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What Is Their Goal?

What Is Their Goal?

Each time I learn of a new instance of idiocy by the “progressive left”, I am reminded of a line from a poem by Rudyard Kipling:

“If you can keep your head, while all about you

are losing theirs and blaming it on you”

The poems ends: “And – which is more – you’ll be a man, my son.”

Each new day brings us more idiocy and depravity, it seems, from the people who pride themselves on bringing chaos to our world. They seek to loose us from our moorings for some unspecified future of a Utopian Nirvana, or so they claim.

Why, a sane and sensible person might ask, would they seek to tear apart our social fabric, deprive us of our traditions, our culture, and everything we hold dear, or sacred, in our lives? The answer? They wish to erase the past, in order to create the future they envision. Their future, if it is given a color description, would be gray. There would be no extremes of color; no bright colors, nor any black, merely gray. Gray is a color of dullness, which is what their future portends. All men and women, (if they will still allow a distinction of the sexes), will think the same. Their will be no disagreements, of course, for we will be united in one goal. Which is? To live our lives in service of the One State, never questioning, always obedient.

They preach diversity, but practice sameness.

There will be no joy in their Utopia, only a boring sameness. You will not be allowed to fail, but neither will you be allowed to succeed. Only the Chosen Few, who will guide us in this Utopian Nirvana, will live in any type of luxury, for the burdens of leadership will require some recompense, of course, while the rest of us live in simple, tiny spaces, all much the same. “Little houses made of ticky-tacky”.

They believe in the “equality of outcome”, not the “equality of opportunity”, so everything will slide down to the lowest common denominator. There will be no “losers”, therefore there will be no “winners”. We learn from our mistakes, hence there will be no mistakes, nor any learning.

A dullness of mind and body will descend upon this Utopian Nirvana. Still, it will be determined to be better than having pain and suffering; though joy and beauty often come from moments of pain and suffering.

And what of the children? Will they ever see joy? Or are they fated to merely endure the dullness of Utopia?

All about me, they are losing their minds and blaming it on me. Still, I stand firm for a life of freedom, beauty, success or failure (which ever I encounter), and the ability to suffer and still see beauty and richness. I wish for no Utopia.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. The future, at least the foreseeable future, depends, to a large extent, on whether the Left’s historical patience and incremental approach to societal change holds or the younger elements become impatient and do something radically stupid. I hate to say this, but, absent a complete reversal in our education (indoctrination) system, if the Left is patient for another generation or two, Conservatives will only account for 20% of the population, and the only thing that will keep the other 80% of the population at bay is that that that 20% will own most of the guns. I could see a time in the not-too-distant future when armed, self-sufficient, freedom loving people will congregate in a dozen of so states, and let the rest of the country slide into the abyss. Can you imagine the level of crime where whole states are gun-free zones, and the citizens have delegated their defense to the government? I’m reminded of the society portrayed in the original Robo-Cop movie in the late 80’s.

    1. Hate to say your are right but you are. Unless we, Constitutional Conservatives, take back control of the educational system, all will be lost to the Left and we will find ourselves in a society akin to most communist/socialist countries of the past and present.

      1. I met a guy at one of the early Tea party rallies back in 2009 or 2010 whose family had emigrated here from one of the Iron Curtain countries, Yugoslavia, I think, back in the early 80’s when he was a teenager. He said America was becoming what his family had escaped from, and it saddened him beyond words. I can’t disagree.

  2. I would include any Progressive in this assessment. What’s being described here is “Coercive Control.” The mechanisms are vast but two things stand out; The victim eventually starts to control themselves, and the more people lose control of their own lives the more they seek to control others. These are the same techniques of the Domestic Abuser/Stalker.

    The first time I caught on to this was 6 years ago. It was about 105 degrees outside and I left the dogs in the car to walk into the post office. I have a Caprice with R-12. It was 105 outside and about 58 inside. I leave the car running for the dogs, but that didn’t stop a nosey Nancy from coming into the post office and making a big stink.

    We she asked who’s dogs were sweltering in the car I answered mine. She started with a big diatribe, and I let her finish. Then, I asked her if she wrapped her lips around the tailpipe to see if the car was running? She went ballistic when everyone started laughing at her. Point is, she was feeling a loss of control in her life and was by golly going to control someone else. Someone told me that she probably was in a controlling relationship. Naturally, I dug in.

    I strongly recommend you all study the “Domestic Stalker” and the “Domestic Abuser.” Your answers are there, as to why Progressives do what they do. Here’s an example; It was announced that Bill Gates is funding a world wide surveillance satellite system. Why? They gave a bunch of vanilla reasons, but consider Bill’s life. He has no privacy, so as a result he will seek to take yours. Which is interesting, because he obviously has not considered that his decisions have put him in that situation. The same could be said for gay folk that are using state coercion for participation in their weddings. I could go on for days. This is where the inherent “Hypocrisy” of the Progressive Agenda is born, and it’s their Achilles Heel.

