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Arne Duncan’s School Boycott Proposal an Idea We Should All Get Behind

Arne Duncan’s School Boycott Proposal an Idea We Should All Get Behind
Duncan is a committed apparatchik for “basketball buddy” Obama’s “fundamental transformation.” And that means pushing for a disarmed citizenry every chance he gets. (White House photo)

“Arne Duncan is serious: Americans should boycott school,” a Tuesday headline in The Atlantic proclaims. “The former education secretary thinks parents need to take radical action to change the country’s gun laws.”

This is the same “progressive” elitist rag that says those opposed to Hillary were sexist, so take their qualifications for being arbiters of seriousness with a grain of salt.

Joining Arne in his desire for an extended “student walkout” are Teach for America and KIPP public charter schools in New York City. There’s nothing like a call for subversion to bring “progressives “ together and make them forget about past differences, like the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers calling for his resignation back when he was Obama’s Secretary of Education and they felt they weren’t getting everything they wanted.

Not that public school policies would have affected his kids:

“Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s wife and two daughters returned to Chicago with the children to attend the private University of Chicago Lab School, a Duncan spokesman said.”

I trust this surpises no one? Hey, when you’re a career public trough-feeder living in a $1.3M home, and an Opposite Day “progressive” egalitarian, you don’t want your children going to school with just anyone.

“This is not rocket science. This is not a difficult intellectual issue,” Duncan asserted about his desire for more citizen disarmament.

Good thing it’s not, because if it were, a guy with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology would hardly be qualified to comment (although it does make it fair to ask what role political connections rather than credentials had in his rise to the top of the “educational” establishment). Being part of Obama’s Chicago political machine couldn’t hurt.

And notice he doesn’t actually say what it was he wants, but it would be fair to say “all.”  Remember, he’s commenting after Santa Fe High, where a revolver and a shotgun were used. The Democrat establishment isn’t quite ready to call for banning those — yet.

But we know that’s what Arne wants, because he’s made undermining the Second Amendment a big part of why he gets the gigs he does. That and shooting hoops with Obama, which can give cover for all kinds of inanity

I’ve had occasion to do a few posts about the guy and his anti-gun shenanigans over the years, and now a new revelation shows he and Rahm (“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste”) Emanuel planning the best steps for the blood dance within days of Sandy Hook. Note how he takes instructions in the exchange, confirming his place as Beta male.

Even the “boycott schools” idea wasn’t his, but it was one he could lend his more “famous” name to, grabbing all kinds of headlines from a cheerleading DSM.

Why not give them what they want?

What skin is it off your or my nose if children of “progressives” decide to skip school? It’s their academic lives and subsequent college admissions that will be put on hold. Maybe without them and their obnoxious disruptions, the kids who still want to go to school might actually have a better chance at learning something. And maybe if union activist “teachers” join in, it will show the country just how useless many of them are.

It could even backfire, particularly as school districts not totally controlled by urban Democrats show the “boycott” for a handful of malcontents manipulating and exploiting children they would rather see dead than protected in any meaningful and effective way. And it could also affect funding, particularly in states that factor in attendance as opposed to being strictly enrollment-based. Did Arne forget about that?

What do we really care if the type of kid with parents who would support an extended walkout stay away, figuratively holding their breath until they turn blue? It would doubtless result in no shortage of unintended consequences and complications for them and for any parent irresponsible enough to condone it.

And it also won’t make a damn bit of difference on the ultimate reality that the idiot Arne Duncans of the world just won’t seem to grasp until they force a situation where they’ll learn firsthand:

We will not disarm.


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. My guess is it would markedly decrease the number of school shootings by keeping the intolerant liberals (but I repeat myself) away from motivated and studious children.

  2. These freaks of nature will not stop pushing their gun grab agenda till we exercise a consequence on them that is effective. They ignore our words of disgust.

  3. Arne Duncan is responsible for our children being indoctrinated into sexual deviancy, and anti Christian doctrines like the Quran and Islam. The best Idea this queer has ever had is to boycott the Public centers of Cultural Marxism called Schools, and educate our own.

  4. AMEN yep boycott those indoctrination centers wow what a stellar idea, then vote all of them out.

  5. Schools were first instituted to teach children to read so that they would be able to read the Bible and and be able to think for themselves as adults. Satan is working overtime because he knows his time is growing short. First they start by removing prayer from schools. Then they institute “common core” that preaches a corrupt ideology and further brainwashes our children: “guns are evil and must be purged from society”. In order to further influence that ideology, we now have evil stepping up the game to killing our children. Fear causes people to make bad decisions. I carried a gun to high school and often went shooting with friends after school was out. No one got killed.

