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Do Students Learn Anything At College?

Do Students Learn Anything At College?

As students go deep in debt to attend colleges, are they benefiting from it? Why are US college graduates falling behind other countries? Is college a big hoax? I believe it is.

College has been promoted as a necessity for students to attend as a prerequisite to getting a goof job. This is the mantra repeated ad nauseum to high school students. You must go to college if you want a good job and a successful career, they are told.

To my mind, college is promoted so heavily as a means of keeping students in the indoctrination factory system that is the modern educational system. This system is designed not to educate, but to indoctrinate. This indoctrination is geared to producing “progressive” thinking individuals.

Ask yourself, what does it benefit society to have large numbers of students graduate with degrees in Political Science, Women’s Studies (that only look at “progressive” women’s achievements), or other degrees that have little or no relevance to the wider society? Why are students pushed to go deep into debt to receive a degree that gets them a job at Starbucks? Ask yourself why standards at colleges and universities have been steadily lowered.

Ask yourself why colleges and universities are the hotbed of progressive activism, where they seek to prevent free speech, stifle any conservative voices, and act like fascists as they claim to be anti-fascist.

It becomes painfully obvious, once you take an honest look at the modern educational system, from elementary through the college years, that there is an agenda to promote “progressive thinking”.

Is college a hoax? Yes. It claims to be a place of higher learning, but exists now merely to indoctrinate students to be unthinking “progressives”. If you send your child to a “progressive” indoctrination center, guess what you get for your money: a progressive.

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  1. They are not learning much. I helped people with their homework for an online college when I worked in aerospace and was amazed that what I had learned in high school was being offered in college now. So these youngsters have to pay to get a degree to learn what we learned for free by 12th grade? I got to train employees from our plant overseas and it always went well (designing inspection processes and programming the Computer Coordinate Measuring Machines). With our American counterparts it was a struggle. I’m retired now and work at a shooting range and one of the things that truly amazes me is that Earth Science doesn’t seem to be taught any longer in high school. We have magnets to pick up and sort steel cases. When someone tries to use the magnet to pick up brass and cannot understand why it will not work we usually tell them that that one is broken and to try another. LOL They just do not know that magnets only pick up ferrous metals. The young people are in a pretty sad state of affairs.

    1. i’ve opted for self study for my goal of an I.T. career, i would rather focus on the core concepts what is necessary and forget the fluff.

      already have achieved one I.T. based certification, the next one is proving interesting from having to learn base 16 and base 2 ( hex and binary). the fact such basic principals of ferrous and non ferrous metals is unknown in a career that requires it is astounding.

        1. More like fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Wisdom is learned from all experience.

  2. This is precisely why I have no intention of going to college. Too expensive to get in. Debts you’ll likely end up spending several years busing tables or digging ditches to pay off. Educational quality is a joke. And they’re stuffed to the gills with Marxist zealots. You’re better off going to a trade school or becoming an apprentice.

    1. And the energy we take for granted and use is developed by Marxist Zealots. And the modern airline was engineered by Marxist Zealots. And our military engineering was designed by Marxist Zealots. And the technology for us to blog was developed by Marxist Zealots. And your Android GPS/GLONASS was engineered by Marxist Zealots. The restaurant you bus tables at was engineered by Marxist Zealots. The excavators used to dig ditches are engineered by Marxist Zealots. Yep, educational quality is a joke.

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