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What Do You Do When No One Hears Your Cries For Help?

What Do You Do When No One Hears Your Cries For Help?

In England, for many years, grooming gangs composed mostly of Pakistani Muslims, abused, sexually molested and terrorized young girls. The authorities did nothing. Why? Because the men were Muslims in a time when criticizing Muslims in any way was considered racist, though Muslims are not a race. Islam is a religion. In England, it is considered okay to criticize Christians, but not Muslims.

Over 1,400 young girls in Rottheram were victimized by these gangs, yet no one in authority dared do anything to stop it. Countless other young girls, (and sometimes young boys), in other districts were likewise victimized.

Andrew Norfolk, a reporter for The Times of London, spent 4 years reporting on these crimes before anything substantial was done by the authorities. It was the Times that, through relentless reporting, brought these crimes into public view.

Political Correctness caused these young children to suffer in unbelievable ways. Many are scarred for life. Political Correctness. What is more important, Political Correctness or the well-being and safety of these young girls?

Andrew Norfolk deserves to be Knighted, not people like Jimmy Saville.

Around the world, sex trafficking is running rampant. Yes, even in America. So is organ harvesting. Yet, no one wants to talk about it. For the sake of the young girls and boys, we MUST put an end to it. We must talk about it, and do something about it. Those in positions of authority must stop worrying about Political Correctness. They must begin to be human once again.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. This is a clear warning for America to not allow any Muslims into the country. The citizens of Europe must obtain some courage, they have been invaded and controlled by Muslims without firing a shot. The generation of WWII would have allowed this to occur.

    1. Agreed Sparky. Wherever they go and spread their rugs is thaDocn considered Muslim property.

  2. Yes, Politicians need to be “human” again in general. Those who turned their back on children for the PC benefit need to be prosecuted and hanged for the untold evil they allowed to be perpetrated on the victims. And yes, it is happening here in the US and Texas.

    1. Rather than hanging them, how about selling raffle tickets for spots on firing squads? I imagine that would raise a lot of money that could be used to help the victims and their families.

      1. You are forgetting that it is illegal to do so. Therefore, people must become willing to do it in the dark of the night until the politicians and the Muslims are so afraid that the Muslims will leave, and the politicians will start doing their jobs to be able to stay alive. Of course, such actions are illegal, but that is the nature of being a part of a true resistance movement. Since the government knows my views, and watches me because of it, then I can say this, and courageous and wise people will not respond to what I say, but will carry out vigilante actions for the good of our nation until the government is willing to do so themselves like they should.

      2. Indeed I am not forgetting that. It is very likely also illegal to hang the monsters.

        I am saying that if the British are ever able to get the right to do something about the violent Muslims, and a time arrives when they are going to be executed, then don’t hang them; sell raffle tickets for spots on firing squads.

  3. We have allowed the total breakdown of our morals and principles to take place all over the world.
    We denounce the name of Jesus and His Word while protecting socialism, islamic garbage, abortion, and all things against Christianity, the family and Truth.
    The Ultimate Judge, Jesus The Messiah is coming soon, let us pray that we will be able to withstand all that happens prior to His Glorious 2nd Coming.

    1. AMEN MAC, I fully agree with you, because you fully agree with God. It’s plain to see by scripture that His word is true and He is coming back. Not as a lamb this time to be sacrificed, but as the concurring Lion of the Tribe of Judea. King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

    2. You are absolutely correct Mac as this is all written about in the bible prophecies, and the fact that it is written about, proves that most politicians are oblivious because they are apparently ignorant of the scriptures…. or don’t believe what has been foretold in them.
      There’s a vast number of people though who will get the shock of their lives when it all becomes a reality and the Lord shows His wrath upon this earth.

  4. Islam is more than a Satanic religious cult. It is a Anihilist ideology hellbent on destroying g anything g and anyone rejecting their beliefs and practices. It must be forced out of non-Muslim countries, not import their demonic refugees.

