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Trump Halts Immigrant Invasion as Wall Construction Begins!!!

Trump Halts Immigrant Invasion as Wall Construction Begins!!!

Dr. Steven Turley discusses the latest developments surrounding the “caravan” of 1,500 immigrant invaders coming from Honduras and Guatemala, en masse, along with reports that the Border Wall has begun to be built.

It has been reported that the “caravan” of immigrant invaders has stopped in Pueblo, which is southeast of Mexico City. It was Mexico that allowed them to enter Mexico, and it is Mexico’s problem to figure out what to do with them, not us. We have a right to secure our borders. We are a sovereign nation. That the globalists want us to give up our sovereignty is a given, but globalism is reeling across the world, as citizens everywhere are rising up and voting out the globalists. In Poland, Italy, Austria, Hungary,Slovakia and the Czech Republic are among those nations saying “Enough! No more!”. President Trump has decided much the same thing. He has threatened to cut aid to Honduras and has indicated he will send troops to defend our borders.

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