  3. I’M SORRY, MAN, BUT YOU ARE SO WRONG. The “progressive left” is fighting for a lot of the same things that you are. It’s the one-world government, Neo-liberal and Neo-conservative war-hawks Mainstream Media that we are both fighting. We on the progressive left have a lot in common with you. I like the analogy of us being in a large theater where all the people in the center are being fooled by the 1% corporatist oligarchs who are the puppeteers behind the curtain. But us on the far left and far right can see the puppeteers behind the curtain and are not being fooled. The way they control is to “divide and conquer”. Let us not be divided in this fight. Do not fall for their demonization of the “progressive left”. We are also fighting for family, community, healthy food and environment. We have more in common than what separates us.

    1. Rich,

      I used to have hopes for the Left and Right joining together on some things, but no more. Your side has demonized us for too long. You say you oppose the One World government, yet your Far Left, Progressive President, Barack Obama was a Globalist, and your Democratic Standard bearer, Hillary Clinton is also a Globalist. Add in Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, along with the leadership of the Democrat Party. Who among you is not a Globalist? There are Globalists in the Republican ranks, also, like the Bush family, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Lindsay Graham, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake and John Kasich. It is globalism that I oppose, and Socialism is the face of Globalism. Are you saying you are not a Socialist?

      Shorty Dawkins

      1. “I used to have hopes for the Left and Right joining together on some things, but no more.”

        Shorty, I think you speak for the vast majority of Conservatives. For most of my adult life you could have a civil conversation with most Liberals and, at worst, agree to disagree, but most of the disagreements were not on goals but on solutions. That dynamic went out the window a decade or two ago with the final nails in the coffin during the Obama Administration. I have zero use for someone who suggests I should be prosecuted because I think man-made climate change is a hoax, or because I don’t think someone with deeply held Christian beliefs should be forced to participate in a same-sex “wedding.” I’m done with the Left. We no longer have anything of significance in common, and it’s mostly because they don’t accept that we have a valid opinion on ANYTHING. It’s pretty clear at this point that they will NEVER leave us alone, so the only options left are either to divide ourselves geographically or fight to the death. I would prefer the former, but I’m prepared for the latter.

    2. Perhaps the most delusional post I have ever read on the OK site Rich…we should have an award Shorty! So Andrew Cuomo and Hillary Clinton are fighting for the same things as we are? Maybe delusional is the wrong word…insane works a little better I think.

      1. Chip,

        Delusional and arrogant, IMHO. Progressives are convinced that they merely need to educate us (indoctrinate?) as we are surely not educated, otherwise we would agree with them. Unless Rich is a totally new brand of “progressive” that actually believes in the Constitution, Free Markets, the family and our culture and traditions, I would suggest he is here to pretend to be interested in compromise, of some sort, but compromise to progressives means he expects us to move 90% to his side, with he moving 10% to ours.

        I would be very interested in whether he can deny being a Socialist.


        1. I have written for and commented on a political blog for 14 years. There are 3 of us Conservatives who have been there from its inception. We have regularly asked dozens of Progressives who have posted there over the years to explain their political philosophy. Only one has ever done so, and he was an admitted Marxist. Leftists are caught between not being able to say they’re for small, responsible, Constitutional government and also not wanting to say that they’re for a central government with unlimited power and scope because then they’d be relegated to about 20% of the vote in any given election. So instead they lie and obfuscate about who they really are, although lately they’ve been letting the mask slip, particularly WRT gun control and religious liberty. I hope I live to see the day when the Progressive movement is cast into the dustbin of history.

    3. I think Rich is correct in a lot more ways than any of you have allowed yourself to see. Don’t fall for the divide-and-conquer “leaders” (or… system?). I for one am aghast when anyone on either side thinks their side is right and the other side is wrong on 99% or more of all issues. United We Stand!

      1. DG,

        I have one question for you: Are you willing to compromise all your principles, if you have any? Because that is what the Progressives count on.

        Shorty Dawkins

    4. Rich, what you are witnessing is what happens when God is not invited. The Progressive movement has alienated God from government, health, families and environmental concerns and anarchy results. Read the Bible and you’ll see parallels from ancient times. If our nation invites God back into our lives we will be great again. Christians will love your kind and pray for you but to join you in your efforts is foolishness and actually sinful ( Romans 1:28-32. Good luck without God.

  4. @ Rich
    The left’s leaders and media keep their following in a constant state of victim-hood, anxiety and hate with propaganda stating that they could reach the promised land if only we (the left) could eliminate (notice they use eliminate) the right, individual liberty, etc. And as the left incrementally takes us down the toilet, their followers (people who are for some mysterious reason unable to think for themselves) become increasingly more victimized, desperate and enraged; and we get the blame. They democrats’ leaders seek to dehumanize us in order to facilitate more brutal treatment which they will have to do to maintain the left’s leaders’ standard of living (greed fulfillment). As the USSR and Red China started to fall apart Stalin and Mao became even more brutal, extreme and sought to demonize ever larger numbers of enemies (sound familiar? Bath House Barry’s list of enemies were all aimed to demonize those of the right with Christian values, those who stand by the Constitution for the United States of America 1791). Lenin said it was the easiest aspect of governing: The creation of enemies. Deplorables ring a bell? Democrats platform = hate

  5. Rich, I wasn’t going to say anything, but if you have more in common than against us I say,welcome, let’s work together. Seems like so many here that I have respected for so long are doing their best to burn bridges.Chip you sound like an unbeliever when you speak the way you did. I am a Christian, and I believe our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said to Love and do good to those that persecute you. This has been quite an eye opener for me. And saddens me deeply.

