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New NFL Policy on “Kneelers” Not Enough to Satisfy Veterans

Oath Keepers leadership sounds off on the new NFL policy. Up front is an editorial by Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes, followed by commentary from other national and state leaders within Oath Keepers. Let us know what you think about this new NFL policy in the comments on our website or on Oath Keepers social media, facebook, twitter, and instagram.

What a load of BS.  The NFL initiates a policy HERE that allows players to stay in the locker room if they don’t feel like standing for the Anthem, to then come out afterward, like true scumbags on parade, or, if they do come out on the field during the Anthem and refuse to stand, the NFL will fine the teams, not the individual players.

And in their public statement HERE, the NFL placates the “kneelers” who refused to stand for the National Anthem, saying that those actions “sparked awareness and actions around issues of social justice that must be addressed … it was unfortunate that on-field protests created a false perception among many that thousands of NFL players were unpatriotic.  This is not, and never was, the case.”

Sure, thousands of your players are not unpatriotic and do stand, but there are dozens who are unpatriotic and refuse to stand.  And so long as you placate them and allow them to continue to play, I won’t be watching even a single game.  This does not, and will not, satisfy those of us who served under the flag.  No way.

We won’t be watching any NFL game so long as those kneeling dirtbags are still playing, and  even if they sit on their butts in the locker room rather than come out and stand for the Anthem, we don’t want to watch them play.  And you can bet that one of them, or more, will eventually want more attention and will come out of hiding to make a public spectacle of not standing again.

They should be standing in the unemployment line.  They can take a knee there if they want to.

But they should not be playing in the NFL while the NFL tries to present itself as “patriotic.”  What is patriotic about allowing unpatriotic dirtbags to play in your league?   Nothing.  And so long as this is NFL policy, we should boycott the NFL and watch hockey or the UFC instead.  I’d like to see some UFC fighter or a hockey player refuse to stand for the Anthem.   I’d just sit back with some popcorn and watch what happens.   I think UFC President Dana White would give such a fighter the boot in an instant.  And the hockey player?  He’d probably get a beat down right their on the ice from his own team.

But the NFL players union is not even happy with this new stand-in-the-middle-of-the-road, keep-getting-run-over policy that let’s players still duck out, or refuse to stand without personal fine.   The union issued a statement HERE calling the players’ refusal to stand in respect of our flag an act of “patriotism” when it was the exact opposite- an act of disrespect, dishonor, and contempt for this nation.

Sure, they have a First Amendment protected right to be ungrateful, disrespectful dirtbags, and the NFL team owners have a private business owner “right” to keep such dirtbag millionaires on their teams (setting aside the issue of the millions in tax dollars they get for stadiums and millions more in tax breaks), but we also have a right, and a duty, to boycott the NFL, which is what I will continue to do so long as even one player is allowed to be a disrespecting dirtbag and remain on a team.

Johnny Itliong, one of our California Oath Keepers leaders, comes from a family of Filipino farm-workers of the “Manong” (elder brother) first generation of Filipino immigrants.  His father, Larry Itliong, and his uncles, fought in WWII, in the U.S. Army in the Pacific, in brutal combat against the Japanese ((Johnny himself followed directly in their footsteps by volunteering to serve in the Philippine Islands against the Muslim terrorists there).  Johnny recently gave a speech at a California University where he told the audience:

If my father and Uncles (Manongs) were alive today, they would pull these boys up by their ears and cuss them out for disrespecting our National Anthem. They fought for their rights and fought for our country during WW2. These spoiled Millionaires. 

I’d consider that a fitting treatment – pull them up off their knees by their ears, like the spoiled brats they are.  And all of us veterans feel the same way as Johnny, his father, and his uncles about our nation’s flag and our National Anthem.  When we stand, we don’t just stand in honor of our nation.  We stand in honor of all who served and all who did not come home, from Lexington Green to today.

