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Why Nationalism & a Unified Country TERRIFIES Wall Street

Why Nationalism & a Unified Country TERRIFIES Wall Street

Wall Street, with their many tentacles, controls the 6 large media conglomerates. Those companies don’t want an independent media based on the concepts of nationalism and anti-globalism. They are globalist entities, so they will naturally fight against those who threaten their precious profit machines.

YouTube and Facebook are censoring sites and posts promoting nationalism and populism. They pretend they aren’t, but we know better, as popular sites promoting conservative values, populism and nationalism have been censored, or, in the case of YouTube, they have been demonetized.

The world has been turning away from the ideology of globalism, and, as a result, the globalists are fighting back. They won’t give up without a fight, of course, but they are losing this war. The narrative is shifting. Independent voices are being heard, despite the globalists attempts to silence them.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. We are watching true blue fascism rise. Progressives, especially fascist progressives use all the same tactics of the domestic abuser. As such the only way the victim gets relief is by either leaving the relationship, or fighting and often killing the abuser.

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” Benito Mussolini

  2. Approximately 125,000 abortions per day. In the USA. God has turned his face from us. The only thing that will change this world is worldwide total financial collapse and worldwide civil war.BE PREPARED

    1. Sorry, “bargeman”, but check your math. “125,000 abortions per day”? That’s over 45,000,000 per year. There are NOT that many. “worldwide civil war” isn’t going to happen in anybody’s lifetime, either. There will be financial collapses, because they are designed into the system. The global, and national, financial systems are designed to collapse periodically. And if, as you say, “God has turned his face from us”, then what is God looking at? The vast emptiness of space? Be not afraid, nor angry, my friend! God, and love, will prevail. Have faith.

    2. All we have to remember is, itx s all unfolding exactly as it should. All we can try to control is ourselves, with prayers, or at least good wishes for everything else. First rule in time of trouble.. don’t make it worse.

  3. We did not vote for a Boy Scout, nor for a perfect gentleman! We elected a Freedom Warrior – Donald J Trump. [I have seen a number of these posts, and seems increasing. “TEN MILLION PATRIOTS IN WASHINGTON, DC IF THEY TAKE DOWN THIS GREAT PRESIDENT”. I believe, in the end, the people will speak – loudly. I am Humble Brian (The Great). KSCO 1080 AM/FM. ‘Spirit of America Rising’. Get me on Fox.

  4. For one to grasp exactly what and how the “globalism” works, one must research what the “Tri Lateral Thesis” was and who wrote it and when. Zbigeniew Brzezinski, who is Mika Brzezinski’s (Joe Scarborough’s wife) on MSNBC, wrote the thesis for the T.L.Thesis.. In a nut shell, “Globalism” was suppose to be for the betterment of ALL mankind. However, when ever the RICH OLIGARCHS get involved, then it never works out for what that was idealistically meant to be. In short, the T.P.P. trans pacific partnership was suppose to help business’s using U.S. subsidized money to help those business’s expand overseas, there by creating jobs here in the U.S. and selling goods overseas also. Unfortunately, the BIG CORPORATIONS got involved by LOBBYING the SWAMP POLITICIANS and getting mosts of the monies that was suppose to be spread across the spectrum to all business’s by a lottery system. You know how that works. So now you see the after the fact what has happened. China is a LOANER NATION to the U.S.A. that owes BILLIONS IN INTEREST alone to China. Just some research on the T.P.P. and the TRI LATERAL COMMISSION thesis and you will see more clearly of what actually happened. The BIG CORPORATIONS have the U.S. SWAMP under their CONTROL!! Thank God for President Trump as he has disrupted their plan for the betterment of the U.S. workers/economy. To conclude, just try to buy most anything here in the U.S. Most everything is made in foreign COUNTRIES!!

  5. Assigning responsibility for any situation to “Wall Street” is too vague. The families that control our government are major owners of Corporate America. Using family names to identify those in control and responsible for our no-win wars, our corporate and social welfare, our porous borders and all of the other problems dividing and bankrupting our country is a better way of assigning blame.

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