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Patriot Nurse Demonetized By YouTube

Patriot Nurse Demonetized By YouTube

YouTube has continued its attack on conservative speakers and videographers, by demonetizing Patriot Nurse, (though of course they deny they are doing it). This is to be expected from the minions of the Globalist, Radical Left. They constantly lie, and project their faults onto those who oppose them. Saul Alinsky tactics!

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, the censorship of conservative and populist views continues. They are, after all, Globalist corporations, and are told what to allow on their sites by their Masters.

One by one, sites opposing Globalization are being shutdown, or demonetized. Diamond and Silk, on Facebook, were recently shut down for being “unsafe to the community”, though Mark Zuckerberg claims it was a mistake.

There have been other sites suspended, or blocked, by these three corporations as they steadily work to eliminate conservative, nationalist and populist sites. Patriot Nurse is another example.

Globalists are losing the battle of public opinion, and are scrambling to hold back the floodgates of nationalist and populist opinion. They have chosen censorship as a weapon, which is a weapon of weakness, not strength.

Facebook, in particular, has their algorithms in place to censor populist and nationalist views. No doubt Twitter and YouTube do the same.

Many conservative, nationalist and populist people and organizations are switching to other platforms, such as Patreon and Steemit, in an effort to stay afloat. On Independence Day, an alternative to YouTube will be launched, called Real.Video, which will welcome Liberty sites. I welcome all competition with the Globalist platforms, and encourage you to visit and support them.

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  1. Good to see there are some options starting up to fight the Internet OLIGARCHY .
    How about some info on these sites ?
    As far as I can tell, Patreon is similar to Youtube but you have to sponsor/ pay to follow a particular person / entity.
    Steemit just looks like a news blog.
    Real Video is looking for people to start up something. July 4th is a long ways away !!

  2. has announced they will be shifting from ‘gun only’ related videos to all content providers. They are taking reservations for channel names. Their downside is, they don’t have the staff and infrastructure to just blow it wide open all at once. You may hear a few complainers about not doing enough, fast enough,…but if everyone will utilize them, support them, and maybe offer a donation, maybe they can succeed, We can’t have all of our eggs in one basket. YouTube is the perfect example of that mistake.

    While patriots may not get paid any longer by YouTube for getting their messages out, they can still be the thorn in YouTube’s side by continuing to use their platform to produce the patriot message. I understand that many people have built a nice supplemental income this way, and it can enhance their ability to produce more and better content, but if they are ONLY doing it for the money, then they may as well quit. Patriots need to be simultaneously shifting to other platforms. Once is a video is complete, it can be uploaded in multiple places without much extra effort.

    I am not trying to distract from Real.Video by mentioning It is just another alternative to consider. I have spent so much time watching YouTube videos, I didn’t know about either of these alternatives a month ago. We just need to be vocal in every way we can to spread the news. I have stepped back from other social media sites, but those of you who can spread the word via facebook, twitter, etc., please share with others. Playing from behind in the second half
    of the game is never fun, but it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

  3. Assist patriots and freedom fighters. I use several places upon the Web to spread the word about events, happenings and links to useful sites. Real Video and its URL along with a brief blurb about what it is is now placed at 8 different locations with more to be done later. Encourage others to do their part with spreading the word. Elite tyrants have the wealth and can hire an army of lackeys to do their dirty work. We have number of free freedom fighters and we do our own clean work.

    Looking forward to Real Video’s launch.

  4. I watch Patriot Nurse, but little does she realize that ‘EVERYONE’ has been demonetized. All the people I’ve ever watched, even Secure Team 10, Dutchsinse (Earthquakes), etc…everyone with Informational Videos that has TRUE content has been. This is why they all went to Patreon to get donations. It works, and their YT videos get to stay up. They haven’t sited her, and if her videos are still up, then she’s good. Lots of YouTubers use Patreon, and others. Just depends on their preference. But YT has been doing this for many months now.

  5. they are demonetizing subjects, not right or left, oddly the left thinks its only them being targeted. They have been updating the rules constantly. Huge youtubers have been shut down

  6. i say go deep web with hosting, it’s becoming a big thing, more people are utilizing it because of it’s multi-proxy server relays for anonymous browsing.

    and for hosting use RHEL equivalent CentOS.

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