Do I want a law passed to mandate that these spoiled brat millionaire athletes stand for the Anthem?   No.  We can’t have government power used to stop even offensive, disloyal, and disrespectful free speech actions that stoop to a new low, like this.  But if I were on a jury in a trial of a veteran who pulled one of these spoiled brats up off their knees by their ear, and as a result was charged with assault, I would nullify and refuse to convict the veteran.  God bless the constitutionally protected right to trial by jury, and the right and power of the jury to acquit even in the face of the law, to do justice in that one case.   And that would be justice, twice over.

I will continue to boycott the NFL and all things related, and I urge you to do the same.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

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Comments by Oath Keepers National and State Leaders:

As a veteran who has buried too many of his brothers and sisters for the service that they gave to their country.

I find the so-called protest of the NFL players disgusting and revolting. I personally have not watched a football game since the first one took a knee. I have since contacted my TV provider, and canceled all NFL programming associated with my billing. I informed them that if they could not furnish me with a package where I did not have to pay for such a disgusting display, I would cancel my service completely.

They must understand that the flag and anthem that they are protesting is the very representation of this country and all of the men and women who have died for their right to protest.

They are overpaid, under-educated grown men who play a child’s game. I have not heard or seen but a few that would be willing to play the same game as an 18-year-old private in Afghanistan or Iraq! They play with balls for a living that 18-year-old private has balls!

Semper Fi
Billy Simmons
Oath Keepers National BOD
VP National
USMC Military police K-9, civilian law-enforcement officer

* * * * *

I don’t give a shit if a bunch of entitled hood rats kneel during the National Anthem. It’s their Constitutional right and the US Army has been fighting for the right to be wrong since 14 June 1775. I’ll never watch another game, subscribe to football package, wager on a game in Vegas or buy a Jersey again. Personally but I have zero fucks to give to nfl players or their teams.

Brian Krogmann

* * * * *

My 2 cents:

The players have a right to kneel, as long as their contracts with the NFL don’t prohibit them from doing so. They can be as stupid and disrespectful as they want.
However, the public has a right to their opinion, and certainly has the right to boycott the NFL or cancel their TV subscriptions to voice their disapproval.

The NFL, just like Hollywood, thinks they are important. They are not. They are overpaid, pampered and stupid. I, for one, will not care if the NFL and Hollywood goes bust. In fact, I would love to see it happen. They can protest all they want, but I don’t have to listen to them, watch them, or pay for them.


* * * * *

I expressed my views on the controversy here:
This does not change them.

David Codrea

* * * * *

I’m done with the NFL…saw the writing on the wall when Phil Simms cowered to his PC masters by refusing to say the word “Redskins”. But there’s something darker afoot here. Came across these old Marshall McLuhan quotes:

“The global village is a little town where everybody is maliciously engaged in poking his nose into everybody else’s business. You don’t necessarily have harmony.”

“Innumerable confusions and a feeling of despair invariably emerge in periods of great technological and cultural transition.”

There’s an old pick-pocket technique of getting the crowd all worked up, agitated, distracted…even disoriented. Who’s paying attention to what we are in the process of losing in our own towns and villages?

Chip Murray

* * * * *

Saul Alinsky’s first “rule for radicals” is “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have”. The NFL’s response is a BS coverup of the basic issue that the left is successfully working its way into all sports, at both the college and professional levels. Conservatives have the power by exercising our freedom through Boycotts; we have to refuse to go to football games, stop buying NFL jerseys, helmets, etc. There are enough conservatives in this country to exercise the power of the purse and send a strong message that will scare the owners and players straight. Follow the money; if we can effectively use boycotts, these folks will find religion quickly.

Bill Richbourg

* * * * *

A long time NFL fan, had 4 season tickets up until last season, I threw in the towel. The straw that broke the camels back was when Derek Carr from the Raiders stood for the anthem, the ONLY Raider to stand for the anthem, literally with the highest paid offensive line in football, was allowed to be sacked the whole game. A news report was floated the following week that lineman had made attacking comments against Carr, and that he got what he deserved for not kneeling with them. The reporter was there was told if he published this story he would never be allowed in an NFL locker room again to report a game.

This, coupled with the fact the NFL players union in s joint effort with Planned Parenthood are donating money to Soros open society to overthrow Trump, made me say, “ to hell with the NFL”. Now they throw this PC compromise. Oh well, my entertainment dollars are better spent elsewhere.

