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UK: 78yo Man Arrested For Murder After Stabbing Armed Burglar to Death In His Home

UK: 78yo Man Arrested For Murder After Stabbing Armed Burglar to Death In His Home

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by Chris Menahan

A 78-year-old pensioner in the United Kingdom was arrested and jailed for stabbing an armed robber to death in his home.

From The Telegraph:

A pensioner has been arrested after a suspected burglar was killed during a violent tussle at his home.

…In a statement Scotland Yard said: “At 00:45hrs on Wednesday, 4 April, police were called by a homeowner to reports of a burglary in progress at an address in South Park Crescent, Hither Green SE6, and a man injured.

“The 78-year-old resident found two males inside the address. A struggle ensued between one of the males and the homeowner. The man, aged 37, sustained a stab wound to the upper body.”

The home owner suffered bruising to his arms and his injuries are not life threatening.

Police arrested him on suspicion of grievous bodily harm before then arresting him on suspicion of murder.

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  1. All we have to do is look to our East across the pond to see what a disarmed citizenry looks like… You defend yourself from attack; you go to jail. The Islamist rapes your 10-yr-old; you go to jail. You save a woman from rape and mugging; you go to jail.

  2. So now we have to dispose of the robber that tried to kill us so we don’t get charged with murder? If the lefty’s here had their way, that would be us!

    1. Actually the satanist left would put us in FEMA camps to carved into steaks for Hitlery Podesta et al.

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