  3. Besides praying and voicing our concerns, what can we do to help Tommy Robinson. Is there an organization in England that we can support that supports him and his cause?

  4. Please quit referring to islam as a religious faith. It is purely a global attack on all other forms of government. Islam is and always has been about governance.
    Muslims build their mega-Mosques in our nation – financed by Saudi Arabia – they laugh at the stupid Americans who are selling out their fellow citizens by allowing Islam to take over our country a little bit at a time. It is the same method used over decades by the Marxist Progressives who now have control of our government – take away our liberties one little piece at a time until full control and submission is achieved.
    Isalm as well as any political agenda incompatible with our constitution simply can not coexist in our republic. Call it what it is. A political movement aimed at destroying all other forms of government.

  5. Captain Bligh would be proud of Great Britain’s contempt for freedom. It’s no place I would ever care to visit.

  6. OBAMA IS THE PROBLEM ALONG WITH SOROS. Send them back where they come from. They brought all the muslims here and set them up all over the USA. OBAMA is not even a US Citizen. He is an illegal, but there were to many stupid voters bought and paid for, who put him in the WH and now he is commiting treason by interrupting and sabotaging our Elected US Citizen President. Like him or not he is OUR President and he deserves the SUPPORT of the USA Citizens. Congress is a bunch of whinning do nothing ELECTED officials. And, they wanted a 26% pay raise for doing nothing?????? President Trump has had to fight everyone that has tried to put him down and against all odds he is still here. And anyone who does not want to Pledge Allegiance to our Flag should pack their bag and get the hell out of OUR Country.

    1. According to Dr. Cynthia McKinney, Jim Traficant (both former representatives in congress, and now Patrick Little, running against Dianne Feinstein in California, congress has to pledge allegiance to Israel rather than America.

  7. Islam is NOT a religion, it is a satanic death cult!! England and the the rest of the EU have surrendered to this abomination without a shot being fired!! They leftist globalist, marxist scum have sacrificed their nations on the altar of PC because they HATE the freedoms that western civilization is based on!! We are in WWlll. The global jihad is coming to America!!
    The only muzzscum I will ever trust is one who has rejected islam and accepted JESUS CHRIST as their Lord and savior

    1. “The only muzzscum I will ever trust is one who has rejected islam and accepted JESUS CHRIST as their Lord and savior”

      Socialist Britain has never been a truly freedom-of-speech country. Let’s be honest this is really about anti-islam.

      Don’t worry, Stewart, the first time some 4 year old has his arms broken for stealing bread in this country, our Mob of Liberals will instantly turn into an hysterical lynch mob. You’ll feel vindicated for a moment. But just for a moment.

    2. OldBuff53
      Taqiyya allows them to lie to your face and still be good with their notion of allah as long as it furthers the cause of ‘Islam’.

      “You shall know them by their fruits.”

  8. Excellent article that speaks the truth. There are many who want to destroy our great country. I am afraid that one day there Wii be violence between those who support the constitution and those who want to destroy its country.

  9. This is a sad commentary on what is happening around the world, it makes me want to puke. The worst part is the we have tried the soap box and the ballot box… All that I can add is that everyone had better get with some like minded people and prepare for what is coming. I took the OATH several times and I meant every word of it when I raised my right hand.

    It all boils down to this, pure and simple… you can stand with your brothers or may your chains of bondage rest lightly on your sold out soul… while you wait for your head to be removed!

  10. I agree that truth is the best disinfectant, so to I agree with Stewart’s premise for the article.The question I have, and hopefully someone who knows the answer to this can reply; Isn’t it illegal in England to report on all ongoing court cases?

  11. Remember 89 year old Ursula Haverbeck and Monika Schaefer (Canadian citizen) sent to prison for speaking their opinion on WW2. Also, Sylvia Stoltz sent to prison for defending her client. Remember all the victims of rape in Europe receiving no justice and who are afraid to speak due to the planned Kalergi invasion. We can help 10 people in their home countries for the cost of one migrating to a foreign land. Also, the cost of the resulting chaos inflicted on both cultures is unnecessary and wrong.

  12. Yes, we must stand with the citizens of the U.K. as we did against the Nazis, Stewart. The real question is how do we prevent this disease from reaping further havoc in the United States? Our own government has brought them into our borders. In my view, if they are allegient to Sharia Law, they must be deported-every last one of them! Precise surgery is the only solution. I will add, every last politician responsible for their importation must be deported as well!

  13. “One survey I read stated that 51% of American Muslim respondents said they would prefer to live under sharia than under our current laws here in the United States. That is a real problem.”

    How is that a problem? Take away their citizenship and buy them a ticket to a country more to their liking with Sharia law.

    Problem solved. Because, once again, if they became a “citizen then any action that they take against the US Constitution, against our LEGITIMATE government (and that, by the way, is NOT most of those traitors and domestic enemies serving within our government today, nor is it ANY of the “brass” in the military because we are FORBIDDEN to have a standing military or to go to war unless in DEFENSE so they are TRAITORS who have not been charged and prosecuted – “know them by their actions”). (paraphrased)

    Do not like America or our constitutional way of government it is VERY easy to find another nation to send them to. Either stand for the US Constitution or get the H-LL out.

  14. UK is , step by step, and the majority remains silent. This is in the plan of islam. Keep allowing this evil religion into the USA and the same will happen to us. There is no remidy, because of our laws, and our people remain under the influence of the MSM. Our government is too slow to react. It is up to the people to take up arms and be the Constitutional third militia to confront the enemy. There is no time to be politically correct. Sure there will be honest islamists turned away, but who will have the time to investigate. This is not the time to be “{liberal” this is war.” We as Americans must rise to the threat. Our Nation has been infiltrated because of presidents who were acting without keeping the best interests of the people in mind. This is a GLOBAL conflict. Do not delay. We must take up arms, protect our borders and any port of entry.
    This is a matter of protecting our way of life and the Constitution we all cherish. The time is NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    confront the enemy.

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