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Virtue Signalling In Scotland and Wales

Virtue Signalling In Scotland and Wales

Scotland is actually considering giving the vote to migrants and asylum seekers, though they are not citizens. Why? It’s called virtue signalling. In Wales, they leadership is wanting to make Wales a center of “Migrant Sanctuary”. Again, why.

The answer once more is: …… virtue signalling.

The leaders of Wales and Scotland claim to be nationalists, but like all globalists, they are internationalists, more concerned about foreigners than their own citizens.

Polls in both Scotland and Wales show that a large majority of the people in those two countries are not in favor of these ideas, yet, as usual, the politicians seek to ram them down the throats of a resisting populace. Scotland and Wales, like Germany and England, are ensuring the destruction of their culture and traditions, as they welcome large numbers of peoples of radically different cultures, traditions and religions into their nations with open arms. Who will support these new immigrants, who have few skills, little education and can’t speak the local language? Why, the hardworking citizens of Wales and Scotland.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. This BREAKS my heart as 4th Great Grandson of Andrew Murray who immigrated here just in time to fight for our Independence. AND, I’m reading this as I am preparing a Black Pudding/Talisker treat for some friends this weekend…

    1. Yes….and the church of Scotland had a moozie preach from the pulpit. Unbelievable!!! Buying lots of Scotch in prep for the islamies taking over.

    2. My paternal ancestors emigrated from England in the 1790’s, but an ancestor of my great grandmother’s, who was French, was with Washington at Valley Forge. I imagine they’re turning over in their graves.

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