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REVELATION ~ Dawn of Global Government ~ Free Movie Viewing

On April 19, 1775, in Lexington, Massachusetts the first shot rang out sparking the American Revolutionary War.

To memorialize that day in history, we bring you the critically acclaimed full length documentary film REVELATION Dawn of Global Government completely FREE!

The free viewing will be from April 19 through April 28. Click on the FREE MOVIE banner to register.

Free Revelation Movie Screening

We’re thrilled to have this unique opportunity to bring you the top rated film, REVELATION Dawn of Global Government, starring Charlie Daniels, Special Ops General Jerry Boykin, Alex Jones and George Washington.

The American Republic, Christian faith, and liberty are rapidly being destroyed by the Trojan Horse of globalism.

Some of the issues covered: Agenda 21, our fall toward Marxism/Communism, secret societies, global elite, one world government, spiritual battle, Black Robe Regiment, gun control, Common Core, looming police state, patriot’s line in the sand, geopolitical situation, Islamic threat, open borders, Constitutional Sheriff, Bundy Ranch, The Constitution, RFID.

If you missed it in theaters, now is your chance to see it FREE!

Relight the Lamp of Liberty!

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Free Revelation Movie Screening







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