Keith Britto

* * * * *

Aaron Allan
David Moore
Rod Bradway

Men I knew, some better than others. These men were murdered in the line of duty. Each of them murdered while trying to help someone, or bring an evil man to justice. 

I think about their flag covered caskets, and I think about the flag. When someone stomps the flag or burns one, or disrespects it, I’m not upset that they desecrated a piece of cloth with dye on it. I’m not thinking about that piece of linen with three colors. I’m thinking  about the casket underneath it. I’m thinking about the man inside that casket, I’m thinking about that mother or the wife who is receiving their last memory of that man, a flag. I’m thinking about how easily that could be my wife or mother.

So when you see a veteran or a cop, upset about someone stomping a flag, understand that it goes much MUCH deeper than that dyed piece of linen. 

With that said, no matter my personal feelings, I will absolutely 100% defend your right to desecrate that flag. If that’s how you want to protest, by all means go right ahead. I may inform you what you are doing in my eyes, but I will defend your right to do so. (Unless you’re one of those Westboro Church folks, fuck those guys.)

Greg McWhirter

* * * * *

As a Liberty Tree (civilian) member of Oath Keepers there are times I have a different perspective on matters than my military colleagues. This is not one of them. I may not have taken an Oath to serve but I damn sure took a Pledge. The first time I said the Pledge I was in kindergarten, didn’t really understand at the time, but it sure seemed important. As a late Baby Boomer I got to grow up in the 60’s and 70’s and watched the Pledge disappear from school. Would have probably not thought about it except we still said it at Cub Scout and later Boy Scout meetings. And that is what is wrong with today’s over paid, self centered, and self righteous athletes. They never stood up in class as a six year old and led the Pledge of Allegiance. They never sang The National Anthem in music class. They weren’t taught how great this country really is or the sacrifices made to keep it that way. They would cringe in horror if they heard “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” and then they would need to find a ‘Safe Place’.

And that is what Roger Goodell and the NFL owners have done, given them a ‘Safe Place’. Stay in the locker room so you won’t hear some celebrity (who cares?) and 60,000 plus, raving maniacal PATRIOTS sing The National Anthem. By kneeling or staying in the locker room they not only disrespect our Flag and The USA, they are showing contempt for the fans. Trust me, the contempt goes both ways.If it wasn’t for the love of sports in America most of the ‘kneelers’ would be standing on a street corner in  another line of work.

The NFL has decided to fine the teams and let the owners decide punishment on a team (player) basis. I call B.S. The more liberal owners will give them a slap on the wrist. The conservative owners are screwed, too harsh and the players union will cry foul. My thoughts are give them a three game suspension without pay across the board. Averaged out that would cost them about $3,000,000. each. Now that we have your attention, go stand on the sideline and shut up.

And now all of a sudden they have discovered the 1st Amendment. So what? You wear a costume (it’s not a uniform, my son wears a uniform) and you get paid a salary to perform. Part of your performance is to stand on the sidelines and show proper respect during the playing of The National Anthem. Get over it and do your job. if you have something to say I am sure you can find some liberal talking head to listen to you and tell you how great you are for bringing it to our attention.

Will I watch NFL games? No, I prefer college ball. Most of those young men do it for the sport, not the money. They may have dreams of the big league but understand that very few make it.

Skip Trammell
Oath Keeper
POC Texas

* * * * *

(comments to be continued)

Photo credit: Fans were not only angry with their beloved teams, but also with the league, over the protests during the national anthem.  (AP)

NFL Commissioner’s official statement:

New NFL Policy on "Kneelers" Not Enough to Satisfy Veterans


NFL Commissioner on Policy Details:

New NFL Policy on "Kneelers" Not Enough to Satisfy Veterans


NFLPA Union Statement:

New NFL Policy on "Kneelers" Not Enough to Satisfy Veterans


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  1. As a veteran I served so people could speak their mind not be told shut up because it bothers someone

    1. A long time ago, I believe in the fifty’s, the supreme court made a decision concerning representing
      (wearing uniform or stating you are representing) any company or logo, that the owners of the company or logo have the right to determine what you say and do during that period. I believe it
      had to do with haircuts and clothing, however, it applies to this situation, they represent the NFL when in uniform and playing in public, therefore, the NFL can set any standard they see fit for them relating to actions in uniform and in public. Since that decision was fifty years ago it would
      apply whether the union likes it or not. There is always barber college…..