    1. Islam is not a religion! It is a political movement being presented as a religion.whose intent is the worldwide installation of Sharia Law. Today’s immigrants are entering the United States with the intent of altering our form of government and/or destroying our culture. The US should adopt Theodore Roosevelt’s 1907 position saying: “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language.. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.” The US position should be that any person unwilling to adopt America and its culture and Republican form of government and display a true allegiance to them should be provided a one-way ticket to the nation of their choosing as they must leave America.

      1. If you do a search on cult qualifications you will find that there are about fifteen qualifiers that officially define a group as a cult.

        Not all cults meet every qualifier, but Islam meets every one of them, including the one that almost no cults meet: Human sacrifice. Just as it is human sacrifice for Satanists to call to Satan to witness and approve (and hopefully, reward) the murder of a victim, it is human sacrifice for Muslims to call “Allahu akbar” and ask Allah to witness and approve the murder of a victim. In the case of Islam, the reward is already known: 72 virgins in Paradise.

    2. Mark Correll (regardless of what you think of his ministry) has an excellent video series on the makings and history of Mohammad and Islam. It’s 100% accurate and a well designed easy to watch informative presentation. I suggest taking the time to view them in their entirety.

  5. I will defend this Nation from all enemies Foreign and Domestic. Bring IT on! NYMA “82”

  6. What people cannot seem to understand is that ALL these things, The radical Islamic invasion of the west, the trafficking of organs and people(slavery) and the undermining of liberty and morality in the USA and other parts of the world and the militarization and degradation by polarization of our police forces, are part of a scientifically organized and incrementally installed plan, by Christian and Jewish Zionist Technocrats, to destabilize and depopulate the planet as well as to usher in their Greedy plan to dominate all others they believe are inferior to themselves.

    1. I think your Christian and Jewish Zionist statement is BS, however there is a problem of liberty and morality in the USA that needs too be addressed!

    2. I think the one world government/Agenda 21 depopulation plan is the plan of the globalists. It is possible that there are globalists from every background, although if they say they are Jewish or Christian they are lying. Neither of those religions permit such behavior. Yes, some Jews and some Christians have misbehaved badly in the past, but that was not APPROVED behavior.

      However, the Koran allows Muslims to do anything to non-Muslims, so a globalist claiming to be Muslim probably is Muslim.

    3. American, I am a Christian, I have no plan but to wait and be ready for the Lord’s return.

    4. Your apparent hatred of Christians and Jews is all too apparent and completely misplaced. The globalists who desire world domination are neither of these. They are for the most part Godless, atheist fascists. Aim your hatred at the proper targets.

  7. This abominable political correct attitude will be the destruction of Europe and Britain. It has gone too far to be reversed, I fear. This is a major danger, yet the American left is bound and determined to visit this problem onto the United States, in the name of political correctness. The Pelosi/Schumer version is to coddle MS-13 gangs so they will terrorize Americans even more. They would like to continue accepting Muslims from terrorist-sponsoring countries, so we will become as over-run with Muslims as Europe. All this destruction is in the name of MORE POWER to the Democrats. No thanks to institutes of higher learning, a large proportion of younger Americans have been conditioned to accept, even welcome, socialism, without having any knowledge that socialistic societies run out of other people’s money and become like Venezuela, Cuba, Greece, and other such countries. The Democrat Party must be soundly defeated in November, even though some individual candidates may seem O.K. If they are Democrats, they will depend on financial support from the Democrat Party and for that they will do the Democrat bidding. The only way to keep them from power is to NOT VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRATS!

  8. Certainly the people of the UK need to stand up to these abuses, but why is no one discussing the 30,000 plus rapes of Caucasian women, each and every year, at the hands of Africans in America here in the United States? Shouldn’t we address the log in our own eye first?

    Y’all have a nice day.

