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Kent State’s Kaitlin Bennett Receives Protection Offer from Oath Keepers

Andrew West

Liberals:  They are why we can’t have nice things in this nation of supposed freedoms.

When was the last time a political discussion turned violent without a liberal being involved.

No.  Go ahead.  We’ll wait.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 

Give up? Yeah, me too.

In the past several years, we have seen an incredible uptick in leftist violence in America, stemming from the democrat’s rampant public repudiation and delegitimization of Donald Trump.  The rise of the radical terror group Antifa is directly related to this overarching hatred of the conservative ethos, and politicos such as Kathy Griffin have made violence against republicans the new norm.

That’s why when Kent State’s Kaitlin Bennett posed with her AR-1o for graduation photos on campus, there was sure to be an ugly reaction from the radical left.  Bennett, who was simply exercising her Constitutional rights in the stunning photo shoot, has since received death threats from those who oppose her rights as an American.

The folks over at Oath Keepers immediately recognized that this was running afoul of American freedom, and took a stand to assure Ms. Bennett that she would not be harmed by the often-violent radical left.

Oath Keepers is offering a free Personal Security Detail (PSD) for Kent State Graduate Kaitlin Bennett, who open carried an AR 10 rifle on campus on graduation day. She has since received death threats from rabid anti-gun leftists. We feel honor bound, as a matter of duty, to step up in direct support of this brave young patriot, by offering our protection, free of charge. We have highly trained and professional retired police officers and Special Forces veterans who are standing by to serve on this volunteer detail if she accepts our offer.

From Kaitlin on facebook:
Kent State’s Kaitlin Bennett Receives Protection Offer from Oath Keepers

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