      1. What about the free agents among them, who aren’t employees like the others?
        If soldiers don’t have the right to boycott unconstitutional foreign wars, what difference does it make if footballers can’t boycott a jingoistic display of ignorance?

      2. Really Bill? You think free agents aren’t employees? You think they are playing for fun or something? Really?

      3. You are absolutely right. I on the other hand have the right not to give any form of monetary payment to scumbags who think because they can catch and throw a ball somehow makes them important. Thanks for your insight.

      4. Repairguy, Steve and Jim,

        It is not about whether they have a legal right to protest. It is about taking responsibility for your actions. Those who do not agree with the players’ actions have the right to voice their disapproval, or to boycott the games, which seems to upset the players. Well, tough. Leftists are always quick to claim victimhood. The truth is, they are the victims of their own stupidity. Killing the goose that laid the golden egg is really stupid. Insulting the people who ultimately pay your salary, the fans, is dumb. Real dumb.

        Shorty Dawkins

    2. From the US Flag Code:

      §171. Conduct during playing

      During rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Men not in uniform should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Persons in uniform should render the military salute at the first note of the anthem and retain this position until the last note. When the flag is not displayed, those present should face toward the music and act in the same manner they would if the flag were displayed there.

      1. How about the many flags that are flown in dark, filthy, and tattered conditions, in clear violation of the same flag code?

      2. What about your whataboutism is supposed to make me watch a bunch of overpriveledged elitist useful idiots protest against my county and my service to it?

    3. It insults me personally. It also insults me when those rich elitists tell me what I am allowed to be insulted by. By allowing it in their uniform the NFL sanctions it. I won’t watch and you can’t make me. And I did not serve so that someone is not allowed to tell rich elitists to shut up. #boycottnfl

    4. Steve, you are absolutely right and we all have served to protect our Constitutional rights and our way of life. However, we also have the right not to support people or organizations and their actions we do not like. If you want to watch and support the NFL, that is your right, just as it is my right to do the opposite.
      The problem I have with the NFL supporting these overpaid spoiled brats is that they have punished players that stood for the National Anthem when the rest of the team went to their knees or staid in the locker room to protest. Like what happened to former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva, he was compelled to apologize for standing alone while the rest of those sissies sat in the locker room. The other problem I have with these spoiled jocks is that what they claim to be protesting, is based on a lie, that police harass and shoot black people for no reason. That is just bullshit! All one has to do is watch any of the police programs, like COPS, The First 48 or Live PD, or just look at the crime stats. Unfortunately 90% of all crimes committed are done by 13% of the population that happen to be minorities. Now here is the real kicker for you, notice that these jackass are not protesting what is happening on the South Side of Chicago or the other dozen communities with Black on Black killings.
      Then there is this little tidbit that finalized my hate for the NFL and most of the players. Just last Wednesday when Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown decided to park his car across 2 handicap spaces. Then he wouldn’t follow the police commands, kept putting his hands in his pockets and arguing with the police. He got Tased and arrested. He got what any normal citizen would have gotten whether they were White, Black, Brown, Yellow or Green with Pink Polka dots. But because he is wealthy, Black and in the NFL, he thinks he is special and the laws do not apply to him. Now that the police have been disciplined and the charges dropped, NFL players now have proof that the laws do not apply to them. And yes, I’ve seen the whole uncut police recordings from body cams and heard everything that was said. Sterling Brown acted like a punk, got what he deserved and should be required to apologize to the Police and fined for his actions.
      That is why I have no respect for the NFL nor the players.
      One last thing, sports teams and other organizations do not wear uniforms. Only the military and first responders wear uniforms. The rest wear costumes, utility suits or work clothing and that is what they should call them.