    1. And how about the deaths of about 9,000 Americans caused by illegal aliens every year?


  10. While these crimes are horrific and ongoing, 5e real cause is the same cause as our economic and cultural crisis as well. The globalist bankers are behind all this and more. Before they were the bankers, they were the Robber Barons. They have no national ffiliation. They are in it for the power and always have been. Instead of discussing this global assault on Western Culture and human civilization, we will instead try to mobilize the public over the individual symptoms, which are horrible in their own right, but pale in comparison to the global bankers assault on us all. We are too easily decived. Welcome the New World Order or fight it, but come on, at least be honest about it.

  11. Whomever invented PC should be buried in an anthill. If he’s still alive after a year they can go free. What a bunch of el toro poopoo

  12. The Founders wrote about what We, the People must do when tyranny raises its ugly head. Guidance is needed. Leaders of the quality of the Founders is required.

  13. islam is of the devil and a tool being used by the world bank elites to take control of the world.

    1. I agree. I believe that the Muslims being brought in by the globalists in Europe are unofficial mercenary armies being used to accomplish the first wave of the elimination of western people, and damage to, and eventual destruction of, of western civilization. The reason the globalists are doing this is that western civilization is the main impediment to the their agenda of a world government.

      Remember Obama saying that he was going to raise a domestic army? I wondered who was going to populate that army, since it wouldn’t be conservatives and most liberals are wusses who would faint if they had to touch a firearm. He managed to get an unknown number of Muslims into the US (unknown because we are undoubtedly being lied to), and seeing what’s going on in Europe, we can see what he had planned for us. Apparently all these globalist national “leaders” got together and planned this; that’s why it is so orchestrated across western civilization. That element of conspiracy makes it an even more serious crime (at least here) than the original treason or in the case of non citizens (possibly Obama), espionage.

      It’s good to see more and more people waking up to what’s going on.

  14. The problem isn’t the people, it’s OUR politicians. We scream, politicians cringe, journalists take notes eagerly awaiting the moment a hashtag goes viral… MEANWHILE internet activists whine about race and religion because it’s what happens to be trending on the networks designed by politicians to keep you from actually participating and helping those crying out around you. Cripes. Bloggers who take on the corruption right here in US and attempt to protect children are gagged, criminalized, and end up rotting away in a jail bc nobody cares once we stop posting. You just move along to the next *share* …. I know bc I’m one of those bloggers, also an oathkeeper, a veteran born to veterans who chose to meet community members and engage in real conversation right here at home…. I chose combat, footwork, real life activism. Ain’t nobody helping me. Ain’t nobody showing up at court defending my rights but me. Y’all just sit here and cry about it. Stfu and do something. I’d rather be teaching fellow inmates their rights than imprisoned in a country without them. No plea deal. I will not be silenced. I have been gagged for exposing corruption in Itasca County MN since 2016 and am still awaiting trial for the violations the crooked judge set me up for by only giving 7 days to remove 5 years of undefined posts she deemed harassment even though it was speech about people and cases that wench ruled on… then not serving me for 5. No opportunity to appeal. Denied omnibus. Denied speedy trial. You want to know what’s wrong with the US? Maybe it’s the internet activists brainwashed by politicians to believe their comments about topics they have no control over equates standing for something.

  15. The authorities are AFRAID to say or do anything about ragheads raping women? Would they say or do anything if white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants were doing the same thing? There is NOTHING “politically correct” or anything CORRECT about this madness, it’s a slow death by national suicide! In addition to driving out all Muslims from the country and punishing the scofflaws, drive out the STINKING LIBERAL POLITICIANS that turn blind eyes to this abomination!

  16. I should have added to my last comment: The smartest thing that Satan ever did was to re-name himself “Allah.”

  17. The call to action contained in this article is of little value. We, the involved, informed people in small, constrained groups such as Oath Keepers are already aware of this situation and its ramifications. Those who need to be made aware are also already aware of this situation. The difference is simply this; The politicians, media, religious leaders, etc. who could do something about this situation are not about to do anything about it because it is they who are creating the situation.

  18. Being old enough to remember a time without political correctness is something I pray that our would return to.

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