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James Clapper Admits to ‘Spying’ from Inside the Trump Campaign

James Clapper Admits to ‘Spying’ from Inside the Trump Campaign


During a Tuesday appearance on the View, no less than the former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper described what was done by the Obama administration to Donald’s Trump campaign as “spying.”

Although Clapper said he does not like the word “spying” (considering how the disclosure of this spying has blown up in the Obama administration’s face, who can blame him?), he still used the word twice — because there is no other word.

Sounding rattled and defensive, even though he was among friends, Clapper, a left-wing partisan who served as DNI during the Obama administration, attempted to spin the “spying” into something that was for Trump’s own good and the good of the country.

“With the informant business, well, the point here is the Russians,” Clapper volunteered. “Not spying on the campaign but what are the Russians doing? And in a sense, unfortunately, what they were trying to do is protect our political system and protect the campaign.”

James Clapper has admitted there was spying done inside the Trump campaign. He doesn’t like the word “spying”, but had to admit it was done. He then, of course, tried to spin the admission as something good for the Trump campaign and for the good of the country. If you believe that pile of BS, I have some oceanfront property in Montana I could sell you.

As usual, the left-wing spin industry is working overtime in an attempt to minimize the damage done by the release of information that there was a spy in the Trump campaign. Was there a spy in the Clinton campaign as well? I doubt it very much. It was the Obama administration helping the Clinton campaign that produced the spy. Most of us know of the criminality of the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration. We see evidence of this criminality brought forth almost daily. No matter how hard they try to spin it, the truth is the truth.

James Clapper was caught lying to Congress. Why hasn’t he been charged? Is he above the law? Should anyone be above the law? Of course not. If the law is only for some people, it is no law. It is a farce.

A spy is a spy. Call him/her an informant, a snitch, or any other useful name, a spy is still a spy.


Shorty Dawkins