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WAR, FAMINE, & DISEASE: Get Prepared!

WAR, FAMINE, & DISEASE: Get Prepared!

When you have at least one of: War, Famine or Disease, you will soon have the other two. Look back in history and you will see it is true. Disease (Think pandemic) soon causes famine which soon results in war. War causes both disease and famine. Famine causes disease and then war.

Patriot Nurse discusses how these three are interrelated in the following video.

If you have been prepping, have you included herbal remedies and the necessary knowledge of them? Have you taken measures to insure sanitation? Are you prepared to grow your own food and herbs? What about livestock? How will you defend your people, your livestock and your gardens? You can’t do it all by yourself. Do you have a group of trusted people to assist you?

These are thoughts worth exploring as the radical “progressives” push for more control and possible civil war.

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Shorty Dawkins


One comment

  1. Real simple: “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

    Why is that?

    If you depend on modern sources of living that in a flash are gone…you are going to die. It only takes one solar flare to make a direct hit….which will happen, and you can kiss this life goodbye. Forget wars, etc…sure they will come, but be it guaranteed, a solar flare will smack a direct hit. It will make an EMT minuscule. So listen to the lady…be smart.

    Does anyone think the Amazons will expire in some global catastrophe..nope…nothing changes for them. Or the Aborigines? Or the Sherpas? Or the Eslimos?

    Why do the ultra wealthy have the most elaborate of prepper bunkers? They didn’t get wealthy because they are stupid.

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