    Every generation must re-secure the freedoms guaranteed in the constitution. I fear that we have lost this generation to the evil that persists. We must double down on our oath to protect those freedoms.

    1. Yes, it was Charlemagne in the 8th century AD who commanded all children would learn to read…and read the Bible.
      These youngen and their unparenting parents are brainwashed tools. Even well educated seniors are sucking the koolaid from CNN et al. Those criminal NWO shadow gov types behind MSM must be severed from their mount.

  6. Mustn’t forget the staining of everything to do with the Chicago and Illinois School Systems by the wonderful, creative Communist mind of Bill Ayers and wifey, both veteran domestic terrorist bomb-makers, planters and detonators from back in the sixties. They are both still around, (Bill never having served a day in jail due to FBI mishandling of evidence), and still very active with BFF Barack Obama. He and Ayers chummed around before anyone had hardly heard of either of them, and Obama still calls on Ayers whenever he needs to infect the governments and elections of various countries with leftist propaganda. They gave a big assist to the election of super-nerd-kid Trudeau in Canada. Duncan is a protege of Ayers.

  7. Actually, the Constitution loving should pull their kids until the Indoctrination Centers balance the hiring quotas to include Conservatives, make schools gun friendly zones, and make it a priority to teach kids “How” to think; not “What” to think.

  8. I am glad to see this article, BUT an action to stop the disarmament NOW is more important to talk about and do it !! Democrats are about action all the time; we are about very slow reaction all the time In this case they are repeating the same Technic they did to convince, protect homosexuals: repeat a lie and work upon that lie using all their power to disarm America with the same American votes on the NEXT GENERATION! WE let them (as if the children belong to them, we did nothing but complain) take our children from school repeating and impressing them with their lie and asking them to register to vote “your vote to remove the guns will save children’s lives. All what anti-Americans have to do is to use our schools to tell our children to VOTE! Not knowing they are being use. No more than 2 generations America will be disarmed with a vote! To get kill for not given the arms instead of stopping the Anti- Americans aka democrats now , sorry it does not impress me!

    1. I think its sooner than two generations. The NRA is a fail, only a hand full of gun owners will take a stand. History will repeat, making the 20th century massacres look small.

  9. Paul Harvey once did a segment called “If I were the Devil.”
    Not sure why this came to mind;-)

  10. I boycotted public schools TWO YEARS AGO.. I had ENOUGH of common core and the leftist teachers and their union..I HOME SCHOOL my now 6th grade twin sons.. is it easy ? No.. divorced father that works full time , home schools and parents full time.. Nothing that is worth a Man’s Responsibilities are.. A Man keeps his oath.. and that includes family

    1. Just got this must-read email about school safety and home schooling from The Ron Paul Institute: ronpaulinstitute DOT ORG /archives/featured-articles/2018/june/04/homeschooling-protects-children-from-violence-and-marxism/.

  11. What a great idea. The more time the kids have away from the “public indoctrination” camps the better. And, don’t pay teachers for not having to teaching while they’re boycotting. Sounds like a win/win to me.

    Connecticut – 13% Compliance Rate to Disarmament Orders
    New York – 4% Compliance Rate to Disarmament Orders

  13. I “boycotted” public schools starting in 1992. My daughters were homeschooled k-12 and attended private universities (as did I to finish my degree after leaving the military). Even back then I couldn’t stomach the progressive indoctrination.

    I haven’t checked, but wouldn’t be surprised if Arne’s kids (if any) went to private schools.

  14. We could not in good conscience send God’s gift of children to a publik skool in the day and age. It’s a sad thing to utter but their learning is much more important to us and eventually to them than subject their minds to the radical offerings served up in the classroom today. We would scrape and sacrifice whatever it took in ensuring their minds were filled with effective and proper tools to lead healthy, wholesome and most productive lives.

  15. Oh…..I thought arne was talking about boycotting school until they stopped talking to kids in k through 8th grades about degenerate sexual practices and sticking cucumbers in their rear ends.

  16. Great! It’s about time we got rid of those useless gun free zones where over 90% of all mass shootings happen. Even these crazed loons they know where they can get a large body count with no chance of being harmed. So any politician telling you they want to protect you by taking the tools you use to protect yourself and family is crazier than these shooters and a tyrant

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