      1. I have friends that are black, my son is married to a black women with two mixed grandchildren,so you can see I do not hate or dislike blacks. However I do ponder what if those fellows (African Americans) lived in another country where this would not be tolerated and if their earnings they made for playing with a pig skin were taken from them and they were sent to Africa with empty pockets. I think there appreciation for America would sky rocket about 1000%. Just my ponderings..

  2. It is their right, I fought for it, even though I don’t like it.

    That said, It allows me to know who the enemy is, and I do consider them the enemy,
    kneel away boys.

    1. It may be their “right” but this is considered their “workplace” and NOT the time or the place for their half-assed “protests”. If they don’t like it here in MY COUNTRY, there are 57 MOOSLIME countries they can go live in. THAT WAY they will find the REAL meaning of “oppression”.
      And YES to me they ARE the “enemy”

    2. Treason is defined in the Constitution at Article 3, Section 3, as consisting “only in levying War against (the United States), or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”
      All members of the American military take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; (and to) bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”
      When the military is committed to foreign actions without a declaration of war by Congress, as required by Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 11 of the Constitution, that is a violation of the Constitution, arguably the action of domestic enemies.
      When a member of the military participates in an unconstitutional foreign military deployment, s/he violates both the Constitution and his/her oath to “support and defend” it, giving “aid and comfort” to it’s “domestic enemies,” committing treason by the definition given by the Constitution.

  3. It is a matter of respect more than patriotism. They are disrespecting ALL Americans and especially Veterans, past and present. As soon as one of those under-educated idiots gets injured to the point of not being able to play they will fall back on welfare to survive and brag about their glory days and how they worked the system. That welfare in part of the country and people they disrespect but that is not thought about by the kneelers.

  4. I can only repeat what other Americans have already said here. They are overpaid, under-educated grown men who play a child’s game. I have not heard or seen but a few that would be willing to play the same game as an 18-year-old private in Afghanistan or Iraq! They play with balls for a living that 18-year-old private has fought to give them right to! They should be standing in the unemployment line. I will continue to boycott the NFL and all things related, and I urge you to do the same. Do I want a law passed to mandate that these spoiled brat millionaire athletes stand for the Anthem? No. We can’t have government power used to stop even offensive, disloyal, and disrespectful free speech actions that stoop to a new low, like this. I find the so-called protest of the NFL players disgusting and revolting. I personally have not watched a football game since the first one took a knee.

  5. These ungrateful and pussyfied PUNKS ought to try N. Korea or Venezuela.

    About time the following became an option, thanks:
    ***Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.***

  6. The NFL can kiss my royal American ASS. I quit them the year Obama ran for president when i awoke to the destruction of America and realized they are part of propaganda. I have loved and played football as a young man and then when older i played fantasy football and watched it religiously but once your awake there is no going back to sleep at least not if you love your country and i do.

  7. It has been rampant in all levels in sports and every other aspect in American society to brainwash the minds of Americans into a social belief of malcontent toward the core values of being an American. And when I say at every level, that means the NFL as well. At any level of education, is it the intent to enlighten the minds of a person of the true facts on an issue, or to initiate a deceptive approach on an issue? I suspect that it is the latter. You don’t need to have stripes on your sleeve, to have honor. Learning institutions are to far Left and progressive, that teach and indoctrinate to disrespect and incite contempt for American values. Either stand up and respect the American flag and Anthem or the American people will disavow your actions and condemn the NFL. NFL, word of advice: restore your principals to the charter that formed the NFL to its original inscription and glory, or suffer the Damnation of the Creator. This is a veteran signing off, but does not fade away from Old Glory.

  8. Kneeling is a form of expression that I believe the USA allows leaving it up to individuals to decide for themselves if they will support or not that particular expression. I do not need to shun the NFL and its offering since I shunned them long ago… along with all professional sports. Here is why:

    Much to all of the pro’s HUGE salaries are paid by the consumer via the costs of goods and services. TV ads, folks. Firms pass along ad costs to you and me and even those of us who watch no TV. A form of wealth transference nearly impossible to escape.

