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Campus Carnage: Moral Chaos and Indoctrination in the University

ALBANY, NY– Dr. Duke Pesta received his M.A. in Renaissance literature from John Carroll University and his Ph.D. in Shakespeare and Renaissance literature from Purdue University. He has taught at major research institutions and small liberal arts colleges, on a wide variety of subjects at the graduate and undergraduate level, including classes on American literature, Shakespeare, Renaissance literature, the Bible, Russian literature, Christian Apologetics, and C.S. Lewis. He has garnered seven teaching awards at four universities. Dr. Pesta has been active in educational reform, and was instrumental in developing and implementing an elective Bible course that is currently available for public high-school students in Texas. He is a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, and the academic director of Freedom Project Education, an online school dedicated to providing students a classical education delivered through state-of-the-art technology. Duke has delivered 700 talks in 46 states to alert parents about Common Core. His collective videos and presentations top more than three million views online.

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  1. “Now to seek the Good, Euthydemus: is this the way?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Does it seem to you that the same thing is useful to everyone?”
    “In fact, what is useful to one may sometimes be hurtful to another, don’t you think?”
    “Should you call anything good except what is useful?”
    “Consequently what is useful is good for him to whom it is useful?”
    “I think so.” (Memorabilia iv, 6, 7-8) Socrates

    Between Wisdom and Prudence be drew no distinction (Plato in his Charmides tries to argue that wisdom and self-control are one and the same); but if a man knows and practices what is beautiful and good, knows and avoids what is base, that man he judged to be both wise and prudent.

    When asked further whether he thought that those who know what they ought to do and yet do the opposite are at once wise and vicious, he answered: “No; not so much that, as both unwise and vicious. For I think that all men have a choice between various courses, and choose and follow the one which they think conduces most to their advantage. Wherefore I hold that those who follow the wrong course are neither wise nor prudent.” Plato

  2. A+, Why can’t we require kids to watch this before they enter college? Dumb question, I know. I think when I had my first heart surgery done ten years ago and if I had it done today the out come may have been a lot different. I knew the kids were being dumbed down, but this was such a wake up call to me, that I really would like to shake it off as a bad dream,yet I know better, it is not,and I can’t.Thank you Lord Jesus that you will return soon.

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