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“I AM THE MAJORITY!” Full Gun Rights Speech

"I AM THE MAJORITY!" Full Gun Rights Speech

A speech by a citizen of Greensboro, in which he demands the City Council defend the Rights of the majority of law-abiding people.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I’m betting this chapped their butts, a black man that identifies with the majority,, and was not afraid to speak out, and tell the truth.
    I applaud this man, and all who support him!

    1. i bet he did more then chap their behinds, he ruffled every council members feathers VISIBLY with that speech, as you watch them ALL turn around and mutter amongst themselves after he leaves the stand

  2. Mark Robinson is awake and aware,
    And he has a “PAIR”
    I commend this man, honor this man, and respect this man…
    He is aware of the division tactic which is being applied by a criminal elite group pushing for their agenda, with a diabolical one…
    As Mr. Robinson states,
    “This group, that group, minorities, majorities, etc”…..
    “The law abiding turned into felons….as the bloods and crypts actively engage in criminality”….
    “The law abiding are the first one taxed, Last one’s considered, and the First one’s punished”…
    The same criminal elite also Vilify the law enforcement constantly…..
    Victimize the Criminals,
    and attempt to divide the law abiding citizens and the law enforcement community against each other……..
    Age old tactic, used to many times throughout history but it will not work in the 21st century, we get the script…
    Mr. Robinson as many American citizens see this as well…
    “A AR-15 Ain’t a military weapon, we need to get beyond the Myths and the Division”….
    Mr. Robinson God Bless you,
    And God Bless America….
    I’ll stand will you, and your ideology all of my days…
    Thank you!!! 🙂

  3. I may have to drive 2.5 hours to Greensboro and buy this guy a beer. I would ask my brother in Greensboro to do it, but he’s a liberal bliss-ninny.

  4. Has anyone seen or heard this guy on national media? Maybe I just missed it? Doubt it but…well not really something they want showing up.

    1. Not on too many national propaganda media outlets, however, a local news broadcast did interview him. I have seen that interview, as well as having seen a few more videos on You Tube of him speaking to some Republican groups since he made this speech, and he does a good job in all of them.

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