    Toss in the collusion between the sports industry and government at all levels and taxpayers are often stuck with part to a lot of the cost of the infrastructure used by the sport teams. This is a HUGE scam.

    I believe the Founders would have a fit if they saw how BIG business and BIG government is spitting upon We, the People in so many economic ways.

      1. Sorry Bill and so many others. You are so wrong. First of all, the first amendment applies to the GOVERNMENT not allowing free speech. “Congress shall make no law…abridging freedom of speech.”. You do not have the right to free speech while at work. “A employee may have a constitutional right to talk politics, but he has no constitutional right to be employed.” In other words: to keep your job, you often can’t say what you like. Try making political statements to customers of your employer and see how long you are employed. A recent court case upheld the right of a business to refuse service to customers because they were wearing MAGA hats. Another case upheld the right of an employer to fire someone because he didn’t like the John Kerry bumper sticker on her car in the company parking lot. As employees of the NFL the players are subject to rules of conduct including what they wear when traveling and what they say while in uniform. Since the NFL did not take action against these ‘protests’ one can assume the NFL endorses their position.

  9. Yes, they have the right to kneel. I ensured that for them. But I have the right to expect and accept an apology… if they really mean it. I have the right to give my money to anybody I choose. I haven’t heard one apology yet from when they disrespected me by exercising their right. . But, then, I still have my bucks in my pocket where they will stay.

  10. I find this attempt by the National Felony League more offensive than previous. I will not watch, attend and try an even bigger boycott than last year. Shame on them trying to offer BS to win back fans to insulting. I quit HollyWood and haven’t missed H W of NFL. Hope they go broke. Try kneeling as a nascar driver and see how that would go for you.

  11. No, the NFL players do NOT have a First Amendment-protected right to kneel during the National Anthem. The Constitutional does not in any way grant citizens (including NFL players) any “rights” at all. Despite popular opinion, First Amendment protections for “free speech” are absolutely not unlimited.

    The 1st Amendment solely addresses (it applies restrictions/limits to) the government’s actions… it does not apply to private property owners or to businesses. The Supreme Court has – 3 times – affirmed that the actual “freedom” a citizen has {with which to speak his/her mind} only exists 1) when the citizen is on public – not private – property, and 2) only when the citizen is on his/her own time. The two exclusions are significant.

    [Imagine the effect on a restaurant if the owner were legally required to allow the waitstaff to disseminate personal literature (promoting political candidates, or regarding abortion or voting rights, etc) to the “captive audience.” The business would be ruined.]

    At the stadium, the NFL players are:
    • Actively on the team payroll.
    • Present at the standard jobsite location.
    • Present in order to perform the job.
    • Possessing all required equipment and supplies to perform the job.
    Note: Although open to the public, and taxpayer subsidized, the arena is private property.

    First Amendment protections are irrelevant here. The players behave in a disrespectful manner precisely because management allows it. Unless management has voluntarily agreed to such action in the terms of the players’ individual (or players’ union) contracts, management may indeed legally restrict players’ actions… certainly including the act of kneeling during the National Anthem.

    1. Totally Agree I was a die hard Raiders fan…what the NFL is doing, right from the beginning is not acceptable. I will not watch it again…Been watching Rugby instead…

  12. I have been a diehard Steeler fan since 1974. I am also a USN veteran. I quit watching last year when the twam stayed in the locker roon rather than kneel. Except for Alejando Valenueva an Army Ranger who could not disrespect his flag and country that way. They practically crucified and made hin appologize publically. I was so angry that I have not watched a game since. I put All my Steeler memorabila in a box. This new policy does nothing for me. I am a veteran first and an ex Steelerfan. They should never have allowed it in the first place because no matter what they do or say to pacify fans, I cannot unsee the disrespect.

  13. I have kept to my word and avoided anything and everything connected with football since that first traitor kneeled during the Anthem. I also continue to boycott any and every sponsor who advertises and supports pro football. The new policy announced by the NFL commissioner and the players’ union who protests the new policy are a stupid joke in an effort to placate a bunch of sheep who are addicted to that sport. I will continue my boycott of football and its sponsors until the day I die and nothing any of them do will convince me to stop my boycott.

