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Is This A Last Gasp Attempt By The Globalists?

Is This A Last Gasp Attempt By The Globalists?

There can be no doubt that the Globalists/Leftists Utopians have stepped up their attempts to usher in their full-control ideology. It is plainly visible. They have abandoned their slow, incremental, step-by-step approach of achieving their One World government, in favor of a fast paced sprint to the finish. The reasons for this, I will discuss later, but first I will point out some of the obvious signs that this sprint is their new method.

In the UK

For those not following UK political and social happenings, there is the recent arrest and imprisonment of political activist Tommy Robinson. His arrest signifies the erasure of any semblance of Free Speech in the UK. His arrest came as he was reporting on a “grooming gang” trial, (which the UK Courts had proclaimed could not be reported on except by two “approved” press outlets, both of which are globalist mouthpieces. Tommy was merely reporting on facts already published in another source. The courts ruled that his reporting was illegal and a “breach of the peace”. All other news sources in the UK were required to scrub any reports on the trial and on Tommy’s arrest.


Here are two videos discussing his situation.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

If you took the time to watch the videos, you would now know that Free Speech is dead in the UK, and the globalist authorities are doing all they can to suppress any opposition. Meanwhile, large numbers of people are protesting his arrest and calling for his release.

It should be noted that when Tommy was in jail on a previous occasion, an attempt was made on his life, and he has received repeated threats on his life, and that of his family. Will he survive his 13 month sentence? We can only pray he does.

Whether you agree with Tommy’s opinions and positions is not the issue. In a free society people can voice their opinions. The UK is no longer a free society, it seems.


Eleven weeks ago, Italy had an election, in which populist parties received over 60% of the vote, swamping globalist establishment parties. In an effort to form a government, the 5 Star Party joined in a coalition with the Lega Party and recently submitted its portfolio of ministers to the President for approval.

The result, from the UK Independent:

Italy has been plunged deeper into political turmoil after its president vetoed the appointment of a Eurosceptic finance minister, forcing the country’s populist prime minister-in-waiting to abandon attempts to form a government.

Sergio Mattarella, who was installed as president by a previous pro-EU government, has faced calls for his impeachment after he refused to accept a minister who called Italy’s entry into the eurozone a “historic mistake”.

On Monday, the president appointed a former International Monetary Fund (IMF) economist as interim prime minister in a bid to restore political order and end an 11-week deadlock after inconclusive national elections.

The President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, a globalist, thwarted the will of the Italian electorate in order to force new elections. It is a blatant attempt to control the government of Italy, after the Globalists preferred candidate, Mateo Renzi, was embarrassed at the polls.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Here in the USA

Daily we are bombarded with calls for gun control, restrictions on free speech, hate speech laws, political correctness of all sorts, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Christians, conservatives and libertarians are being censored on Facebook and YouTube. White men are being constantly demonized. Misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia, patriarchal society, white supremacy, fascists, safe spaces, triggered, bullying, hateful speech, are all the words thrown at anyone who disagrees with the globalist agenda. Left-wing politicians and organizations are vying with the mainstream media to see who can be more idiotic and repulsive, as they scream the mantra of the globalists, all the while attempting to stifle opposing ideas. It is becoming insane!

Why? What is going on?

Some think the Globalists are supremely confidant, and therefore need not hide their ambitions anymore. I disagree with this assessment. Rather than being supremely confidant, I feel they are seeing their agenda being questioned by a growing percentage of the population, and are fearful that their shining moment is slipping away and they have pulled out all the stops in hopes of saving their agenda, or leaving behind a shattered society. They think they can pick up the pieces of a shattered society and mold it into their vision. They have used crisis and wars to mold us this far in a step-by-step approach, but they have done so in a quiet, behind-the-scenes manner in the past. Now they are front and center. Their mask has been lifted. We see behind the curtain. As we see what is being done, we can fight it. And we are. Around the globe, people are opening their eyes to the manipulation of the globalists, and they are rejecting their agenda. A new day is dawning.

We are winning, but we have not won. There is much work ahead. By keeping our eyes on the prize, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We need to stay focused.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. “Some think the Globalists are supremely confidant, and therefore need not hide their ambitions anymore. I disagree with this assessment. Rather than being supremely confidant, I feel they are seeing their agenda being questioned by a growing percentage of the population, and are fearful that their shining moment is slipping away and they have pulled out all the stops in hopes of saving their agenda, or leaving behind a shattered society. They think they can pick up the pieces of a shattered society and mold it into their vision.”

    I could not agree with you more. All their rhetoric and actions smack of desperation, not confidence. We are winning the battle of ideas against people who fancy themselves intellectuals. A while back I saw an excellent descriptions of intellectuals — people who produce nothing but ideas, and, unfortunately, they don’t even have to be good ideas. We not only have solid,workable ideas on our side, we also have the best plan B ever devised, the Second Amendment.

    1. This is a beautifully and eloquently written assessment of what is happening right now. I absolutely love this piece and the message that is being delivered is right on point. 100% accurate. The will lose this battle and they will lose their grip. People are not as stupid as they think. I have been studying this topic for the last 5 years and understand very completely, more than most I would say, exactly what is going on. I have decided to get into the fight personally and am running for a state legislative position.