    1. CB, feel free to pursue your own path. I’ve turned the other cheek to people like Rich my whole life and all they ever did was spit in my face. I’ve invited them to sit down at the table and try to hammer out anything that we might have in common. Our agendas are 180 degrees apart, and that just simply isn’t going to change. You might find a Leftist who likes the same music as you do, or the same foods or even the same hobbies, but in the end they still want to eliminate you from the face of the earth. Most of them don’t even know why, but Chip nailed it when he said they have more in common with ISIS.

    2. Charlie…open your eye brother. The same devil who created political correctness to turn us all into polite and meek little sheep, uses the Rich’s and the DG’s to virtue-signal while they destroy. Check out Barnhardt’s “Vice of Effeminacy” teachings and trust me, our Lord will forgive you if you a little mean in the fighting back we had all better start doing. RNS is on it!

      1. Retired Navy Spook and Chip, Why don’t we invite Rich to tell us what he agrees with us and what he disagrees with. Innocent until proven guilty still holds for me. Thanks CB

    3. Our exchange here Charlie is perhaps one of the most critical misunderstandings that I believe could have a devastating effect on our attempt to save this country. In my town of Warwick their is a Christian Community called the Bruderhof…founded in Germany in the 1920’s forced to flee Hitler. They are beautiful and totally passive Christians. They use their guns to hunt deer, but would never raise to take a human life, even to defend their wife and children. My own Pastor, on the other hand, conceal carries at the pulpit and would most definitely shoot to kill in defense of his flock. The Crusaders who turned back the Muslim Invaders, brutally defended their homelands…thank God! PLEASE read Barnhardt’s piece above brilliantly exposing the “Aesthetics of the Diabolical” to understand the enemy we are up against.

      1. Chip, I would stand to defend my country,as physically able to do so. I wrote another reply to you, but somehow it was omitted, All I want to do is invite Rich to explain himself on what he stands for and against, What are our differences? If he believes in Sodomy(I don’t) I would stand with him to help hold the country up. His judgement, same as yours and mine are going to fall into our makers hand. The only thing that has made me right before God is the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.As far as Rich goes, I still believe in innocent until proven guilty.

        1. Charlie, I certainly have no objection to Rich explaining what he stands for and against. When I’ve asked Progressives that question, the most common answer I’ve gotten is “I’m for fairness and equality.” I would say, if he agrees with you on much of anything WRT how our form of government is supposed to work, then he’s either not a Progressive, or he’s lying.

        2. I don’t disagree with anything you say here Charlie. I don’t know if you caught my Progressive/Islamist analogy or not, but the crux is this: The Koran justifies lying to the infidel (that’s us), and as you know the Progressive believes that the end justifies the means. As someone who has lived among them and studies them up close and personal, I will tell you be very careful…you’d have more luck domesticating a wolf. There latest trick is a Trojan Horse-style of passing themselves off as a Community Service organization (Community 2000)…while they work behind the scenes indoctrinating the children in the community. They call themselves Progressive, but they are Communists…the ones warning us not to fall for divide and conquer are the ones slowly and deliberately dividing and conquering us…they don’t want compromise…they don’t want to get along…they want us dead. Sorry to say…that’s just the way it is.

          1. Rich got exactly what he wanted when you 3 started mixing it up amongst yourselves. Progressivism 301 create hate and discontent within your enemy.

          2. Not exactly sure where you got “hate and discontent” from our exchange, and Charlie Brown is definitely NOT my enemy. We just have a difference of opinion, something Conservatives can do without calling each other names or hating. OTOH, I had no reasonable expectation that Rich would ever come back and expand on his political philosophy.

          3. Would discord be a better word? Point is, while we are disagreements (without being disagreeable) we are leaving a slimy Progressive to perpetrate their evil agenda somewhere else…That’s the takeaway.

          4. Yeah, the Left has always been about sowing discord, for as long as I can remember, certainly the last two or three decades. I’m a roll-with-the-punches kind of guy, so I just don’t let it get to me. I don’t care whether people agree with me or not, but I steer clear of people who don’t think I’m entitled to an opinion if it disagrees with theirs. Life’s too short to waste a precious portion of it on people like that. I’m fortunate to live in an extremely gun-friendly state that also has a minimum of SJW’s.

  6. The President of France actually made a profound statement when he addressed Congress, it went something like this “we are only one generation away from losing our democracy”. Unless we stop the indoctrination of our children, taught socialist/communist garbage, we will loose all our freedoms.

  7. The Left has made every attempt to remove a Creator God and HIS rules for our lives from the equation, supplanting it with THEIR perversions and intrusions minus love, compassion and forgiveness (for anyone outside of their particular glee club). Pure evil. Thinking themselves wise, they became fools….

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