  14. Ignoring the numbskull league again this year. It will be interesting when 10 or fewer players show up for the Anthem. I’ll be listening for news on this latest move by the National Freak League, and how America reacts.

  15. I have watched my last NFL game and if I somehow learn of their advertisers, I will stop buying those products. What seems equally offensive to me is the NFL’s craven, self-serving, trying to have it both ways response to the player’s ignorance of history and their using their privileged position to display that ignorance.

  16. I have not watched an NFL game since the first knee hit the ground and I won’t until these A-Holes are removed. Send them all back to their country of their fore-fathers.

  17. After over 15 Years of having Sunday Ticket, I cancelled it after week 2…This is still unacceptable Behavior on the Playing field and very disrespectful to those of us who have served…It disrespects the Nation as a whole….Sorry, but fug the NFL…

  18. I agree the above comments already cited, the NFL does not deserve any recognition and must be boycotted. NFL President, Roger Goodell, and team owners do not have the courage to fine and discipline players that do not respect the American flag and anthem; just call them cowards and place a yellow streak down every jersey.
    America first and NFL last and just maybe we will observe the demise of the NFL as it should be!

  19. Screw the NFL, the NFLPA, the Commissioner and the entire program….each and every member that is on the team and wants to play in the game will be present on the field for the program from start to finish….they may not remain in the locker room during the Anthem and come to the field after it is played….totally out of the question….you are either 100% or your ass is out the door….personally, I could care less because they shit in their own nest and basically ruined the game forever. I will never watch another Pro game again, and any other Pro group of any description that displays this anti American display….they can be escorted out the door as well……as Lois C appropriately commented above, ” I cannot unsee the disrespect ” ….”A card layed is a card played”

  20. It will be interesting to see if this policy pronouncement leads to entire teams boycotting the national anthem in support of their fellow’s rights to free speech.

    1. It’s their football league they can protest against our country and our service to it all they want. But, you can’t make me watch them do it #boycottnfl

  21. In 1959 I join the U.S. Marines. In those days the TV would go off the air at about midnight while playing the National Anthem; and at home alone even when no one else could see I would stand at attention while the Anthem played. I did not watch one single football game last year and I will not watch another football game again even if all the traitors stand. What is needed is another football league with the players being patriots and former military. BFYTW. ~Lance

  22. Second message:
    The players should be allowed to kneel if they wear a pink pussy hat.

  23. I completely disagree with those who refuse to respect our Flag and National Anthem. I recognize that the players are free to exercise their rights to free speech consistent with their contractual obligations. They must accept responsibility for any violations of their employment contracts and responsibility for the precipitous decline in NFL attendance and viewership.
    The NFL has shown itself to be feckless and cowardly by failing to enforce its own rules and regulations. Now the NFL has devised new rules for acceptable player behavior during ceremonies honoring our Flag and nation. Time will tell if these new regulations have any effect on curbing public display of disrespect for our Flag, its legacy and our nation. Absent any change in this ongoing display of disrespect, I will continue to boycott the NFL, all its products, and all its sponsors. The NFL has forced this lifelong NFL fan to choose between the Nation I went in harms way to support and protect and a Fall/Winter entertainment sport. I chose to honor the solemn oath I took in early 1969.

  24. Dear OATH-KEEPER:’Chief Warrant Officer Stephen / Sacred Weapons Assault Team Leader- Retaliations Operations Engineer / Seal Team 7
    THE ONLY WAY I WILL WATCH ANOTHER “NATIONAL FELONS LEAGUE” and end the BOYcott if the follow the NATIONAL ANTHEM is if they play “ANGEL FLIGHT” from the C.D. “STOLEN VALOR” by Radney Foster!! I’m in F.B Jail at this time so I can’t send the VIDEO to U. Sincerely, NO RETREAT-STEPHEN-NO SURRENDER (REVELATIONS 5:5 = ACTS 7 :55

  25. It’s about WHAT THE FANS THINK !! Period …They do not like it . The Anthem IS not about social injustice its about WE THE PEOPLE of the united States .When wearing a uniform you are repersenting the Group you are wearing it for … Take off the uniform then do what you want ….