  2. The people of the United States spoke clearly in electing President Trump. A large majority will not tolerate leaders who would surrender the least bit of national sovereignty to the One worlders. .America first, now and forever!

  3. Can there be any doubt that Satan has stepped up his game? We can see the “Kings of the Earth” posturing and gathering their forces in the middle east. Israel is under attack from all sides. Keep the faith and know that GOD wins. 1 John 3:16 tells us that we must be willing to lay down our lives just as Jesus loved us and laid his life down for us.

  4. While I agree with the majority of your statements, let none of us discount the vast financial resources these people have.

    George Soros and his ilk will expend their huge resources against us trying to impose their will on us.

    Ever Vigilant

    1. The NWO globalists get their money from us by stealing it using the Federal Reserve. Our country should be printing our money but in 1913 our criminal government gave the right to print money to the federal reserve – a private corporation owned by the international bankers – globalists – so they print the money and charge us interest on what they print. They use that money to pay off all the media and politicians to work against us. Soros is just the front man and his billions are nothing compared to the income of the federal reserve private corp. Ron Paul could not even get the federal reserve audited. We would need the congress to take back the printing of money, but they won’t do that because they are owned by the globalists.

      1. Deb, thank you for informing people on this. Most don’t know about any of it. Good Comment! Time to wake people up, Americans.

  5. Well said Shorty. Spot on as usual. I’m no spelling genius, but thought you might want to correct two words. “breach of the piece”. Piece should be peace. And in the last paragraph, Their, should be there.

    Keep up the great work Sir, each word is a chip away at the Globalist agenda. They’re pulling out all the stops. The MSM is running anti gun material non stop. This is getting real. Yet, not a word about what leads to each event or how the individual left cues for months as to their intentions.

    Ever vigilant

  6. come take em what I say! my liberty not 4 sale to any asswagon w/big mouth.all 4 1 ,1 for all ! molan labi 100million gun owners trumps 280million a-holes w/pencils.3,700 f,p.s.

  7. This “Tommy Robinson” episode is very disquieting. Historically, the Forces of Darkness have used the UK as the original “test bed” for their inroads on liberty, followed by Australia. So what happens there is definitely slated to happen here.

  8. WE, the American people are the only country ( at this time ) that is relatively free. We have lost some of our freedom through the last few presidents but We will fight to undo what had been taken away and restore our democracy once again. President Trump I hope and pray will continue to stand up for America and our freedom against the tyranny of the EVIL and corrupt globalist order. I was and will always be an American fighting man and will always defend our freedom and that of anyone that needs help to be free. I believe in letting people come to our country ” LEGALLY ” only. Our country and it’s people need to be protected from this country being overrun by disease and terrorists to name a couple of reasons. Thank you for my freedom of speech and opinion. Steadfast and Loyal, Army.

  9. Thank you for your well stated article. Globalism was knocked back on it’s heels when President Trump was elected by my fellow citizens of the United States even after overcoming what appears to be illegal underhanded and seditious activities by a standing President to tip the scale to the Globalist favor.

    I would rather have the final show down sooner than later so from that point on we can keep our collective feet on the Globalists collective throats.

  10. I repeat: Lie-beral DEMONocrats are suffering from the insanity of satanity whose only expertise is bullshitology under the cloak of self-righteousness !!! How’s that for pc?

  11. When the NGO’s are DEFUNDED, and the DOJ FBI and the CLINTONS and Obamas with their administration are INDICTED…I will say it is a beginning of the battle…till then just a hope and a prayer….imo

  12. Just had a conversation with an acquaintance that is hard core conservative. He’s a believer in Justice and the rule of law. All I said was, “It’s time to start perp walking these progressives that are undermining the people and breaking the same laws you and I would go to jail for.” His response, that would be fine, but there would be a lot of Republicans that go to jail, and that may not be good in the long run. Teachable moment, right?

    Here’s what I told him, “there are progressives on both sides of the aisle, you call the republican version RINO. Our problem doesn’t stem from who’s in control at a given time, it stems from who’s against the people that are in fact, technically the first branch of government.” Disclosure; I had to explain that to him. I then went on to explain that, “if we start cleaning out the unconstitutional agencies that work against the people, eventually there will be a leveling out, and ultimately we will be in control of our government; not the other way around.” His light bulb went to the on position…but you may be wondering why this pertains to this article?

    It starts right here in our own back yard. We root out this Globalist notion here and it will die around the World. “Cut off the head of the snake and the body dies.”

    1. I concur with what you say. Unfortunately the globalists are slowly navigating financial power to the east, so as to let us down easy. I would even go so far as to say that some of the demonizing of the US is intentional, to get the rest of the world on board. I’m not dismissing the great pain our globalist wars of aggression have caused. But they will have no hesitation in causing great financial pain to the US if/when we confront them.

  13. Good article, but you should use a spell checker before you publish you writings. Several words in the article are misspelled (e.g. “confidant”) which undermines your credibility. I know from long experience that the types of opponents we face are not interested in addressing our actual arguments – they are much more likely to look for excuses to slip into ad hominem attacks and dismiss us as ignorant.

  14. The global economy was began during the Reagan administration. Reagan called it the new world order. Anyone that’s blaming the Democrats doesn’t know the history of global economics. Before Reagan left office there was a huge exodus of once American Corporations to plants in countries where wages were much lower than the United States.

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