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Sometimes I Think The Whole World Is Crazy, Except Me and Thee, And Sometimes I Think Thou Art

Sometimes I Think The Whole World Is Crazy, Except Me and Thee, And Sometimes I Think Thou Art

“Sometimes I Think The Whole World Is Crazy, Except Me and Thee, And Sometimes I Think Thou Art” – My Mother

My Mother was a Middle School English teacher, who would occasionally come out with a curious expression. The above is one of them. It made you pause and think, which is what my Mother encouraged her 8 children to do. “Use your head for something besides a hat rack,” she would often tell us. If she had a Facebook account today, (which she wouldn’t be bothered to have), she would be instantly banned, because she would tell it as it is.

I’m just glad neither of my parents are alive today to see what has become of the country that they loved. They would be horrified. My Mother would be ashamed of the state of the schools, for one thing, and my Father would be shocked at the lack of respect for our flag and the breakdown of society. May they rest in peace.

Today, we have politicians who want to destroy everything that America has stood for. They want to destroy America in order to create their beloved Marxist Utopia, a dystopia of unimaginable suffering for most. But not for the Elite.

Today, we send children to “schools” from kindergarten through college, where they learn very little, except to be “good boys and girls” and to obey authority. Indoctrination, not education.

The Media, “progressive” politicians and Hollywood promote “inclusiveness”, while excluding the “deplorables”.

How many genders do they claim exist? I lose track, it changes constantly. (Reality check, there are only two.)

Hate speech? Let me see, they can say they hate us, that’s okay, but we can’t say anything against them. We are Fascists, they claim, while they act like Fascists.

When I was a kid, we use to say, Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me. Today, Social Justice Warriors (SJW) co,,apse at the mention of Donal Trump’s name. What a bunch of pansies!

War is peace.

1984 is here. The Ministry of Truth (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google) will decide what is acceptable to say, or think.

While leaders in Western Europe and the US are in a race to destroy their nations, there are leaders in Eastern Europe who are standing tall, defending their culture and traditions. Those nations suffered through decades of communism. They know what it is like. They want something different for their children. Bless them.

There is hope. Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are standing up against the EU and its immigration policies. Italy just overwhelmingly rejected the globalist parties trying to destroy their country. Austria looks to be on the same track. President Trump is trying to stem the tide of globalism in the US. We need to back those efforts. It may be our last chance for many years.

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