  26. Consider these leftist N Felon Leagues are all un major citues that are all darkness blue socialist cesspools, should we be surprised when the employee players also graduate from communist indoctrination centers and are essentially given a free pass their entire young immature life that they would be so ignorant and disrespectful? They are cheered by the likes from which they hatched. I simply never watched a game the day the muslim cop hating Black Lives Matter ptomoter Kaperdick began his agenda promoting on tge field and on tge job. Weak lefty smowflake ownership allowed this behavior because they too are globalist pigs en mass.

  27. When a person pays for an NFL ticket, NFL merchandise, or a viewing package, they are paying the salaries of the players. They are paying to be entertained, not to be insulted by someone’s political agenda. The NFL needs to decide if they are in the entertainment business or politics. I sat out the entire season last year and I was waiting to see if there was any reason I should give them another chance. Well, there is no chance in hell I’ll be returning to anything NFL. I also ditched the NBA when they pulled the NBA Allstar game from Charlotte over the LGBT bathroom controversy. I can’t even watch highlights on the evening news. I change the channel immediately. People have the right to protest whatever they wish, but an employer has the right to tell employees, “not at work”. These spoiled brats will not be protesting on my dime, that’s for sure, because they will never get another one from me. In the past, I have emailed the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Hornets with these exact same comments. A few days to a week after I emailed Jerry Richardson, owner of the Panthers, he spoke out about the issue, but it fell short and was too little, too late. The NFL may go on without me, but I will not be their huckleberry.

  28. anyone who SITS for the pledge should be forced to later STAND and watch the Concussion movie from 2015!

    1. “anyone who SITS for the pledge should be forced to…”

      — a statement lacking the understanding of liberty.

      not everyone elects to pledge their allegiance to a worldly nation, and for good reason (Matthew 5:33-35).

  29. Its a business, not a right. Your employer can fire you for not following instructions. Not different for NFL. Any business owner would not entertain practices that deterred from profit or even potential profit in some cases.

  30. So, to be “patriotic” means to blindly subscribe to nationalism and honor the various actions of “Neo-Amerika” (post-Constitutional America) no matter what? I don’t think so, and I doubt this concept is truly what the Oath Keepers intend to promote.

    We should certainly honor those who have served our country and its people, many giving their very lives for the cause of liberty. However, when a soldier enlists to do so he is most often young and not privy to the various tyrannical actions of the STATE, nor the political reasons for the endless “wars” which certainly have absolutely nothing to do with liberty.

    Therefore, let’s not deceive ourselves into believing that all the “wars” since WW2 were just and legal, when the fact remains that none of them were legally declared in accordance with the US Constitution. Such is why they are not called “wars” but “conflicts”, disguising the fact that the military action was not an officially declared war according to the Rule of Law.

    There are those of us who believe that true patriotism involves protesting every action of the STATE which violates our Natural Rights given to us by our Creator (Nature or Nature’s God, according to individual belief).

    Further, I have personally refused to recite the so called “Pledge of Allegiance” for at least a couple decades now after having learned about both its origins, and also being a Christian having learned from the Bible that God’s followers are specifically instructed to pledge allegiances and oaths only to God and His kingdom (Matthew 5:33-35).

    By contrast, taking an “oath of office” to protect the US Constitution is just and righteous because the entire point of the US Constitution is to uphold our Natural Rights through the Rule of Law. Pledging to protect Natural Rights is parallel with protecting Natural Law which certainly does not violate this Biblical principle. In fact, other scriptures strongly assert that God’s people are to actively participate in such endeavors else share the blame for resultant calamity (Ezekiel 33).

    Therefore, while some NFL players are certainly deceived and are “taking a knee” or avoiding the Pledge of Allegiance and/or national anthem for the wrong reasons, let’s not get all bent out of shape over their exercise of their own Natural Right of Free Speech & Expression.

    Rather than condemning them (another Biblically prohibited action for God’s followers), we ought to consider providing accurate education as to the real reason why they and all Americans ought to be protesting — the STATE’s continued violations of our Natural Rights.

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